• So I was wondering,  if you had limitless resources and time, what would you do to increase Redwall's defences or to conquer it. In defence I would put an angle on the wall so that not only would it reflect (sorta) projectiles but it would leave no blind spot for the enemy to hide in(hugging the wall). I would also change the gate with a diffrent one of my own design:O. It would make the gate a triangle so no regular battering ram could hurt it(I'll post a picture if possible). But now… Attacking Redwall(Duh duh duhhhhhhhhhhh) I would use catapults, trebuchets, ballistas, and sappers. I would use the catapults and trebuchets on the walls. I wouldn't use them on the gates because gates are the strongest part of the wall. I would have the ballistas filing egg sized rocks at the walls to keep the defender's heads down. I would have the sappers dig under the walls to weaken them and then burn the supports of the tunnel to collapse the tunnel and the wall. When the walls fall I would send in my army and take Redwall over. so if any one else has any other defences/ attacks they would like to post, post.(Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease post and acknowledge my existence)

  • Lesse… tanks, lots of machine guns, snipers, heavy artillery, a mine field... oh and lots of lazors!

    XD I'm not an expert. Artillery is good, especially on fire. I'd suggest attacking from multiple sides, as it thins and spreads out the defenders. Maybe seige ladders or grappling hooks to scale the walls.

  • If I had unlimited time and resources, I would dig an Abbey sized hole beneath the Abbey so it falls into the ground! Or just flood it like they did to Kotir.

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