Colonel Percy Pennyweather

  • **Name:**Colonel(Percival) Pennyweather

    **Age:**6 years



    Physical Appearance: Percy’s fur is silver as he is getting on in years. He wears an eye patch over his right eye which he lost in a fight with sea-rats years back.

    He has many scars across his body from a hard life of battle. But yet he can be found wearing a smile so oft, for in spite of the sights he has seen Percy never lets it get him down.

    He is muscular despite his age and is an adept fighter.


    Percy is respectful to all ladies he meets and courteous to strangers. But if he is to meet a vermin he is likely to attack, but of course not after he has determined its motives. He is no cold hearted killer but he has no remorse for killing bullies and evil creatures.

    Percy has lived a long life wandering the world fighting evil and as such he is hardened. He is a veteran and it would take a grisly sight indeed to unhinge his unwavering nerve

    Injustice really boils Percy’s blood and he hates to see the weak trampled on and the defenseless suffer.

    But aside from his seemingly severe and battle hardened personality Percy can scoff up food as the best of hares and sing a song to bring a tear to the eyes of any codger or dibbun. He loves to laugh and have a good time when in the presence of good people but he never lets his love of life get in the way of his need to protect those around him.

    Weapons and Personal Items:
    Percy travels pretty light, he has a few javelins to throw as well as his trusty rapier.


    Percy is a wandering hare who fights against the many vermin he finds upon the road and helps out all those who he can. He sometimes returns to Salamandastron and will always come if summoned.


    Percy’s weapon of choice is his rapier with which he is an intensely adept fighter. However like any good hare he carries a pack of javelins slung across his back and he is quite skilled and accurate with them. Many vermin have died upon his javelins and sword.

    Percy is getting on in years and is not as tireless as he used to be. His speed and agility have decreased with age although his mind and blade have only sharpened.


    Percy is a former hare of Salamandastron but actually spent little of his life there. He asked the badger-lord early on for permission to leave, to complete his task of protecting those around him… to follow in the footsteps of his father and mother who served the long patrol, and died upon vermin’s spears.

    In his first two years he found no excitement or action within Salamandastron and as such he asked the Lord for leave so that he may fufill his duty to the world outside of the walls of the mountain, protecting those that needed it… as his fathers last words to him had dictated.

    That fateful day before his father had gone out on that final patrol… he had told him “Son, live your life protecting those who cannot protect themselves… fighting for justice and all that is right. If you do, then you will be a true hero.”

    The words never left the young hare and seeing the fighting spirit in his eyes the Badger-Lord allowed him to leave. Ever since Percy has spent his many years roaming the land fighting for the weak and against injustice.

    Many times has he returned to Salamandastron but he still spends most of his time upon the road.

    He knows the Badger-Lord and should be mild acquaintances with the hares of Salamandastron. The hares would most likely be familiar with him and his mission

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