Riley McNoland

  • Name: Riley McNoland

    Nicknames: Many, all bad.

    Species: Weasel

    Height: 5'10

    Fur Color: Dark brown with light grey undertones.

    Eye colors: Sage

    Age: 19

    Description: Riley is and isn't your typical weasel. He is bad as they get but is surprisingly smart. His ability find the touchy subjects with beasts makes blackmailing very easy. He rarely helps out and only dose if he benefits from it. Though he's young, Riley can kill something without second thought.

    Appearance: Riley is very lanky and thin. You can easily see his ribs and back bones. He isn't malnourished, just a lanky weasel. He has diffrent scars scattered around his body from fights. He wears a fancy snake skin coat and a hand made dark blue cotton vest he sussed from some traveling tailor.

    Possessions: Part from the coat and vest, Riley has a pair of hatchets and an unusual sabre he pulled off a dead hare after a large skirmish between the patrol officers and a sea side band of vermin. It's unusual in the fact it he had never seen a sabre before. He also has a large dirk that he uses for every thing.

    Strengths: He is smart and unfairly. Despite his lanky appearance, he's in rather good shape and can keep his dexterity up. He can throw his hatchets with good accuracy and can use the bad situations of other creatures to his gain.

    Weakness: Being lanky, he is also a little frail. Not many creatures like him and he is on fowl tempered side with creatures that, in his words are "Gootiy li'le do rights that don' know when ta shut up!"

    Background: He was born into a large clan of weasels. Everybody lied, cheat, steal, and killed to stay alive so it all came natural to him. The clan was composed up of ten separate families who's trust never reached out of the clan. He had the uncanny ability to use passerbyers feelings to help out his family. Later in life he set out on his own and occasionally visits with gifts for the clan members.

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