Narthis the magician

  • this is from a different forum so its not following RL's rules very much and i'm still working on him

    Name: Narthis the magician
    Species: Mouse
    Alignment: Magic-user
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    physical Description/Distinguishing Features:His fur is a dark green color and his eyes are a bright blue. He has a scar running down his left arm
    Special Talents/ Skills: Magician,his main magic attack is fire-balls. He can heal some
    Military Experience: He has been practicing with his magic and sword for a few years but has not fought any live beast
    Weapons:He has a short sword and rune stone(for his magic)
    Clothing and other items: He wheres a black tunic and black leggings with a pair of boots.  Plus his ration pack
    Personality: Swift,Loyal,Easily angered,Weak
    Physical/Mental Illnesses: He will sometimes get visions
    Speaking Style: None
    Friends: His elder Brother
    Biography:He lives in mossflower patrolling around the border and crossing throw now and then.

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