Vladek's Advanced Level Application

  • Level being applied for: Advanced Level

    Link: http://www.redwallslegacy.com/forum/profile/?u=167;area=showposts
            Since I have returned, I have not made exactly ten RP posts, but what I have posted during these times bears testament of some of my skills.

    Current Position(s): N/A

    Title: Elder

    Have you ever been banned or restricted or received a warning?:
    Yes. I was warned for fighting too readily. I served probation and mended what needed to be mended.

    Write Two paragraphs or more Describing:
        - Two beasts locked in combat:

    The fox's bare footpaws flattened the moist, crisp grass. The sun had hardly risen, yet Ashton was out, the cold air misting his soft breathing. He had left his cloak, gloves, and boots behind, dressing himself only in his pants and black tunic. He was still armed with his sword, Voltkiss, on his back, and his five daggers were thrust into his belt, but, besides that, he carried no visible tricks or treachery.
    A black clothed otter sat on the cold grass with his legs crossed and eyes closed. Even when Ashton stood in front of him, he made no sign to acknowledge the ashen fox. After what seemed a frozen eternity, The otter opened his eyes and spoke, his eerie voice echoing softly in the forest, which seemed to be holding its breath in the presence of these two creatures,
    "You came…., Ashton."
      "I wasn't about to pass up such a session, Notusha."
    "Then let us commence our training."
    Notusha shed the dark cloak that had been sheltering him from the cold night air during his wait, and drew a short sword from the back of his belt, holding it backwards in a strange defensive position.
    Ashton rolled his shoulders in turn, preparing for battle as he drew the sword from the sheath on his back shortly thereafter, holding it left-pawed in a two-pawed offensive pose.
    The two rushed forward  and met  almost instantly, sword clashing against sword. The ringing shattered the peaceful silence that had reigned the forest.
    Notusha worked skillfully, his seemingly idle red eyes swiftly searching for openings he could take advantage of to turn the battle his way.
    Ashton was well versed in blocking, so he figured he'd start out slow, but the otter's relentless attacks soon forced him to the point of struggling to pace himself. Left, right, left, left, right, down, middle, these attacks kept coming, each one as quick and ferocious as the last!
    Ashton jumped back, providing him self just enough time to simultaneously ready himself, breathe, and take the offensive before the black otter lunged forward. Blocking a leftward blow, the fox spun and swung a fearsome strike downward toward the otter's head. The black otter was too quick, and dashed to one side as the dark blade nearly sheared off his facemask. It was Notusha's turn, and he wouldn't waste it. With a quick flick to one side, he distracted Ashton's defense, and, with an agile turn, slashed a shallow, yet painful cut across the fox's side. With a roar of pain, the fox dropped his sword, but in a lightning-quick twirl two of his daggers went soaring toward the dark otter. Notusha coolly blocked one of the projectiles and dodged the other, but he didn't quite understand the grin on Ashton's slowly tiring face until he felt the back of his arm unexpectedly grazed by...a returning dagger! A deft flick of the fox's wrist had made the dagger return to his paw!
    "That's the way you want it, huh?" Notusha murmured after seeing the cut slowly start oozing blood.
    In a thrice, about half a dozen star-shaped projectiles were hurtling towards Ashton. The fox had barely leaped to the side before the stars would have ripped him to shreds. Ashton released his flying dagger again, swinging it in a shining whirlwind after he had thrown it. It barely caught Notusha as he preformed erratic movements in a mostly effective evasive technique, but it scored a scratch or two on the otter, only credit to the fox's skill with his mysterious weapon. Ashton kept spinning to the contrary of his dagger's arc, acting out with weird paw movements and patterns in a deadly dance. Although Ashton's technique was mystifying, terrifying, and seemingly magical, the highly trained otter did the inconceivable: He rushed toward the wielder, blocking the lightning-fast dagger as it closed in on him, thus destroying it's patterns. Ashton gasped in surprise, his 'magic' had never been countered! His paw shot to his belt, reaching for another dagger. His paw found its mark just in time, for Notusha was on him in an instant. Realizing he had the disadvantage with a smaller blade against a master of close-quarters dueling, Ashton's left paw grabbed his fourth dagger, and he fended for himself as he slowly circled toward his fallen sword. As Notusha swung a rightward strike, the panting Ashton countered it with both daggers, quickly withdrawing one dagger for an underhanded jab at the otter. Notusha simply lowered his blade from the other defending dagger as if he were to strike the ground with his short sword. His blow turned the thrusting dagger aside with such ferocity that Ashton staggered back a pace. Ashton's tail twitched as his footpaw tread on something that wasn't grass: his sword! Ashton threw the dagger in his right hand at Notusha and reached for his sword in one fluid movement, but as his paw came withing a hairsbreadth of his weapon, the black metal sparked, a metal star having struck it. Notusha had dodged the dagger and returned fire! Regardless of the otter's projectiles, Ashton clutched the sword at his footpaws. Only after feeling his blade did Ashton realize: he couldn't keep this up forever. His strength had been tried to its limit, and all of his stamina had been used towards blocking the black otter's quick and sharp blows. Gathering his last reserves of strength, Ashton gave a final rush and lunge at his opponent, but Notusha dodged behind him. Starting from the same motion as carrying out a thrust, Ashton unleashed a massive spinning attack, sure to slice through anything within a five foot radius. This did nothing for Ashton except succeeding in dizzying himself, adding confusion to exhaustion as Notusha back-flipped just out of reach. 
    Notusha grinned as he saw the dazed fox stagger, and took the advantage...and the victory!With a swift, strong jump, Notusha landed atop of Ashton as the fox's legs gave way to his own weight.
    Ashton lay on the ground, out of breath, dazed, and slightly injured. His sword lay at his side. Notusha simply sat crouched over him and rested his short sword across the back of Ashton's neck.
    "Do you yield?" asked Notusha in his low monotone voice.
    "Aye..I yield." gasped Ashton as his body fought for breath.
    Notusha rose and helped the defeated fox to his paws, allowing him to recover his breath and weaponry.
    "Your style is very strong, wily, and decisive," Notusha said, "But you expend too much energy at a time, either not conserving for the end of a battle against a formidable opponent, or lacking in stamina. Because of either of those, you would fall in a fight against one with more discipline, such as I."
    "Thank you..Notusha, I will take your instruction to heart." Ashton took the reprimand, still panting from his exertions, inwardly promising himself to become even better and expand his skill.
    Sheathing his weapons, Ashton clasped his paws and gave a short saluting bow, imitated by Notusha. The sun had now fully risen and the birds were beginning to stir, filling the trees with their soft music.  As Ashton turned around and walked away, Notusha simply sat down as he had before and closed his eyes, his sword back in his belt.
    "'Till next time." Ashton called back.
    The dark otter breathed deep, "'Till next time."

        I, Vladek of the Mists, do solemnly affirm that I will maintain the example of my skill that is demonstrated by this application inside and outside of the advanced level boards and will always maintain the rules to the best of my ability.

  • I would do reply as a voice of authority on this, except that I'm no longer a voice of authority. I don't know how we are running the Writing Level membergroups anymore, but it's up to Kiara. I don't think we were allowing anything above first level writing applications, however.

  • I'll just find out, then.
    You won't dowse this ambition of mine.

  • Lol, No by any means, no. 🙂 I thoroughly hope that you can attain the rank.

  • You have the skills of an advanced writer, and it is accepted …. just gotta figure out how to do it 😛

    Though as a price of skipping the first levels, you will have to remain active. If you are not, then the rank will be demoted.

  • Thank you. Very much!

    Okay, then, I won't be gone for more than a month at a time without previous notice.

    And with that, here I am: an Advanced level writer.
    I've done it.

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