Lorsaine the Healer

  • Nickname: The Wandering Healer of Mosswood, The Black-Eyed Guardian Angel

    Full Name: Lorsaine Kumper the Healer

    Species: Dark Grey Steel Giant British Rabbit

    Description: Lorsaine, as you can expect, is a dark grey color, and has a patch of black over his left eye. He weighs about 13 pounds, and is about two feet long. He has a birth mark, which is a small cross, with an addle snaking around it. The birthmark is found on his left hind foot.

    Possessions: He owns a necklace that has black beads going around to a small plus sign. He also carries around a bag of herbs, along with a small sickle, for cutting herbs, and it can be extended, and the curve can be straightened, to become a spear.

        - Knows herbs and poisons very well
        - Is very good at boxing 
        - A very fast runner
        - Loves Dibbuns more than anything (See below)
        - Gets tired easily
        - Paws are always sore
        - Allergic to dairies
        - Loves dibbuns more than anything (Both a weakness and a strength)

    Lorsaine comes from a long line healers. A long time ago, Lorsaine Great Great Great Great Grandfather was a boxing hare on Salamandstrom, along with the healer for Lord Unsung the Merciful. His name was Juter. One day, when Unsung was sick, Juter came to heal him. Juter failed though, and Unsung died. He ran away, avoiding the rage of the hares on Salamandstrom. Juter continued to heal though, and taught all of his descendants his trades. Lorsaine has a sister, named Frompat, who is also a healer, but an assassin on the side. He has no specific home, as he is a nomad. Whenever he comes across a hurt or scared creature, he tries to heal him or her.

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