Queen Kiara Gammelis

  • Full name - Queen Kiara Gammelis

    Nickname - Milady, Your highness, Ki

    Species - Human

    Element - Water

    Age - 38

    Kiara is 5'3" tall, just a little less then a foot shorter than her husband. She has a rather athletic built body, she is thin, but does have some meat on those bones. Her eyes are that of an icy blue, her medium brown hair goes to the middle of her back.
    She is a kind and gentle ruler, leaving much of the sword play to the two men in her life. But don't let that fool you into thinking she's an easy target. She can play hard ball when she needs to.
    She usually opts out for the traditional royal crown and taking a nice tiara with a drop down tear-drop blue jewel in the center, usually wearing clothes similar to that of her husband, but most of her clothes have some sort of blue cloth woven within them.

    Being queen, she owns quite a bit (including her husband. hehe) but she doesn't flaunt that she owns that much. Apart from her clothing (and some jewellery) she doesn't show off that she is royal. Most of her clothing is of long flowing dresses and gowns, so when she walks or if the wind catches it, they look like flowing water.
    If she leaves the safety of the castle, she carriers a small dagger, just in case, though she has yet to use it.

    Husband - King Torix Gammelis
    Son - Prince Narvis

  • Uuuhh?Ā  šŸ˜®

  • it's non-traditional

  • Iā€¦ would agree with you. (????)

  • lol. Well since Vike and I are the new Admin's for the site, we put our names as King/Queen.
    Kinda evolved from there and now we're making a RP of us as king/queen.

  • Ooohhh

  • Just thinking here ā€¦

    If she was royality there would have to be at least a second kingdom for the two to merge with the marriage.

    We know that Vik and Kiara have their 14 year old son, Narvis.
    So maybe a more reasonable reason is that she's a nobel or even a peasent, fell in love and had a child out of wed-lock to ensure their marriage.
    Or a night of passion led to their son, and now are together to raise him.

    Any suggestions?

  • Kiara!!! GENIUS!!! Instead of having a long feud between Kariska's family and the Whitedeath, Kariska fell in love with her while she was in his court, but she was in love with Vikenti. Kariska used to be good friends with Vikenti until now, and thus begins the hatred between the two kingdoms!!!

  • Could work.

    Kiara would be in the middle of it, Kariska would see it as she was in his court and so should be his. But, Love trumps all!
    Also could explain why he would sign truce for the wedding, for her.
    But to have the kingdoms fighting like your orginial idea, only increases the 'betrayal'

    He'd go far lengths to prevent the wedding, but when it happens its a truce to make her happy.

    After the wedding, she would be an object of hatred, because she'd be a Whitedeath after that.

  • Aye. He would still love her, but a certain amount of hatred goes with it as well. At this point, he's resigned himself to the fact of her marriage. So he'll give her the final parting gift of making peace for her wedding and then he'll hate her for being a Whitedeath. We should probably get Vik in on this since it's his family characters. See what he thinks.

  • lol. yup šŸ˜›

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