Pentus McBladen the Bard

  • Nickname: Bard, Penny, Penblade

    Full Name: Pentus McBladen

    Gender: Male

    Age: Wouldn't you like t'know…

    Species: Mostly human

    Element: Sound and Emotions, making his voice sound louder and clearer and making his stories stick in your mind.

    Description: Pentus is six feet tall and his weight is something he does not freely divulge, though he looks to be about average weight. He has frazzled, pale golden hair, which he wears long and in no particular fashion or style. He has a beard that spans the width of his jaw and comes to a point below it like an inverted triangle. He has a soft face that would be almost fatherly but for the mischievous, almost mad glint in his pale green eyes.
    -Pentus wears loose, green and blue breeches with an even looser pair of red shorts over that. He wears a lincoln green tunic with silver drawstrings at the throat, and a bright red coat over that with pointed coat tails and gold trim. In addition he also wears a mantle of multicolored patches, all sewn together in a manner reminisced of thick leaves on a tree, a wide belt worn so loose it makes a mockery of a belt's purpose, and to top it all off, an obscenely wide brimmed, brown leather hat with part of the brim folded up and a huge peacock feather stuck in it.
    -Pentus seems, at the same time, both completely open, telling you the blunt truth and his own opinion, even if with a poet's flare, and overwhelmingly mysterious, smoothly redirecting the conversation away from himself so that no one even notices. He has an inexhaustible supply of tales, legends, and songs to draw on, never needing to repeat himself, because he can come up with a poem or song on the spot, no matter what the listeners want to hear about. He never seems to have any emotion other than energetic mirth, but perhaps that's what he wants you to see.

    Possessions: His mandolin, harp, and flute, as well as a small notebook that seems to never run out of blank pages for him to write on (Oooh, mystical).

    -Master at his occupation

    -Hard to trust
    -Refuses to leave the inner palace
    -Acts very friendly toward the queen (Maybe too friendly)
    -Some of his poems have the flavor of a prophecy to them

    History: Much of Pentus' life before he arrived on the docks of the capital city, having stowed away on the first ship to arrive from across the ocean after the winter storms, is unknown. He doesn't outright refuse to talk about it, he just redirects the conversation without saying anything about himself.
      Some small facts have been gleaned though, normally after drinking Pentus under the table. He was a minstrel when he was young, back in his home country (He'll never say where) playing in taverns to earn his daily bread, despite his now tremendous skill. The next thing anybody knows, he's high tailing it fast, catching the first ship he can to as far away as possible. He once mumbled something about being a teenager at the time, the age when magical skills normally develop; whether this has anything to do with his flight is up for debate.
      Once in the kingdom of king Vikenti though, his story is common knowledge. From the docks Pentus went to the inn and played his harp and told stories for his supper. The inn was packed in minutes and men were standing in the streets, even going so far as to smash the windows, to hear him. From there he was requested by name to several inns, soon moving his way up to noblemen's balls and banquets, until he was requested by the queen. He has been in her majesty's service since the moment he started playing that day, and hasn't left the palace walls in as long.

    (Historical note scrawled in the margins:) The day after Pentus arrived, another ship came from across the sea, this one carrying ten men in silver hoods. They can still be seen in the city, mostly near the palace, because they never left again. Their ship is still floating, rotting more than likely, in the bay.

  • I changed something with Pen's profile. Who can spot what it is? It's nothing small like a word change or spelling fix either; it's a big change, but small. Figure that one out, ha-ha!

  • Mostly Human.. LOL what is the other part of him? but I'm not going to look, since I didn't read his profile, before now

  • Don't worry. I just added the word 'mostly.' To find out what that word entails you'll have to wait though. Mysteries within mysteries within paradoxes within enigmas! That's Pentus McBladen!

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