King Vikenti Whitedeath

  • Nickname: Vik, Viki, King

    Full Name: King Vikenti Whitedeath

    Species: Human

    Element: Lighting

    Age: 37

    Description: Vikenti is of average height, just around 6’5”. He is skinny and lanky for his age group, with the only muscle on his body being rather wiry. Vik’s skin is rather pale and never seems to tan, only burn. His hair is kept short in a part to one side, and is pure white. His eyes are blood red, because he is an albino. Vikenti will often keep a bit of unshaven stuble, but he doesn’t let it grow long at all. He will usually wear regal white robes and a gold cape that set him apart as king, though he will put on more common clothing for travel. Vikenti will combine his lighting magic with swordplay or his wife's water magic to increase its potency.

    Possessions: King Vikenti has quite a lot of possessions, being the king of course. He keeps most of them inside the royal palace. He wears a long sword by his side in a decorative sheath. It is said to be enchanted with spell that makes it unbreakable.

    Wife - Queen Kiara Whitedeath
    Son - Prince Narvis Whitedeath

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