Nickname: "Rook" occasionally

Full Name: Iaruk Shiftpaw

Species: Common fox

Description: Orange fur, Bluish-green eyes, White shirt, Brown gloves and wristbands (the only way I know how to describe them), Dark brown, knee-high boots, Black pants

Possessions: A small bag of about 78 coin, A sturdy two-inch long knife.

    - Excellent climber, practiced since very young-It's one of his favorite things.
    - Acute sense of smell-was trained by his uncle to distinguish scents.
    - Good grip- comes from climbing
    - Strong legs-also a product of climbing

    - Not so much a weakness as an occasional annoyance-His left paw twitches at odd times.
    - Not a very good fighter-He's confident, but knows he hasn't had hardly any training.
    -Can't swim-Can float and eventually cover short distances through spurts and thrashing, but is practically useless in deeper water


Iaruk used to work with his uncle, helping in his work. Since before that time, he has had a passion for climbing, and developed that to the point of it being parkour or freerunning in some cases. From those times, he developed a fantasy built around his love of climbing, including equipment and clothing to concord with it, and looks on longingly to fulfill his dream..but he's not sure exactly how.