Alright here is the deal, i think i am going to change my name, and i would like something original. So i will take some suggestions.

Just so you know there is a thread for this

I did not know that. oh well.

I was about to ask for a link, but it's easy to find. Hey, I'll post it up anyway.

Well i have started this topic already. I am sorry. But can i Please have some name suggestions? (Make them original)

I'm okay with making up names, but it would help if I knew a little more about you, especially character wise. A quick brain storm of names I have are Loki, Tirel, Rizel, Lavis, Yutras, Nethreu, Viatus, Mivean, Haleon, Greus, Aevon, Brenar, Dalius, Vicer, Calis, Zather, Setren, Quath, Euthres, Jives, Kravius, Wivren, Uvalis, Oathen, Phalius, Xius, Feun, Ixion. A name for each letter of the alphabet + 2 XD

Thank you, i will consider them.

Well as character goes i am a bit strange. I am friendly. Aahh  i have heard that i am smart(?) i can remember things that i have read very well. If that helps?



Euthres reminded me of the river Euphrates i think i will go with that.

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