The king of thieves Platime

  • Name: Platime
    Nick Name: King of thieves
    Species: Human
    element: Shadows and illusion. He can make things appear that aren't really there, and he can hide better in shadows then other people can.
    Description: 4 feet 6 inches. Brown hair, smiles a lot, always looking around, blue eyes, green and brown tunic and brown pants.
    Possesions: Lockpicks( lots of 'em) hidden all over him, doesn't have a lot of jewelry on him except that which he recently stole, carries a dagger with him, and he has a large coin pures he uses for bribes.
    Strengths: He is very stealthy, can hide a lot of lockpicks on himself, and he is only 12 so he can use the "innocent child" look with some help with illusions, and he can fit in tight places.
    Weaknesses: He is only a child so he's not strong, he is unnerved when he is caught, he wont leave any room unchecked, he talks to himself, and he is a packrat with a thing for expensive jewels.
    Background: Having no parents, Platime had to live off the streets when he was very young. Very soon in his life he realized that stealing could get him more money than begging, which he had done before. He picked up this trade very fast, and became the best thief in the capital. being such a good thief, he has grown tired of stealing from nobles calling it "child's play" and has his eye on the castle and the wealth within.
    Sorry if this is a little vague, but I'll develop him more in the thread.

  • That will do just fine Dusk

  • pretty young to be 'king' of thieves. maybe 'prince' of thieves 😛  lol

  • He is at a perfect age as I see it. He is thin, light, nimble, and what guard would hurt a 12 year old boy?

  • I believe her majesty was looking into the king part 😛 but I see the truth in that. I know it's non-traditional, but humans are so boooring XD but that's just me, lol. Steal away!

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