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  • Yeah, they're numbered strangely, because one scene was written before the other. First fragment I was originally thinking of making a magic RP, but I get immensely side tracked, so it's worded as if it were a memory.

    Anyway, the world's a combination of futuristic technology and magic. I used the gag where buried ancient technology is more advanced for some odd reason. The two continents are Azul and Valter, wast and east respectively. The colonists living along the west coast of Valter, where the story takes place. The Pravian Empire practically own the entire continent of Azul now, through military force. The losers were given the ultimatum to assimilate or to be relocated to Valter, which initially appeared void of sentient life.

    The Pravians are extremely religious. The Pravian calendar starts roughly 8 centuries ago from the Nathra event, a day where a massive white light was seen in the east, which they mistook for a sacred sign. The giant white light happens to be the mini supernova which almost completely annihilated all life on the other continent, Valter.

    Valter was initially inhabited by the Alturians, which were highly advanced in technology and magic. They experimented with genetic enhancement, creating a super race of Alturians as well as the Shapeshifter bioweapons. Upon being revealed to the public, they were immediately frowned upon. The populous had mixed feelings about the idea of genetic enhancement, and the program was immediately revoked. The experiments were ordered for termination, but they violently revolted and escaped, stealing classified research documents along with them. As a result, the Shapeshifters were kept alive to seek out and destroy the super race. The Alturians went into hiding and constructed a dangerous supernova device. Upon successful activation, all life above ground on the continent was obliterated. Being the more loyal of the two experiments, Shapeshifters have become especially adamant on eliminating the Alturians.

    The Shapeshifters are fewer in number in comparison to the super Alturians. They possess the power of illusion, minor magic, and the ability to morph parts of their bodies into lethal weapons. They can make perfect disguises, mimic voices, and dig into the memories of other therapeds.

    The super Alturians have the ability to survive a fatal blow. They essentially must be killed twice in simultaneous manner. During their vulnerable state after their first 'death', their senses and magic powers are greatly increased. Both sides have been unable to replicate.

    The colonists occupy multiple territories in Valter, mainly along the west coast. Much of the area east remains unexplored territory. Any discoveries of the ancient cities of the Alturians, which mainly lie buried beneath the ground, were immediately placed off limits to colonists, and scoured by Pravian architects. As a result, the Pravians have made vast improvements in technology, some of which were sparingly released to the colonists to make transportation and communications more efficient. The Pravians hold an outpost city called Port Draenor which lies at a midpoint along the west coast near the Remuar territory. Port Draenor acts as their headquarters, where they keep tabs on the colonists and their discoveries, and enforce Pravian taxation.

    Rozaria is the most southern territory, it's northern boundaries naturally stopping along a curving mountainous region called the Aevris Ring. It's capital city, Lucerius, sits along the shore at the corner of the Gadri Peninsula. The city has a very circular development, with residential areas mainly resting in the outside ring, and commercial buildings placed closer towards the more developed inner circle. The very center of the city is occupied by a massive super building, with large landing platforms resting at the very top. All air traffic and trade goes through the town center.

    Most of the airships in the story possess hovering circles rather than traditional propellers or jets. They are often beneath or behind the airships, and slowly rotate while active. They are metallic on the outside, and the inner edge of the ring glows brightly with a color. Most civilian and merchant ships have them glowing light blue.

    There are also hangar bays that are off limits to civilians and merchants. They are strictly for military personnel, with combat ships kept well-maintained and ready to scramble in the event of an invasion. The town center is also where the king's throne lies. The current king is a gray wolf named Vaticus Brushard.

    His right hand and highest general of the Rozarion Army is the great war veteran, Ortanon Graveus, a great lion who has seen wars against their neighboring rodent inhabited territory, Corvalis. He was born in one of the more northern territories, particularly the mostly feline inhabited territory, Narveli. He bears a tall and muscular figure, and carries a great sword one-handed, and a full scale steel armor into battle. His magic is heavily fire-based and brutal. He can also create a long flaming whip which can melt through the toughest metals, and present effective synergy with his blade in the other paw.

    A wolf by the name of Karuz Rivare has fought alongside the great warrior in war, and have been good comrades. Ortanon has often joked that he never seems to grow a day older. His combat magic appears very different from what's traditional among the colonists and the Pravian empire, but they have proven quite dangerous nonetheless. During peace time, he works at his small general store called the Flying Galley. He also has assistants to take over in times where he is too busy for one reason or another. He is the father of two sons and key characters, Kyrodo and Kadan, who have both signed up for the military academy.

    Kadan is a year older, and has been a genius in just about everything, and a god of combat at the academy. Kyrodo, with his brother being recognized as the academy's top student, stands in his brother's shadow, struggling to live up to his reputation.

    The Lucerius Military Academy is an odd mix between a high school and a boot camp and a strictly early story setting. It is also isolated from the rest of the city. In order to get there, students often walk a path through a small park into the woods until they reach the beach area. The academy sits near the edge of a somewhat raised cliff. The most significant features is that its perimeters are surrounded by a barbed fence, the front gate is watched over by a security guard, the buildings are white, and the main building appears as a large dome like structure. To the left of the front gates, the path diverges down to the beach shore, which presents a popular idling spot between sessions and during lunch hours.

    Later on, the Pravian Empire has the audacity to order all the colonists back to Azul. The colonist territories unanimously refuse their request, fueling a massive war between the colonists and the empire. The reasons for the empire's odd request has to do with their priests finding a religious connection between what they call the Nathra event and Valter. They come to believe Valter is a holy land, and its riches rightfully belong to the Pravian Empire, and ONLY the Pravian Empire.

    The Pravian Empire's magic has a very unique appearance, often including crystal shards in various forms, earth shaking beams of light, and projectiles large and small shaped as divine swords of light. They also possess advanced technology, such as gunnery and small piloted walking armored robots with machine guns, containment blasts, and other neat gags.

    [continuing post]

  • Fragment 2

    "Yeah… Raze, this is the last time I follow you around!" Kyrodo grumbled.

    "Hey, at least I got the entire bloody mess hall!" Raze's British accent responded. "And besides, such risks come with the job. Arg! Where's yer sense o' adventure, matey?"

    "I'm no pirate 'matey'! I'm not stupid enough to go looking for trouble."

    "Heh, ya coulda fooled me. Ya didn't seem ta mind when we started sneaking around."

    It was deep in the later hours of the night, and the wolf and the squirrel were the only two souls that remained at the school aside from the security officer who was guarding the gate. They were basically covering for janitor duty because Raze, who had recently proclaimed himself "Raze the Squirrelthief", had the bright idea of attempting a swipe at the head administrator's private store of liquor. Before Kyrodo was given any details of what was going on, they were deep in restricted territory, where they got caught while trying to escape with Raze's "prize". The situation was hopeless enough that Kyrodo didn't even bother trying to argue his case.

    After they finished their chores, they turned out the lights and got ready to head out. Raze met him outside the main building his bushy tail waving about lazily as he let out a brief yawn. The night air was cool, and the full moon was shining brightly above them in a gap between patches of clouds. He was a red squirrel with bright blue eyes and short black hair. He was wearing the same blue school uniform with black buttons, and the same pair of dual daggers they were using combat training earlier today.

    "Whoo, about time... I'm about ready to head home and pass out,"  Kyrodo yawned tiredly as they started walking.

    Raze grinned and clasped his paws together. "Oh c'mon! The school's practically open right about now. We could snag anything we want!" Raze spoke excitedly in a hushed tone.

    Kyrodo immediately shook his head. "Mm mm, no! If you're going to do something like that, leave me out of it. I've gotten into enough trouble on your behalf! Besides, do you honestly think Seij isn't going to check our pockets before we leave?"

    Raze frowned and scratched his chin. "Ya actually make a fine point, mate. But I will say that you are seriously no fun at all!" he declared as he pointed at him.

    Kyrodo narrowed his eyes in annoyance and shove his paw away. "Hey, I'm just trying to get by. Besides, I don't approve of stealing."

    They stopped as they heard a cry in the distance towards the gate. They exchanged looks and shrugged. They were both hesitant about checking it out. Raze frowned and scratched his muzzle. "Was that the guard? What do you imagine that was about?"

    Kyrodo shrugged. "Maybe somebody's trying to get in? He might need help. We should hurry..."

    They dashed towards the front gate. Seij was nowhere to be found, but an iron masked figure, clothed in black and bearing a large cloak, greeted them. The stranger seemed to be a fox by shape. He turned as he noticed the two approach, then almost immediately hunched over in an aggressive pose. "Special target located... Attempting subject termination. Beginning combat procedures," his voice spoke. Although his speech was very structured, his tone didn't seem entirely machine-like.

    "Whoa, special target? They must mean me!" Raze exclaimed in horror as he and Kyro pulled out their daggers. "But I must say, it has quite a figure. Do ya think this could be one of the combat drones, gone rogue?"

    Kyrodo's heart pounded with the sudden threat standing before them. He glanced at Raze and shook his head. "I've never seen a combat drone look that realistic. He could be from the Pravian Empire. And no offense, I don't think either of us is special enough to be worth assassinating. On the bright side, he doesn't seem to have any weapons. Maybe he's just a magic user?"

    "Which I STILL consider dangerous, mate!"

    The figure dashed towards them as one of its arms morphed into the shape of a sharp scythe blade. It leapt forward and brought it crashing down. Kyrodo and Raze quickly split and backed away as he struck the pavement.

    "Holy crap!" Raze cried. "No weapons? His entire body's a bloody weapon!"

    "Well, it's not like either of us have seen that before!" Kyrodo responded as he circled around to the opposing side from Raze. "All right, Raze. Let's treat this as team combat practice." Raze nodded and put away one of his daggers.

    The figure pulled the scythe blade out of the pavement and stood upright, glancing warily between Kyrodo and Raze. Raze charged a fireball and threw it at the morpher.

    "Now!" Raze shouted. Kyrodo leapt forward with both blades ready to stab him. The figure shifted his scythe into a shield-like structure and raised it, the fireball harmlessly exploding against its exterior. He glanced back at Kyrodo and shifted his left arm into a sword, then turned and made a whirling strike. Kyrodo's eyes widened as he crossed his daggers to block, his body hurling back from the force of the blow. He slid back a bit before losing his balance and falling onto his back. The figure dived after him and stood over him, attempting a stab at him with his blade. Kyrodo gasped and tilted his head to one side, blinking as the blade thrust into the ground beside him.

    "Hyah!" Raze yelled. He unsheathed his second dagger and rushed at the shifter, swinging out to the side with both blades. The daggers thunked against his shield before he leapt away. "I just saved your bloody life, matey!"

    "Thanks!" Kyrodo rolled back slightly and jumped onto his feet. He breathed heavily as he eyed the shapeshifter. "He's fast..."

    "And ambidextrous!" Raze added.

    "That much is obvious. We need to call for help!"

    Raze nodded, flinching as the shapeshifter growled and started to approach them, both of his forearms shifting into blades. "Agreed. If we could get your infamous brother over here, that would be bloody fantastic! Err, but I have a feeling he doesn't like that idea..."

    The two started to back away from him. "We should split up. I'll take the left bend, you take the right. We'll circle around the first set of buildings and meet up at the front gate. Then at least one of us will be able to make a call."

    "Whatever you say, mate. One, two, split!" The two dashed in opposite directions just as the figure lunged out at them.

    Kyrodo looked back as he neared the locker rooms. There was nobody in sight. He must have gone after Raze. Why is he here in the first place? Was the Pravian Empire targeting the school? He pulled out his cell as he rounded about the corner and backed against the wall. "Come on, tell me you're still awake!" he muttered as he waited through several rings. He let out a breath of relief as he heard a pick up.

    "[Sigh Yeah, Kyrodo?]" a tired and irritable voice sounded through the phone.

    "Kad-"  The shapeshifter leapt down from the roof in front of him and sliced his phone in half. Kyrodo cried out and ducked as the shifter lashed out and left a huge crumbling gash along the wall. He rolled to the side and pulled out his daggers. He rapidly stepped back and blocked defensively as the shifter oppressively pursued and struck him left and right. Facing a losing standstill, he held his ground and locked blades with him. He tensed his muscles and struggled to hold him back as the shifter's blades weighted against him. He squinted into the depths of his mask, trying make out any facial features through the iron bars. "Where'd you come from? Why are you here?" he grunted.

    "Heh, to kill you…" he coldly responded to his surprise. The shifter forcefully jerked forward and shoved him to the ground. He approached and got ready to strike him. Kyrodo gritted his fangs and swung out at him with his legs. The shifter tripped and hit the ground.

    Kyrodo swung himself backwards and rolled onto his feet, back handing his blades. His mind concentrated, his daggers glowing blue as he charged them with energy. He kneeled down and jammed both of them into the cement. "HAH!"  A rotating blue rune circle glowed on the ground around the daggers. Lightning surged through the ground towards the shifter. The cement beneath him turned to quicksand and almost completely buried him before molding over. He sheathed his blades and walked over to him, then peered down. "It's over. Now tell me who you are."

    The fox managed a cold laugh. The ground shook and crumbled as spikes emerged out of the cement. He broke through, an enlarged fist emerging and snatching Kyrodo. He hoisted him up as his other arm sharpened into a long spike and pointed between his eyes. "Listen up! In a shifter's grasp, trying to use magic is a waste of energy!" he announced in a commanding but almost silly tone. His mask faded as if it were some illusion. His fur was golden, and he had short red hair with bangs on either side. His fierce green eyes flared into his. "I am biogenetic experimental weapon SH-240, Artrus Rose, direct brother to the original fully functioning shapeshifter SH-239, Amber Rose. By the calendar that appears most familiar to you, ironically based on what you call the 'Nathra event', I have been animated for 847 years, 6 months, and 2 days. I smell your blood... A mixture of colonist, but at the same time, filth. You are their first descendant in over eight centuries. Your kind created the mini supernova that wiped our forefathers off the face of the continent. We the remaining have agreed that every last one of you must cease to function, and your kind must not be allowed to replicate. Therefore, you are my enemy, and I will claim swift vengeance upon you!"

    "This is unreal..." Kyrodo muttered. He focused his eyes on the point standing inches from his head. He gulped nervously, a layer of sweat rolled down his fur. He grinned sheepishly. "I'm Kyrodo Blackheart, glad to make your acquaintance. Heh, you make quite the assumption, mister Rose. But touch luck, I'm just your average wolf and a normal colonist! I don't even know who 'they' are. I swear I am not your enemy, so maybe you could just let me go?"

    Artrus narrowed his eyes and growled as he pulled back the spike in preparation of piercing him. "Humph, cowardly fool. Ignorance does not claim innocence!" His eyes widened, and the iron mask veiled him once more. He yelped as a large fireball exploded against his arm. Kyrodo was released and dropped to the ground.

    "Die, you freak!" Kadan shouted as he charged towards him with his rapier in hand. He was in a casual buttoned black shirt and jeans.

    Raze rushed to Kyrodo's side and gave him a helping paw. "Hey Kyrodo! Sorry it took so long. Heh, he said he wanted to fight him by himself, the bloody show off..."

    "I see..." Kyrodo muttered in reply, still shocked about what shifter had said.

    Kadan snapped his fingers, several bright  orange rune circles appearing above his head and hovering around the shifter. As they each discharged an orange blast and disappeared, he tossed in fireballs with his free paw while circling him and channeling green energy into his sword. He finally swung his blade forward and released a slash wave. The shifter covered himself with shielded arms as the combination of energies impacted him and exploded. Kadan leapt at him from behind and swung at him directly.

    Artrus whirled about and blocked with one of his shields. The arm quickly morphed around his blade then forced it out of his grasp and tossed it aside. He morphed his arms back into blades and struck out at him. Kadan stepped back as he set up lite shield after lite shield in the form of transparent blue squares, which each temporarily stopped his blows before shattering. He stopped and held his ground, holding him back with a large blue dome-like barrier. Bits of lightning sparked up as the shifter increased force upon him. "Don't just stand there Kyrodo, toss me one of your combat daggers!" he shouted.

    "Got it!"  Kyrodo pulled out a dagger and held it ready to throw. He hesitated for a moment before tossing towards straight at Kadan. He caught it perfectly, then let go of the barrier. The shifter immediately lunged at him and struck from both sides. Kadan set up two lite shields on either side of him, then jumped forward and stabbed at his iron mask. A harsh cry of pain filled the air as he staggered back, blood pouring out from the crack and the dagger that protruded from his mask where the left eye would have been. He liquidated himself until the knife fell out of him and he appeared as a large shadow on the ground. The shadow swept away beneath the barbed fence and disappeared into the woods, leaving behind a small trail of blood.

    "Wow, now that was bloody intense, mate! A true top of the line for the academy!" Raze exploded. "Heh, but technically you cheated and had Kyrodo help ya out, I mean not that it'd have made much difference."

    Kadan ignored him and dried off the dagger, tossing it onto the ground near Kyrodo before going off retrieve his rapier. "Father would never believe this, if he were here. But nor anybody else for that matter. I think it's best we all keep this a secret to avoid being labeled as delirious loons. I also don't want to be blamed for this mess..." he said as he brushed himself off. "And Kyrodo, try to avoid getting into trouble..." he said as he inconspiculously lifted his shoulder towards Raze. "Now where is the security officer?"

    Kyrodo grabbed his dagger and took a moment to reply, steadily regaining his composure. "We heard a scream, and then he just disappeared... He doesn't seem to be anywhere nearby. Not conscious anyway."

    "I see. This place is dangerous then. If you guys are done, we should all head home. It's much more discouraging for people to attack in the city where there are others and authority around. That includes you, squirrel thief," Kadan finished exclusively.

    Raze gave a shrug of innocence. "Hey, hey! I've had enough excitement for one night. I personally would like nothing less than to sleep comfortably right about now."

    "Believe me, same here..." Kyrodo agreed.

    The next morning, the school was bustling with activity again. They couldn't help but observe that all the damage done during the battle the night before mysteriously vanished without a trace. Seij was standing at his post at the security gate. He was a orange fox with short black hair, and he was wearing his usual black trench coat security uniform with matching gloves. What appeared odd was that he was also wearing a black eye patch over his left eye. He smiled and gave his usual salute as Kyrodo passed by. Kyro stopped and approached him. "Seij, where were you last night?"

    "Hm? Oh, it's a funny story actually. I thought I saw a suspicious figure in the woods, and I went to investigate. It turned out it was a wild unsentient bear, and it nearly gouged my eyes out! I managed to sedate it, then I headed home to fix my wounds as it was a bit of an emergency. I swear it took me by surprise, but the other officer Mera keeps making fun of me for nearly getting killed by a wild bear! You guys seem to have done just fine last night though, so you're free. I came back later to lock the place up. What, did anything happen last night?" he asked in an innocently curious tone.

    Kyrodo narrowed his eyes as he considered his response, still paying close attention to his eyepatch. "No, nothing at all... Have a good day."

    "All right. You too!" Seij saluted as Kyrodo turned away and walked off. That couldn't have been a dream... What is going on?

  • (The character limit sucks…)
    Fragment 1

    The world was faded in a gloomy gray. The sky was covered in haze, but bore no rain. The the trees backing the beach rustled and swayed. Ocean waves crumbled over the sandy shores near the barbed fences and large white buildings of the Lucerius Military Academy to the right of his view, which was mainly empty this late in the afternoon. He could almost feel the coastal winds once again blowing against the fur of his younger self. A black wolf stood, white tipping his ears and tail, and his golden eyes vaguely watching the waters that pushed against his footpaws. His attention, however, was focused on something else. He was clothed in a blue school uniform with black buttons. His name was Kyrodo Rivare Blackheart. A familiar face stood beside him.

    The white wolf stood upright with his paws locked behind his back, his dark blue eyes remaining fixated on the horizon. He was several inches taller than Kyro. The tips of his ears and tail were covered in black. He was in his graduation uniform, which consisted of mainly black with gold on the buttons and the eagle design on the hat. He was one year ahead at 18 years of age. Kadan Valeon Blackheart.

    An awkward silence was held between them. They found themselves unable to speak to each other, ever since he'd beaten Kadan for the first time during a Kendo duel. Kadan was devastated, because he'd been renowned for being the top in quite literally, everything. No matter what it was, he never lost a match, especially against Kyro. They've trained a lot together, and they used to be able to speak their minds. Those times are over now.

    "I'm not going into the Rozarrion Army (RA)," Kadan said quietly without moving his eyes.

    Kyrodo gave him a wary glance. These were the first words they've shared in a while. "What do you mean? Are you staying here?" he asked. His tone was almost hopeful.

    Kadan made small chuckle and shook his head. "Heh, no. Something else has come up. You will find out soon enough. I can't give you any details right now, but that leads me to an important question." He turned and gave him a cold stare. "Wherever I'm going, would you join me?"

    Kyrodo was unsure how to react. "You're acting very strange right now. How could I blindly go somewhere without knowing what it is? I don't graduate until next year."

    Kadan gave a wry smile. "Rodo, it was a simple yes or no question, but I will make it easier for you. If you doubt, then your answer is no." He turned to him and slowly drew out his saber, stifling a smirk as Kyrodo immediately backed away. He raised the sword perpendicular to his muzzle in a formal salute, then pointed the blade at Kyro. "And so I shall leave without you. Before I go, however, there is one last thing I wish to test. We shall duel. Draw your sword, Kyrodo!" he barked.

    Kyrodo visibly shook at his command before hastily obeying. "Kadan, why are you doing this. Are you really that angry?"

    Kadan ignored him as he began to circle around him. "I'm just testing something. Look sharp, Kyrodo. The rules are simple: All fencing. No magic, and no special tricks. Oh, and a word of advise: Don't hold back. Fight me as if I were your sworn enemy!"

    "A lucky strike?… No... not again!" Kadan cried in disbelief.

    Kyrodo lowered his blade and slowly approached him. What had he done? "Kadan? This... this duel is over. Will you be okay?"

    He tightly grasped his wound, and watched the blood soak into his paw. "I can't believe it... I refuse!" he growled in anger. He raised his bloodstained paw towards Kyrodo. A hot orange flash struck Kyrodo in the chest and knocked him over. He winced in pain as he forced himself up and approached him.

    Kyrodo stirred slowly and groaned in pain. His ears went flat as he looked up to Kadan. "Why?..." was all he could manage.

    Kadan knelt down and pointed his blade at Kyrodo's heart. "You should know by now that I don't like to lose. Are you ready to see the truth?" He proceeded to stab him, smiling as Kyrodo choked, his breath rapidly leaving him.

    Shapeless black tendrils started to wrap about his body. The intangible black mass formed the shape of wings on his back. He grabbed Kadan's blade and pulled it out of him before snapping it in half. The wound quickly healed itself over. He pushed himself up and staggered. Black energy started build up at his palm as he struggled to keep his balance. His body was numb and his mind was hazy with confusion. "What have you done to me!?" he growled, a deep eerie echo backing his voice.

    Kadan stepped back from him, clutching at his side wound. He watched him with a vague distant interest, not seeming at all phased by the build of energy, which seemed could potentially kill off even the largest of beasts. "I did nothing... merely awakened you."

    A red bolt struck Kyrodo in the side and knocked him back to the ground. "That's enough of that!" boomed a gruff deep voice. A buff scale armored, green-eyed, red wolf emerged from the trees and approached them. He observed Kyrodo for a moment before pointing at Kadan. "YOU!" He strolled up to him, grabbed his ear, and wriggled it, nearly knocking off his hat. Kadan let out a pained yelp. "Not only do I disapprove of your current actions, what if somebody saw you!? If you're going to join my ranks, you have to learn to behave yourself. Is that clear!?"

    "S-sir, yes sir!" Kadan whimpered as he was released.

    The newcomer turned his attention to Kyrodo, who was still on the ground. "How disappointing, Lord Hati. I assume the answer was no?" He walked over to him and pulled out a bastard blade, placing it below Kyro's muzzle and forcefully raising it. "I don't know what your brother told you, but right now, I'd keep your powers in check. You can live twice, but you are not immortal. In this state, if I were to strike you right now, you would die, permanently."

    Kyrodo's wing-like formation slightly dissipated. "Hati?..." he repeated slowly. His mind was still a bit hazy.

    The wolf smirked. "My apologies. That is the name I've determined for you were you to join the Vanguard. I am their leader. You may call me either Lord Fenrir, or by my full name, Malice Dathyr Sedrin. We are a band of Alturians, the little-known natives that existed here in Valter, before the colonists migrated here from the west continent of Pravi. Though our numbers are few, and have been for the last several centuries, we plan to retake this land."

    The dark tendrils slowly faded away. Kyro's body was still shaking. His muscles felt weak, and he was bearing harsh feelings towards Kadan. His eyes narrowed. "And what does this have to do with me or my brother? We're not Alturians."

    Malice shook his head and lowered the blade, picking up a drop of blood from his blood-soaked uniform. "You see this? This is Alturian blood. Believe it or not, you are one of us. The general who currently fights in the RA in the war against the Pravian Royal Order, the one who owns the small-time Flying Galley store, he who has fathered you to this age, he who could not find the time to see to his own son's graduation? He who has hid away from us and told you nothing, is an Alturian traitor."

    Kyrodo frowned and shook his head in disbelief. "If this is some kind of cruel joke, I'm not laughing."

    Malice nodded, but not in agreement. "If I were joking, you'd be dead right now. We've wasted enough time already. It will be a while before we speak again. Once you hear mention of the Vanguard again, pray that you have chosen a side. When that time comes, whether you are with us or against us, seek us out." He withdrew his blade and turned away. "Lord Sk�ll, we leave now. If you're going to say goodbye, make it short."

    "Understood." He walked over to Kyrodo and pointed to him. "If you don't join us, I will kill you for good next time," he growled. With that, he followed after Fenrir into the woods.

    Kyrodo remembered laying there for several hours or more, half-wondering and half-wishing what just happened was only a dream.

  • Your story is no where near lame. I only wish I could write as well as you. I wrote a chapter of a story once and I have never let anybody else read it for obvious reasons. 😛

  • Aww, thanks! ^.^ I think the challenge is more motivation than anything else. Even the lamest start off could finish strongly if one were to continue it. Although my story's gone through a life time of revisions >.>

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