• Name: Talen
    Species: Hedgehog
    Description: 5 feet tall, tan spines, green and brown tunic, green eyes, brown hat.
    Possessions: Heavy yew crossbow, cart (merchant stall and home), all the items he has for sale, a bunch of homey stuff in his cart/home.
    Strengths: He is deadly with his crossbow, he is a fairly good merchant, and he always has his home with him.
    Weaknesses: He loves gold (and other types of payment) so he’s greedy, he's only good with his crossbow and is no good in melee combat, and he needs a good reason, or pay, to help others( he's not evil, just a mercenary in a way)
    Background: Talen is a traveling merchant who has moved into the Mossflower area recently. His family has always been merchants. He has carried the family tradition through his life too. The only difference between him and his ancestors is that he is a mercenary. He used to work with a group of traveling mercs as their arms carrier, contract writer, and long range attacks… sometimes. But when something went wrong involving a vermin horde and some long range siege weapons, he found himself unemployed. So taking up the family business, again, he went out to start selling things, again.

  • I know its short, but hes just a quick character for the Warrior poets story.

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