Warrior Poets

  • Penblade whistled joyfully to himself as he trundled down the path. He shifted the large pack of scrolls, juggling balls, costumes, props, and other objects to aid in his art. The pack was quite massive; it had to be to hold all of Pen's things; but then again, so was Pen himself. His head would have brushed the low branches if he'd stood at his full height, but he most often just slouched, getting at least two feet shorter by doing so.
      "Let's see, I passed the Moss a while back, then I preformed at the Guosim camp, then I…" Pen paused at a fork in the path and looked around. He stopped whistling and scratched his head, "I think I passed St. Ninian's... once? Twice maybe? I think I might have gone in a circle, er, oval. Square, rectangle, polygon?" Pen shook his head and looked around again. He'd been turning in a slow circle and gotten distracted. Now, all the paths seemed the same.
      "Oh dear," He groaned, smacking a palm against his forehead, looking at all three paths in turn then sitting down beneath a tree to the side of the intersection, "I am so lost."

  • The quiet morning air was suddenly cloven by a high pitched singing voice that came from the right fork on the path. This disturbance of the peace was none other than the esteemable Jolyon Downyduff Narrowturf Ballowith Broderick. Jolyon, as any beast with half a brain knew him, was a traveling jester hare. He often proclaimed himself as the most talented, kind, and humble in all the land. But this matter was much disputed among his fellows.

    He was wearing a blue and red checkered jester's outfit that stood out in the forest like a sore thumb. And if that wasn't enough, the bells on the end two pointed hat that covered his ears jingled as he dance merrily down the path. In his paws he was holding a rather old looking mandolin that he was twanging along on with his song.

    I once met an' old 'are who lived by the sea,
    She was a friendly as a friendly beast could be,
    But when I took my little ship out to the sea,
    I never made it back to that shore again!

    Jolyon halted his singing and began to reprimand himself on the failed rhyme scheme of his music. "Now 'sea' doesn't jolly rhyme with 'again!'" Jolyon said to himself, "not a bally bit sah! You should be ashamed of yourself!" The hare seemed rather unaware of Penblade, despite the fact that he was only twenty feet or so away. Jolyon only seem to realize the badger was there when he halted himself at the fork and stood staring at Penblade with a surprised expression. "Well I'll say old lad, it isn't nice to sneak up on a beast like that!" the daft young hare exclaimed, "you might have given me Osteomyelitis!"

    OOC: Osteomyelitis is a medical term for an infection of the bone or bone marrow. Also, Jolyon is a new character, so don't bother looking for his profile. 😛

  • Penblade raised his eyebrows appologetically, "Oh, um, sorry. That sounds uh… uncomfortable?" I bet he made up that word. "At any rate, I wonder if you might be able to help me my good... quilt." Penblade snickered involuntarily at the hare's outrageous and flamboyant clothing. "Uh-heh, sorry. Anyway, do you know which path leads to Redwall in this ungodly labyrinth of a forest? I was on my way to earn dinner and lodging for the next few nights, but I, uh, got turned around." He smiled uneasily, embarassed.
      Suddenly, he clapped a paw to his forehead again, "Oh foodles! How many times do I forget to do this?" Reaching into his pack Penblade plopped a teardrop shaped hat onto his head then knelt down and swept it immediately off in a grand arc, "I sir, am Penblade by name and The Bard by title. That is correct, THE bard, the one and only in this region of Mossflower, as organized by the Gilda Va-" He paled a bit and snapped his fat mouth shut, "Uh, nevermind… say" He looked up and looked the hare over, still bowing, "You're not a bard by any chance, are you?"

  • "Why, I've have been called a bard before sah! But I am not only that doncha know," Jolyon exclaimed, "I am also a performer, an entertainer, a jester, a teller of tales, a singer of songs, a wooer of lasses, a warrior poet!" The hare made declared each title with a sweeping motion of his arm, and punctuated the last by leaping full into the air and drawing a rapier from a sheath by his side. He pointed the blade towards the horizon dramatically with a far off look in his eyes. However, the fact that the blade had been broken off about a foot away from the paw guard put a damper on his demonstration.

    "Well, you see… it was broken in a great battle!" Jolyon continued as the idea came to him, "the fighting was great and fierce, and there I was, facing the terrible wildcat Banderclod himself! He lashed out at me with his great axe, and my sword was broken in two! But, did I give up? No I did not!" Jolyon trailed off and sheathed the sword again. In reality, the sword had been broken when the hare had gotten it stuck in a tree and snapped it.

    "Ah, but that is a tale for another day," Jolyon grinned, "now you were asking which way to Redwall? That would be to the left fine sah, if I am not mistaken. That just 'appens to be my bally destination too! We can pass the time singin' old love songs and exchanging tales!" The hare raised his old mandolin and grinned a lopsided smile that would have charmed the birds several miles away.

  • Penblade whistled, "That's quite the impressive amount of titles Jolyon," He smirked as they started down the lefthand path toward Redwall, "I can't help wondering how many were actually given to you though. I myself have been named the tale telling champion seven winters in a row at the annual fair down at Southsward Castle doncha know." Penblade lifted his head proudly, drawing himself to his full height.
      His head hit a treebranch.
      "Ow! Darn trees," He muttered, rubbing his head and slouching down again. "And as to that battle you spoke of, I dare say I wish I'd been there," He smiled and looked sidelong at the hare, "It must have been a magnificent battle, what with Banderclod being ten feet tall with a horde of five thousand backing him. You must have fought with the strength of twenty hares to beat him."

  • OOC: How did Penblade know his name? Maybe bards have psychic powers lol.


    Jolyon was more than happy to expand upon his wondrous web of lies. "It was biggest blooming battle on this side of the River Moss! Me an' my comrades were outnumbered thirty to one, but did we give up? No sah!" he exclaimed, "I charged straight for bally Banderclod 'imself! Vermin after vermin jumped in my path, but I killed 'em all! Must have been jolly hundreds!" Jolyon drew his halved sword again and slashed out angrily at the grass as he walked down the path.

    "That giant Banderclod put up quite a fight, he broke me jolly old sword yah know," Jolyon continued, "but I ducked behind the blighter and tripped 'im off a cliff! We were fighting a cliff yah know, a bally big one too!"

    Joylon sheathed his sword again and started walking backwards to face Penblade. "I do declare, I don't believe I've introduced m'self properly!" he took a deep breath in preparation to give his complete name, "mah name is Jolyon Downyduff Narrowturf Ballowith Broderick, no relation to Jallastin Broderick, though we look rather alike. Though I don't suppose you've ever met 'im either, a very silly fellow he is. Would you believe that…" Jolyon was cut off as he tripped on a rather sizable and obvious tree root that crossed the path and landed on his back with a thump. He had, of course, still been walking backwards, which was not the best idea for avoiding such accidents.

    "Drat those vermin blighters! They no doubt left this trap for me tah stumble on!" Jolyon huffed as he jumped back to his feet. Jolyon would never admit to any mistakes of his own. The young hare's ego would easily crushed half of Mossflower if it had a physical representation.

  • OOC: Oops. I guess I didn't read your last post closely enough. I thought Jolyon had mentioned his name during his list of titles.

    BIC: Penblade chuckled at Jolyon's story of how he had defeated Banderclod. He knew full well he'd made up the story and that it was a complete load of tripe, but it was imaginative well delivered tripe nonetheless. "Hmm…” Penblade scratched his chin, "That's quite the tale master hare. It sounds just about good enough to be written down, once we get to Redwall of course. I can... I can barely write my name you see," Penblade rubbed the back of his neck and laughed uneasily. "I'm much better at reading and reciting stories than writing, despite what my name might suggest.”
      Penblade listened intently, trying to memorize the hare’s name, as Jolyon trotted along backwards, reciting one of those madly long names hares always seemed to be so fond of. Why is that I wonder? Penblade thought as Jolyon trailed off topic, starting to tell a story about his uncle. He started to grin though when he noticed the blatent, obvious, really quite hard to miss, root sticking out of the ground in the path. He had to put a paw to his mouth to stop from laughing out loud when Jolyon tripped on it, sprawling flat on his back. “Watch out,” Penblade advise with a smile, looking down at the hare as he walked past.
      "Drat those vermin blighters! They no doubt left this trap for me tah stumble on!" Jolyon huffed as he jumped back to his feet.
      Penblade shifted his pack and kept walking, smiling as he said, “I bet it was one of Banderclod’s generals, out for revenge. You’d better watch yourself from now on Jolyon, just in case there are any more dastardly trees about.”

  • "No doubt it was one of Banderclod's lot," Jolyon said as he turned to walk the right direction, "he had quite a few generals, twenty at least. Any one of 'em could be after me." The hare was quiet for a moment, a rare occurrence for him.

    "So, what do say we do when we get to the Abbey old boy?" Jolyon suddenly piped up again, "we could be pair of performers for the jolly auld Abbey beasts couldn't we?"

    OOC: Why don't we have them run into some vermin. Then we could see how well they can preform as warriors instead of poets.  😉

  • "Mph" Talen grunted as he sat down in the middle of the road. "I knew i shouldnt have sold my horse to that rat, but nooooo, he had a small chest of gold. Lot good gold does me if I can move my stinkin cart!" Talen yelled at the world. He was a traveling merchant with a cart full of sellable things. Unfortunatly its front wheel had caught on a tree root and was stuck in place. Talen had been pulling it himself but wasnt strong enough to get it over the root. In fact , if not for a slight incline he wouldnt have gotten this far. "Well you'll have to do better than that to stop me world!" he shouted "I'll cut this root out with an ax. He said getting back up." He looked down as his stomach growlled. He turned his head to the sky and again shouted "I'll cut it out after I have lunch and small rest!" He then scrambled on to his cart seat and opened a small door back into the cart/ home. He came back out a little later with pots, pans, assorted foods, and some fire wood. After he had dug a small hole he had a merry fire going. He then placed a kettle over the fire for tea and moved some coals to place a pan on. "Well, mabye the smell of food will bring someone who can help." He said while placing some fish and spice in the pan. He was quite sore from pulling and didnt want to swing an ax.

  • Penblade raised his eyebrows and nodded, "Oh aye, I could definitely see us doing that. In fact, I had an idea for a new act, but I couldn't do it alone. Tell me Jolly, can you act?"

    -A quarter mile up the path…-
      Serlek, a muscled fox about two heads taller than any of the other vermin in the small band hiding beside the path, lounged in the cleft between two tree roots, as did many others. The only beast that was still alert and fully awake was the weasel Silfur had sent to oversee the band, one of his three lieutenants. Serleck mumbled incoherently as a fly landed on his nose, tickling it mercilessly. He swatted halfheartedly at it, making it buzz around his face, further annoying him. He frowned with his eyes still closed and growled, trying now to catch and crush the annoying bug. The fly landed on his nose once more and bit him.
      Serlek instantly lurched forward, both his eyes and jaw flying open. His jaw snapped shut with a loud crack, with the bug trapped inside and his white, carnivorous teeth bared savagely. He mashed the fly against the roof of his mouth and spat it out onto the ground contemptuously. Grumbling curses, he leaned back into his nook, planning on getting back to rest, but the lieutenant jumped up seconds later and started rousing the vermin. Most of them were already alert and nervous, thanks to Serlek's ferocious antics though, so it was a fast mustering.

    When everyone, including Serlek, was roused, the lieutenant waited a minute, looking down the path, then ordered the vermin out onto the path. Serleck stood in the center of them, wearing a red vest and canvas pants to show off his physique, he towered over the other vermin a good two feet.

    Penblade stopped in his tracks and stared at the seven or so vermin in the road. the tallest of them was almost as tall as him! The huge fox pointed at the badger and hare in turn, "Give us your packs and weapons."
      "You'll let us pass then?" Penblade asked nervously.
      Serlek shrugged, making the other vermin snicker, "Probably not, but we'll kill you if you don't give us what we want."
      My, how blunt, Penblade thought dismally. He glanced at Jolyon for a course of action, hoping it wouldn't be what he thought it would be.

  • [Like Vikki I shall be making up a new character seeing as I have no bard-worthy characters at hand. Also, to anyone else who I have promised posts (and or character creation) I will have those up within the next few days I hope. I love to procrastinate but since I will be finnishing up school for the year today, I have no real reason to. x3]

    Artemis Nyxekate Aria Arabella Kat Kallamira Stellamar, has her name shortened to Artemis Nyxekate, and often goes by the names Art or Arty.

    Art stands less than half as tall as most wildcats, and happens to be shorter than most of the other beasts of Mossflower and surrounding lands. Art has the correct general proportions for a wildcat, despite being such a small size. Her fur is a very puffy snowy white, making her look like a tiny little furball. Art has Very large, round eyes. [If you have ever seen [i]Shrek: Forever After you get the picture.] Her eyes are deep black and shimmery, with a look cross between big and innocent puppy dog eyes, and a far off dreamer look. Her eyes glitter in the sunlight, and are a very prominent feature on her little face. She has a tiny pink nose that wrinkles when she smiles or laughs. She has two little white fangs that poke out up her top row of teeth, even when her mouth is closed. Her right fang is longer than her left one, making her look a little lopsided. She has wide ears, just ever so slightly large in comparison with her body.

    In terms of clothing, she wears a floppy, oversized red beanie cap which droops down the back of her head. [They make knit beanies like that which you'll see girls wearing. Hers is more of a solid thick and floppy red felt-ish material though, plus it is bigger, on her at least!] Her hat has a very large white and brown bird feather poking out of it on the left side. It is all droopy and flops in the way of her eyes whenever she bends down. She wears little scrunchy black boots on her foot-paws. She also wears a long [again oversized] red cape, that latches together with a little star brooch around her neck. It is huge and she often trips over it, causing some quite embarrassing accidents, but she never appears overly miffed. At her waist there is a little black scabbard, and in it is a little silver rapier, that fits her paw and her size perfectly. She can wield it with dexterity, but she never appears to be a fearsome sight. During battles she will get quite ferocious however, baring her little teeth, and snarling while leaping at enemy creatures.


    Artemis Nyxekate skipped along the path humming. Closing her eyes at intervals to take in the warmth of the sunbeams shinning through the trees, and the sounds of the forest surrounding. Arty took a deep breath of fresh forest air, adjusting the big black satchel slung over he back. It weighed her down a bit, but Art wouldn't sacrifice her freedom of movement because of a little[big] bag. This bag as a matter of fact, was very important to her. It contained costumes, manuscripts, journals, and sketches. If Art lost that bag, She would be lost, so she clung to it for dear life, dispute its burdensome qualities.

    Artemis had an excellent sense of direction, but she completely ignored this, dancing off into the middle of nowhere with the feather on her hat fluttering in the wind. This carefree and harmless wildcat was oblivious to all around her. She was making her way along the path going away from Redwall Abbey. She, of course, knew where the Abbey was located, but she was a wanderer, and did not wish to try and bide her time within stone walls. She had never set paw inside the Abbey, except for one instance in which she had been dreadfully wounded by a bird. She took a feather from the bird that half killed her and clasped it in her paws. The abbeybeasts found her injured and took care of her, letting her go once she was well again. Then Art promptly stuck the bird feather in her floppy red hat.

    As Art was biding her own time, and minding her own business, she crashed into the back of a large vermin beast [not Serlek, but a beast at the back of the rabble, because she was running in the opposite direction of Penblade and Co.]

    Art fell on her bottom with a small thud. She promptly jumped up, brushing off her hindquarters and twitching her big fluffy tail. She looked up at Serlek, the size of the beast catching her eye. "Hullo?" She said, staring up at the towering beast with her Large round eyes.

    [Tell me, was this post good or bad? Also, did I just ramble and not make any sense? Of course I fully understand what I am trying to explain! But….. do ya'll understand?]_

  • Jolyon was a tall and lanky beast, but he still had to look up to see Serlek's head. He looked nervously over the crowd of vermin for any opening but found none. The hare had hardly ever been in a real battle, let alone one as epic as the tale he told. is course of action was about the same as Penblade's. He looked up at his badger companion, hoping for some sort of guidance.

    "L-look sah, you really don't want my pack or weapons," Jolyon stammered to the big fox, "my rapier is a bit broken you see." He drew the half a weapon and presented it with a shaking paw.

    "I do declare, what in the name of the bally mountain is that?" Jolyon asked nobeast in particular as he watched Arty hurdle into the crowd of vermin. He wasn’t quite sure whether it was a creature or some kind of toy. But it most certainly seemed to be moving.

  • Penblade gulped and looked at the weapons being pointed at him. I hate weapons, he thought nervously, slowly taking off his pack. He looked sadly at all his worldly possessions, the his eyes caught on a small wooden box. Small to him at least, it was about the size of Jolyon's head; square and nondescript except for a smoking sphere etched on the lid.
      A trio of weasels came forward and laboriously dragged the pack back toward the other vermin, at a much slower pace. Penblade licked his lips and spoke up as he noticed Serlek stroking the handle of his broadsword, "Uh, excuse me?" The vermin looked at him and stopped between the woodlanders and the vermin, lifting their weapons, "Uh, would you- would you mind if I just kept that little box there? The one on top of everything else?"
      The vermin muttered among themselves, then the lieutenant shoved his way forward and grabbed the box out of the oversized pack. Penblade flinched at his lack of caution, of course, he didn't know what was in the box.
      The lieutenant sheathed his sword and opened the lid of the box. All the vermin leaned forward to catch a glimpse, even Serlek, but then they leaned back in disappointment. It just looked like a bunch of clay juggling balls. The lieutenant snapped the lid shut briskly and tossed the box toward Pen, "Fine."
      Penblade dashed forward and caught the box, not letting it get anywhere near the ground. He shuddered nervously, feeling his skin crawl as he opened the box. Inside were about six multicolored clay orbs, each the size of an apple. He cautiously removed the orbs from the heavily padded interior of the box. "Joly?" He asked quietly, holding and weighing three orbs in each paw, "Have you ever heard stories about the Flitchaye gas?"

    Serlek watched the badger along the path suspiciously as Pen started to juggle the six colored balls. He never lifted his paw from the pommel of his broadsword and was starting to think they should just kill the travelers when he heard a small thud behind him. He turned curiously and found a small fluffy bush with clothing had walked into a rat at the back of the group. He raised an eyebrow as the bush looked up at him with giant eyes and said, "Hullo?"
      Stooping down, Serlek grabbed the bush's pack, digging his claws in, and lifted it, wearer and all, up into the air. He held the beast at eye-level with him and examined it, finally realizing it was a wildcat, maybe of the pigmy variety. "And who in seasons are you fluffball?"

    (OOC: And I thought it was a good post Eli. You didn't ramble… too much, and she sounds like a well made character.)

  • Talen looked at the vermin from some bushes a good distance away. “Hmmm vermin” talen said. He looked at the poor badger and hare being held by the vermin. "Ahh curse you conscience." Talen said while shaking his fist at no one. Talen went back to his cart and grabbed his crossbow and a few extra bolts. He then went back to the bush and continued spying on the vermin. "All I need is the right distraction." talen said. He waited a minute or two. He watched with interest as a small fluff ball ran into a rat at the back of the vermin crowd. "Hullo?" the small fluff said. "Not quite the distraction I would like." Talen observed, "Something a bit more… distracting." Talen listened with far more interest as the large badger said**"Have you ever heard stories about the Flitchaye gas?"** talen put his hand to his chin "Flitchaye gas, where have I heard that before?"

  • "Eep!" Arty squeaked a bit as she was hefted off of the ground by the pack on her back. Wriggling, the little white cat tilted her furry head up to get a better look at her captor. Blinking her large, black eyes she stared right up into his big face. Arty leaned her head to the side, glaring right at him. "Sir, you have 10 seconds to put me down. After that, well, you will pay." She him gave a sort of, 'yup, I'm the boss here', smirk and nodded her head.

    "Oh, and to address your earlier and rather intrusive comment, Sir. My full name is Artemis Nyxekate Aria Arabella Kat Kallamira Stellamar." Arty suppressed a giggle. "Everybeast calls me Art or Arty…" She looked down at the hare. "And I'm a Cat, Obviously." She said to him, with a slight hint of indignation in her voice. Her eyes still sparkled playfully though, as if she thought this was all a big joke or an act. She twitched her long tail, wrapping it around her rapier hilt, grinning a crooked grin with her uneven fangs in front. "So... what are you boys up to, eh?" She said, speaking once again to Serlek.

    (OOC: Thank'ee kindly sir!
    Note: Crummy post but I don't have much time, and I really needed to get a post out there.)

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