General Bos

  • Name: Bos Romana

    Nickname: The Bloody Dog

    Species: Wolf

    Age: 27

    Height: 6'4

    Description: Bos is Bloodbane's top General and he lives up to the reputation. The wolf's agression and blood lust is almost matched to Bloodbane's own. He also has a reputation for chewing out lazy soldiers. Bos Romana is not a nice lupine.

    Apperance: Bos has one eye and one ear. He wears a eye patch and a wooden cap on one section of his head, to aid his hearing. The wolf has blood red tattoos running down the bridge of his muzzel and around his eyes. He is solid black and has a piercing emrald green eye.

    Possesstions: Bos carries a large double serrated sword, he is very skilled with it. His shield is shaped like the head of a wolf and has Bloodbane's seal on it, a red wolverine paw and claws. His armor is red and black with the same seal. His helmet has a small steel spiked mohawk.

    Strengths: Bos is a strong leader and loyal follower of Bloodbane. Romana is quite adept to close quater combat, the best of the hoard. He is fearless and will do anything for his ruler.

    Weaknesses: Bos can only see threw one eye and needs his false ear to hear fully. He can have a short temper to lower ranking officers.

    Background: His past is shrowded in mistory other than the past that he has made with the Avengers. Not only did was he Blood's best soldier, he was considered the best looking by the hoard, which isn't much. That being the fact, Bos was very vain of his looks.All of that changed when he encountered The Avengers. His looks was quite dashed by one paticular brush with the group. His eye was taken out by one of Galvin's little contraption's and his ear was sliced off by Loki. The wolf lost all care for his looks and aquired his facial tattoos. Now his main goal is to personaly, or by Bane, kill the do gooders.

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