Salve Strongtail

  • Nickname: Salv

    Full Name: Salve Strongtail

    Age: 14

    Species: River otter

        The young male stands a bit below average height for his kind, and isn’t expected to ever grow much taller even with age. His eyes are a deep blue, framed by muddy brown fur which cloaks the entire back of his body.  A slightly lighter brown starts at his muzzles and flows down to his stomach. His clothing consists of a ragged shirt, and equally worn pants, which could easily be mistaken for a burlap sack if not for the arms, legs and tail protruding from them. A rope secures his baggy pants from an unfortunate fall, and also holds the sheath to a medium sized sword.

    Possessions: Nothing but himself and an old sword.

        - Skilled at surviving on his lonesome
        - Relatively handy with swords
        - Swimming

        - Completely lacks any social skills, a failure in conversation
        - Not well versed in the use of blunt weapons, either
        - Still young; physically weaker than most all full grown beasts
        - Never formally educated

        Salv was born to a relatively small group of roving otters. He never seemed to grow fond of his family, and likewise they didn’t much care for him. He’d become accustomed to being a loner, an outcast, and eventually decided that his birth family simply wasn’t the best place in which to stick around. After stealing his father’s sword, Salv left his family in search of a better life. Surprisingly enough, surviving on his own was a daunting task. Yet with plenty of failure and many a night gone hungry, he’s managed to survive so far.

  • That looks very good! Especially for a first character!

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