Eve Azazel

  • Name: Eve Azazel

    Age: late-20s to early 30s

    Sex: Female

    Species: Polecat

    Alignment: Neutral

    Size: Petite

    Build: Average

    Job/Title: Traveling healer

    Physical Description/Gear:
    Her whole body is that of a light tan colour. She has the same features as her brother, with just softer edges and the features are more feminine to suit her. So even though they may not see eye-to-eye on, well just about everything, they still have that brother-sister look to them.


    • Blowing darts and throwing knives, both laced with sleeping potion. (Though that is the least of your worries if you get hit with a knife)
    • Healer's pouch

    Eve is a caring creature and can not take pain very well along with not being able to see others in pain. She loves her family unfortunately she does not have a very good bond with her twin brother. But she manages to pull through and take care of herself. She spends most of her time alone. Because of who she is connected with, not too many will get close enough to her for friendship. She is very timid when it comes to others, not knowing who she can trust.

    Her mother had given birth to twins. Everything was fine as Eve grow into her young childhood, but as soon as her and her brother hit the age of not needing constant care from their mother and able to do things on their own, everything went downhill.
    Their father had come back into their lives, but only long enough to collect the twins from their mother. A fight between their parents was the deciding factor. Their mother died that night. Their father able to only get his hands on one of them, her brother for Eve had run and hid.

    It was many years since Eve had seen her brother. She probably would have forgotten that she had a brother, or that he was even her twin. But she had never forgotten. When she’s alone, she could feel what her brother was feeling (works vice-versa so he can feel her feelings) and on rare occasions when they are feeling the same, there was a connection between them, that they could never explain. Though it became harder and harder to connect with her brother as time moved forward and his heart grew darker and colder.

    It was after a very dry summer, many, many years since everyone had long forgotten him and even his name, and many longer still that she had last seen him that their lives would intertwine once again. Their father set on finding her, for he had seen the destruction one of the twins could do, if they joined forces, they’d be unstoppable.
    After a fight with the whole village, both twins have witnessed their father dieing. The distraction was long enough for Eve to escape her brother, for now that their father had died, he was to be in charge of the hoard, but without her, his power of destruction would only be half of what it could be.


    • She is able to run at a decent pace.
    • A decent fighter, though there are some way skillful than she.


    • Low thresh-hold for pain
    • Unable to stand others in pain


  • It looks cool so far! I'd like to play the brother if I can, but I have a ton of characters already. πŸ˜›

  • well it's up to you, if you think you can handle another another character πŸ˜›

  • I think I can. Some of my old characters didn't really stand out and I don't use that much. They will probably become more like NPCs while the characters I really like last on. In that way I'll probably have more room.

  • haha. ok then. you can be my brother then πŸ˜›

    I have no idea on what their species will be, so if you have any ideas, just let me know through here, or PM, or if you have any questions. lol

  • I'll do that, I'm not sure what species they should be either, but I like members of the weasel family. πŸ˜›

  • Ok then, that will be the first choice, if we can't think of one πŸ˜›

  • Well, if Eve is of a light tan color they could be ferrets or polecats. It seems like they lean towards tan colors.

  • Ferret or a polecat sounds good. Which one do you like?

  • Maybe polecat, they are bit rarer. Do you have a preferance?

  • nope, none.
    So polecat it is then πŸ˜› hehe

  • I have to think of a name now. Her brother will be evil of course, and would he be rather small in size too because they are twins? Lastly, should I post the profile here or in a new thread.

  • Yes, evil πŸ˜›
    size, which ever you prefer. There could be a number of things that cause her to be small in size. If genetic, then yes, he'll be small as well. But the womb can only grow so big. So if he is big, she could be small because of lack of room. It doesn't matter to me. πŸ˜›
    And posting, I don't mind either way πŸ˜› lol

  • And I think I'm done for the most part.
    Will add more when her brother is added and how they get along and interact.

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