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  • Buckthorn sat on his bed in his room at Redwall. He was looking at a map of Redwall and the surrounding country trying to decide where he was going to go. After a while he decided to start for Brockhall, and then when he got there he would wander from there to Salamandastron. With that decided he started for the door, went out and down the stairs to the kitchen and asked the friar to pack some food in a sack for him, knowing the friar wouldn’t refuse he went to the cellar next to get a rope which he found and put it in the sack with the food and took the sack back to his room. When he got to his room he opened the door went in and set the sack on the floor and walked over to the wardrobe where he kept a sword a long cloak and his hat (like robin hoods) along with his bow and arrows.
    "Now that I have it all packed and ready I shall wait till dawn to leave" he said to himself and with that he went out to enjoy his last day at Redwall. The next morning before anyone was up Buckthorn put on a black tunic and his cloak and hat then picked up his sack of stuff and headed out the door, down the stairs and out a side door of the abbey and across the lawn to the wall and started up the stairs
    When he reached the top he paused for breath, then took the rope out of the pack and looped one end around a battlement and let the rest fall down the outside. He was just about to climb down when he heard someone walking along the wall top in his direction. After some quick thinking he decided not to wait for whoever was coming and picked up his sack and slid down the rope hoping whoever that was wouldn’t see the rope and with that ran in to the forest

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    Unfortunately for Buckthorn, the camp of a small group of beasts was right in the path he was running. These beasts were the Whitedeath trio, three albino weasel siblings who worked as mercenaries in Mossflower. The three of them had just woken up and were preparing a hasty breakfast over a small fire when Buckthorn burst onto the scene.

    Verusha, the female of the trio, was first to notice the small mouse. "What is that?" she exclaimed as she dropped her half eaten scone and leaped to her feet. She pointed at Buckthorn as he was some sort of a strange monster.

    "It looks like a mouse," Vikenti said with a kind of a crooked smile, "a dibbun by the height." Vikenti, though they were twins, was technically the oldest. A smile from him was not at all a good sign. It usually meant pain for others. He remained sitting next to the fire where he was roasting an apple. The appearance of Buckthorn did not appear to bother him as much as it did his sister.

    "No doubt it has escaped from the Abbey," the third sibling, Vladimir said in his cold emotionless voice, "the foolish Redwallers would probably pay well for the return of one of their precious children." He stood and approached Buckthorn slowly but deliberately. He moved almost as a white shadow across the still dark clearing.

    "So mouse, what are you doing out of the Abbey?" Vladimir asked Buckthorn flatly, "are you lost, or seeking adventure like so many idiots before you?" None of the three seemed to realize that Buckthorn was older than dibbun as his small height had put them off.

  • Kyrodo was walking along the wall, passively watching the sunrise with utmost boredom. Guard duty was painful, especially this early in the morning. This would the last time he tried to steal a bite passed the ever vigilant Friar.

    He was half-tempted plop his head on one of the battlements and take a short nap, when his gaze caught a mouse roping himself over the wall. He quietly rushed over and looked down. Buckthorn? He seemed to be packed up for traveling. He also noticed the three troublemakers down below.

    This seemed much more exciting than guard duty. He took a good look around, checking for any signs of the Friar or the other guards. He hastily headed back to the main building to fetch rations and travel gear, and prepared to sneak out the front gates.

  • Buckthorn saw the weasels and came to a halt a few yards away and stood there not moving till Vladimir asked him a question
    "are you lost, or seeking adventure like so many idiots before you?" Vladimir said.
    Buckthorn decided he didn't like the weasels but said indignantly "I am not an idiot or a dibbun".
    Then he through his sack at the weasels and leaped for a tree and ran up it as fast as he could

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  • The three weasels were quite surprised by Buckthorn's ability of speach. They relized he must have been older than he looked. Vikenti leaned to the side and let the sack of food fly past his head. Vladimir and Verusha gazed up at the little mouse as he ran up the tree while Vikenti went over to the fallen sack and picked it up off of the ground.

    "Well that was a nice enough reseption," Vikenti said with an amused expression, "we ask him his proffestion and he throws his food at us and runs up a tree."

    "I belive that he is the second choice, an idiot," Vladimir stated, "nevermind, if he isn't a dibbun, he won't be worth nearly as much to the Redwallers. Their logic is quite strange." He turned away from the tree and sat down again as if nothing had happened.

    Verusha, unlike her brothers, stood staring into the tree tops. "He was quite a funny little fellow," Verusha exclaimed, "I wonder why he was so small?"

    "I guess he was runt or something," Vikenti said with a shrug, "well unless he is a squirrel mouse, he can't tree jump, so he'll have to come back down this tree. Maybe he'll be civil enough to explain himself then."

  • Zomba was meandering down the main road, he assumed it was, with no real goal. The tavern he worked in was ransacked and burned by a group of rats. Now all he had was his cloathing and bag of armory. "I…am...lost." The pole cat muttered. He didn't really care though. He was expirenced in self reliance and being relied on, so it wasn't so bad.

    A small time later he reached a monolith structure. It was an odd red all over. Not to far from where he was, there was some sort of commotion going on. Yuri silently quick-stepped over to the sorce and saw three weasels and a small mouse in a tree. "Hmm." He wasn't sure on what he should do.
    He took his dirk out in case things went from whatever this was to worse.

  • The Redwall gates creeked as Kyrodo left the Abbey. He quietly sneaked his way over to where he saw Buckthorn and the weasels. From the underbrush, he could see Buck's rations but he was nowhere to be found. Did they do something with him?

    He looked back as he heard rustling towards where the road was. His paw strayed to his katana, unsure as to the nature of this newcomer or where he was headed.

  • Buck looked around to see if there were any trees close enough to jump to but there weren't.
    So he sat down to think, "first day out run in to vermin and I'm not even out of site of Redwall and I lost my sword and my bow and food and someone will see that rope and I'll be here and have to go back to get lectured by the Abbot and the elders unless I go down at least I have a knife" he thought to himself. He looked down to see the weasels siting again."I think I'd rather go down than go back and face the council, I've had enough lecturing for a life time."
    He felt his pockets for the knife and found it then cut off a stout branch, and went back and looked down again they were still there. He climbed down the tree a little way so he could see better then jumped down and put his back to the tree and waited

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  • Vladimir was by far the most attentive of the trio and quickly noticed that they were not alone. "It looks like the mouse is not the only beast nearby," Vladimir said, "we would do best to be on our guard." He drew his longsword in a swift and calculated movement. It was just then that Buckthorn dropped from the tree again.

    "Nice of you to drop by," Vikenti said with a grin, "are you willing to be more civil now, or are you going to try to hit us with your stick?" He gave smirk that showed he was not impressed by by the young mouse.

    "So, if you aren't a dibbun, are you just short?" Verusha asked Buckthorn curiusly, "what are you doing out here alone?" She placed her hands on her knees and leaned downward as if it were hard to talk to the little mouse from her height.

    Vladimir ignored Buckthorn as he deemed that Zomba and whatever beasts were in the bushes were more of a threat. "Stop where you are pole cat," Vladimir commanded Yuri in a tone that betrayed no emotion, "are you with this mouse or not?" He pointed his sword at the pole cat to show that he was ready to fight if that was what the newcomer wished.

  • Zomba's eye's widen. "Umm…" He froze in place and his eyes white with fear on not knowing what to do. Now he was regretting ever drawing his knife. "I-I-I don't know..." The pole cat was shaking a little considering the fact the weasel really knew how to wield his weapon, while Zomba did not. "Um..I, uh.. Don't know..." Yuri tossed his knife to Vladimir. "I'm unarmed, don't hurt me!" He stood with his paws up.

  • Salv padded through the forest on excited paws. A good night’s rest supplied him with plenty of energy, and this morn his eyelids had lifted to another day of being alive. Such was cause for joy. Granted, the otter’s stomach was not so happy, and it expressed its discontent with constant pain and likewise severe growling. The young male wandered in search of a cure to this problem, and quickly came across commotion. He shrunk down to a crouch at the sight of the weasels, and his paw instinctively flew to his sheathed sword. Breath was nonexistent as he surveyed the scene.

    Eyes came to find not only the three around a bright campfire in the dim morning’s light, but also a small mouse. Ears flicked forward as one of the weasel’s spoke, but its words where merely hazy gargling at the distance he was from them. Salv crept forward through the foliage with one paw not so brave as to move away from its hover of the hilt of his sword, attempting to avoid stepping on any items of the ground that would alert the group of his approach. Eventually the scene drew closer to him, and his view was much clearer and the beast’s words easily heard in his ears.

    There was definitely conflict brewing before him, but the actions of the animals were of little interest to the lad. His sights quickly set on an unattended sack, presumably filled with rations. Attention again flicked to the weasels. Salv waited till each seemed at least relatively busy with a mouse or a polecat or something else more important than a simple bag of food, before diving from the bushes in the bag’s direction. He had carelessly forgotten to pull out his sword in the urgency of his starving stomach, but it was much too late to do that now. The younglin’ grabbed for the sack, and then immediately started to back pedal in an attempt to escape alive with it. Oh the seemingly logical risks justified by starvation.

  • Kyrodo nearly gasped as a beast scuffled right by him. He blinked as he watched him approach the trio's site. The beast seemed to have been too distracted with something to even notice his presence. He watched as the hasty otter made a grab for the sac, which bore a striking resemblance to the one the missing Buckthorn was carrying earlier. Where did that mouse run off too, anyway?

    He had no clue as to how the weasels would react next, but he couldn't just sit and watch as the otter run away with Buck's food rations. Besides, though they were quite the treacherous trio, they were not considered enemies.

    He immediately emerged from his hiding spot and made for the otters most direct route of escape in an attempt to block him off. "Hey, don't think you're getting away with that!" he called out with a grin as he slid forward and readied his blade.

  • With a devilish grin and sack in paw, Salv pivoted away from the trio of weasels and blindly dashed back in the direction he had come. Unfortunately, there was a new obstacle blocking his path, one that he had not cared to factor into his plan. Expressions immediately dropped into an open-mouth frown, which was very characteristic of displeasing surprise. Paw jumped to the hilt of his sword, but hesitated for a second of thought. The plan was to grab the food, and get out. Any confrontation would end badly for him, yet here he stood in the middle of confrontation. It didn’t take long to size up the beast blocking his path, and make careful note of the blade it brandished. There was no way a young scrap like him could overpower this adult.
        Salv moved on without another pause to plan 2. Free paw slid off from his sword and instead pointed to the sack, which he held just above his head in a very non-offensive gesture. “Tis no’ yours te keep.” Eyes locked onto those of the beast before him to hold his attention, whilst hind paws seamlessly moving a step to the side. “No worry ‘bout et.” And with that, on the fastest feet the young lad had ever moved with, Salv attempted to dive to the side of the block in his path, clutching the sack to his chest in protection. His feet would already pick up a rampant sprint after his move to sidestep the beast, and hopefully run like all get-out into the forest. With the inability to fight, the only possible other action would be a swift and timely exit.

  • Buckthorn took a step forward from the tree and stood there waiting. Then Vikenti said "are you willing to be more civil now, or are you going to try to hit us with your stick?" "I'm not going to try, I'm going too" Buck said "and I'm just short, if I was a dibbun I wouldn't be here". Then Buckthorn looked around and saw Salv get his sack of food and gave a shout hoping to distract
    the three weasels and get a chance to run

  • "I'm unarmed, don't hurt me!"

    "Foolish beast, you know nothing," Vladimir stated as he picked up Yuri's knife and handed it back to him, "do not further involve yourself in this matter. It is small one of no consequence." He turned away from the polecat and joined his siblings in surrounding Buckthorn. While Vikenti and Verusha still had their weapons sheathed Vladimir kept his sword in paw.

    Vikenti noticed Salv grabbing the pack and running off with some amusement. He nearly started laughing at the comical scene when Kyrodo leaped up to halt the otter's heist. The bag of food had not been particularly important to Vikenti so he did not bother to try and get it back. In the end it was the mouse who was losing it.

    "I'm not going to try, I'm going too, and I'm just short, if I was a dibbun I wouldn't be here."

    Vikenti was snapped back to attention as the Buckthorn answered his earlier comment.

    "That's quite a bold statement little mouse, you haven't been anything but trouble since you came in our camp," Verusha growled. Her paw went to her sword hilt, but she stopped as another thought came to her. "I don't even need a weapon to defeat you mouse," Verusha said proudly, "I am a skilled martial artist."

    Both Verusha and Vikenti were surprised by Buththorn's yell, Vikenti more so. He had been half paying attention to the confrontation in the bushes. However, Vladimir stayed calm and kept his eyes on the little mouse. He acted no differently than had he been sitting in a perfectly empty and silent room.

    "What kind of trick is that mouse?" Vladimir coldly asked, "whatever your strange plan is, I will not let you succeeded."

  • Just a little one…? Kyrodo thought now that he had a chance to look at the small otter.

    "All right, just set it down… Hey!" he called out as he leaped in a failed attempt to stop him from running away. He hit the dirt and watched him scuttle away. "Speaking of dibbuns..." he muttered under his breath. He stood up and brushed himself off before approaching Buck and the trio.

    "Well, there goes your rations Buck, not that it don't serve you right. It kinda reminds of my younger days, you trying to sneak off like that."

    He took a brief glance over what seemed a hostile situation between Buck and the trio. "Hmm, quite the exciting morning indeed. Well at this point, I can't decide whether I should help you or not. In fact, don't mind me, I'll just be over here." He smiled and sat back against a tree.

  • Zomba took the knife dumb founded. Moments ago he was in a pub drinking fine ale and now the courage juice was at work. "Ya mean I was acting heroic for no reason what so eva? Nope! I intended to hero and that's what ahm goin ta do."
    He began to step forward and fell flat on his face… with a heavy thud. "Gah blame it! Why dose this happen to me?" The pole cat stumbled up and half heartedly grabbed Vladimir. "I don't apprecheate you talkn' to meh like that!" He said with the heavy aroma of hopps on his breath. "Don't ya know whom ah'm?" The curage filled pole cat slurred out.

  • Buck looked at Zomba then at Kyrodo leaning against a tree "your real helpful Kyrodo" he said sarcastically.Then turned to the weasels and said "what do you want anyway?" then leaned back against the tree he dropped out of before. "All I was going to do was go to Salamandastron" he paused "so if your going to do some thing do it cause I don't like it right here" Buck said to the weasels. He knew there was nothing he could do against three so he decided to wait for them to move

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  • "I don't apprecheate you talkn' to meh like that! Don't ya know whom ah'm?"

    Vladimir leaned back disdainfully from the drunken polecat. "No, I do not know who you are," the white weasel answered, "and furthermore, I do not care who you are."

    Verusha, who was standing next to Vladimir, also changed her focus to Zomba. "Let go of him you idiot," Verusha snarled as she brought her paw down in a karate chop like motion at the arm Zomba was grabbing Vladimir with, "you're not a hero by attacking him."

    "All I was going to do was go to Salamandastron, so if your going to do some thing do it cause I don't like it right here."

    "Well if want to run off to the sea you can do that," Vikenti said with shrug, "I wasn't planning on doing anything to you. But when a lone beast who looks like a dibbun is running through your camp it is hard to ignore."

    "It looks like you'll be going without your pack though," Verusha snickered, "unless you can catch that otter."

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