Warhammer Backstory

  • This is a backstory for Warhammer Accusator, a badger.

    Rushing trough the trees and shrubs of Mossflower, Warhammer Accusator was rushing towards a scream that had been heard by him, His friend Rad Clearwater, and a company of Otters under Rad's direction. Warhammer arrived to find a gruesome scene. By the looks of it, a large force of vermin had surrounded a force of squirrels and killed many before being held back by something. Now, it did not matter because the vermin were attacking the squirrels again.

    "Eulaliaaaaaaaaa" Warhammer shouted as he, Rad, and his force of otters met the attacking vermin from behind. In the slaughterhouse that followed, Warhammer stuck to the main force of Otters as they battled their way to join the remaining squirrels, which formed a circle in the middle of this chaos. Taking out his Yew-Bow and fitting an arrow to it, Warhammer was attacked by several vermin. Taking out his broadsword, he slashed at the vermin who were latched to his fur. the rats and ferret screamed as the broadsword killed them.

    Finding a squirrel who looked like he was in charge, Warhammer ran through the crowd of fighting beasts to find that he was dead, struck down by a full quiver's worth of arrows. After two gruesome hours of fighting, the vermin were defeated, and the battle was over. Trying to find another squirrel that was in command, Warhammer could not help but feel sorry for all the creatures who had lost their lives on that bloody day.

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