Fear The Reaper (Vik and Dank)

  • The air was muggy and thick from a fresh summer rain, almost sufficating, and the grass squished water as Garridor, the black and white fox, traveled off the beaten path. His cloak was at his waist. The humid air over heated him with it fully on. His scythe was strapped to is back and his iron tipped gloves were on. Sultier broke into a clearing and aired out, the confining forest trapped the heat quite well.
    He found a creek running threw the center of the grassy area and drank from it. "The day is beautiful, but so hot." He mumbled to himself.  Garridor looked around him, on guard for any foe beasts. He drew his weapon, just in case.

  • Garridor had drawn his weapon not a moment to late. For no sooner had he the blade in his paws than a beast crashed heavily from the bushes into the clearing. It was a rather young ferret of normal fur coloring but his eyes were colored a deep red with blood. It was Kenji, but not in his normal mind. He had undergone an event not long ago which had pushed his second personalty to the surface. His katana was drawn and ready in his paw. Blood already dripped from its once silver surface.

    Kenji gave Garridor a sidelong glance and opened his mouth as if to speak. But rather than words, only deranged and bubbling laughter came from his lips. Without another warning he sprang at the black and white fox and slashed at him diagonally downwards with the katana.

  • Sultier caught the blade with his scythe's handle and swung it away. He then flipped his weapon and struck the mad Kenji with the back side of the scythe. "Ya mad beast!" He jumped back and took his defensive stance.

  • Kenji jumped back from his first attack with another burst of maniacal laughter. He started to circle Sultier with a sort of a loping gait, keeping his katana pointed at his enemy. He didn't seem to hear Sultier, or if did, he didn't acknowledge it.

    Kenji raised his blade as if to strike downward but instead of swinging the blade he brought his leg in a low sweeping strike to knock Sultier off his feet. This second mind of Kenji's may have been a crazy killer, but he wasn't stupid.

  • Sultier was quick to react and jumped the sweep. "Are you insane!?" He swooped his scythe at Kenji's legs. He wasn't trying to kill him, just incapacitate the creature. Garridor wanted some answers. "Surrender or face serious injuries! I will hurt you!"
    The fox jumped back and slowly circled the foe beast Kenji.

  • Kenji gave a growl of pain as the scythe slashed the front of his legs, sending blood splashing down on to his paws. For a moment the ferret looked like he may have been calming down, but the next minute he started to laugh insanely again. Kenji gripped the handle of the katana like a spear and tossed it straight at Garridor. He then drew the twin serrated knives he was wearing in his belt at dove in for the attack again. This time he got much closer, hoping to decrease the effectiveness of the long handled scythe. He slashed upward at Garridor's belly with his jagged blades in a disemboweling motion, still laughing like a maniac.

  • Garridor grabbed his waist, red streaks forming along his stomach. "You cur!" The fox shoved the crazed beast and using his scythe like a staff, struck Kenji in the head, then attempted to trip up the warrior.

  • Kenji staggered backward as he was hit soundly in the head with the scythe handle. The burly ferret started to drop into unconsciousness, but the deranged side of his mind clung onto his brain with an insane fervor. Even as he fell to the ground he kept a death grip on his twin knives. He reached up from where he had fallen and took a poorly aimed swipe at Garridor's leg before falling again.

  • Garridor eaislyjumped away from the swipe and held Kenji down with the flat side of his scyhte. "Stay down mad one." The fox's eyes never left the ferret's paws, where the knives were. "Hmm, what am I to do with you?" He thoughtfuly asked himself.

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