In the Days of the Wild One (Open)

  • Laughing manically, Dvindor the Wild beheaded the ferret in front of him with his one sided blade and ducked as a weasel tried to brain him with a club. Dvindor's normally azure eyes were deep crimson as his Bloodlust had overtaken him. Ten dead bodies surrounded him while five more half-heartedly tried to kill him, egged on by their leader, a rat named Snotnose, due to his snout, which constantly dripped. Dvindor was cut in multiple places but none of them were too serious, not that he would have cared either way, in his fury. His sword in his right hand, and dirk in his left he had single handedly killed over half of Snotnose's group. Doing a back-flip, Dvindor landed behind a stoat and stabbed him through the neck with his dirk, while simaltaneously blocking a sword thrust from a rat. He flicked the sword out of the rat's paw with an expert flick, then ran him through. Dvindor swiftly despatched the three other vermin then turned to Snotnose. Dvindor waggled a paw in his face, his eyes still crimson. Even as Snotnose began to beg for his life, Dvindor deftly beheaded him. His eyes slowly faded back to azure and he examined his fur with slight disgust. "Great, now I have to go clean up." he cleaned his blades off on the grass then whirled around as a voice said…

  • "You gave a most fascinating performance," a cold voice said, "though your opponents were not skilled enough to provide a warrior like you with suitable challenge." These words were spoken by a strange white weasel who stood watching Dvindor. How long he had been there was hard to tell. The white weasel stared straight into Dvindor's azure eyes with bright red ones. This red didn't come from Bloodwrath, but from the albino condition which was common in the Whitedeath family. In the far north eastern lands where the Whitedeath family ruled this condition was seen as a sign of power. In those lands albinos were known as "beasts born of snow," or "snow demons" by their enemies.

    "With the advanced combat abilities that you possess," the weasel, Vladimir Whitedeath, continued in his monotone voice, "it would bring me no great surprise to discover that there was a reward to be payed for your capture. But unless that is the case, I bear you no hostile thoughts." Vladimir was a bounty hunter, so any beast with a price on his head was fair game. But for now, Dvindor interested him. He knew the squirrel could be a powerful force for whatever side of a conflict he decided to join.

  • "Barbaric perfomince is what it was." A medium pitched voice spoke out. "I understand protecting your self, but killin' the beaten rat was uncalled for." The voice walked forward, it was a black and white fox, Garridor Sultier. "Your more of a monster than the vermin you just killed. Have you no shame nor mercy?"
    He looked at Vladimir. "And you, I know of your kin. You all deserve to be slain for the trouble and toil you cause in the north. Your a sick pile of flesh." Saying his peace,he sat back down.

  • Dvindor wiped his blade off on a dead vermin and said, "Yes, Vladimir, oh yes, I know who ye are, wretch. Yes, indeed, I believe that about every vermin leader around here has a price out on my head, so the question ye should ask yourself, is this, who will you take me too, if ye even caught me." He sliced a cloth off a vermin shirt and wiped himself down. He turned his azure eyes uppon the fox. "Aye, it was barbaric indeed. Yet, ye must forgive me, I am afflicted with a terrible thing akin to the Bloodwrath of the Badgerlords. I've no control over mine actions. Yet I will not apologize, the land is better off without him or his crew." He kept his dirk out in readiness for any trouble. "What do ye want of me?"

  • Vladimir stared at the other two beasts with a face that betrayed no emotion. "Both of you cast petty insults at me yet your ways are no better," Vladimir calmly replied, "the beasts under my father's rule may be hard worked, but they do not starve. The ways of you so called "good beasts" lead only to death." Vladimir waved a paw over the bodies of the fallen to enforce his point.

    "I wish for nothing that you can grant at the present time, nor do I morn these fallen scum," the white weasel told Dvindor, "but I will keep in mind that there is money to be had for your capture. If funds are needed you may be called upon to provide collateral." In a way this was a threat, but in the flat emotionless tones Vladimir spoke in, everything sounded like a simple statement of a fact.

  • Garridor shook his head with disgust. "Really? Ya had no control of ye actions? It seems that's the biggest excuse I've heard in my travels." He turned to Vladimir. "They don't starve, but they do get over worked to feed his death dealing army!
    I have the right mind to rid these lands of you, but not now. Now isn't the time and this isn't the place." The fox unpacked a flask of water and drank from it.

  • Dvindor's eyes flashed deep crimson and he glared at Garridor for a second then they faded back to azure after a brief struggle. "Aye, I've no control over my actions, fox. And, Vladimir, I did not mean any insult, as I was merely stating a fact when calling you a wretch." Dvindor kept his dirk in his hand, but slowly sat on a large rock, ready for anything. He reached into his pack and took a sip from a flagon of water. He turned to Garridor and Vladimir. "Well, seeing as we are going to have insultingly insinuating conversations together, let us know each others names. I am known as Dvindor the Wild, ye've probably heard of me." He looked at Garridor. "We know Vladimir, but Vladimir and I don't know ye. What is your name?"

  • The fox put his flask back in his cloke. "I am Garridor Sultier. I'm a wanderer and vigilante." He gave a sorried look at Dvindor. "Please accept my apology. I'm a bit prejudice with bloodwrath creatures, badgers in paticular." His gaze went back to Vladimir.
    "So tell me, what are your reasons for being here? I couldn't belive you'd be chasing some squirrel with anger issues this far frome home."

  • "I had no intention of following Dvindor, I simply came across the battle in the woods," Vladimir explained, "my siblings are in a small tavern nearby, but I grow tired of their foolishness." Following the suit of his companions Vladimir also took a seat. But rather than on a rock or a stump her sat down on one of the dead bodies of the vermin. There was a sickening "squelch" noise and some blood welled up from the dead creature's mouth, but he ignored it.

    "I hope the two of you are capable of more intelligent conversation," Vladimir said coldly, "for while I enjoy a good debate, arguments and shouting do not please me in the slightest."

  • Dvindor eyed Vladmir in disgust. "Have ye no respect fo rthe dead? Vermin or not, they still deserve it." He then reverted to a more civil tone. "Intelligence depends on who you are referring to. A bird has more intelligence than a worm, yet we have more intelligence than they." He grinned. "However, I will bow to your wish and revert. What brings you to this beautiful country? Searching for someone who buggered your father?"

  • Garridor huffed. "That wouldn't surprise me. His da is a coward. If some one dose or says something about him, he don't even bother dealing with it himself. He just sends one of his dogs to see to it."
    The weasel made the fox feel uneasy. Sultier couldn't stand creatures like Vladimier. Cold, emotionless, and with out regret. "So why not tell us, you royal pain?"

  • "You are quite witty Dvindor, if I had not seen the way you fight I would have thought you a bard," Vladimir said with a hint of a smile, "as for you Garridor, while I agree that my father is a coward, no ruler in their correct state of mind would ever deal with an enemy by their own paw." He paused a little bit before continuing. "What me and my siblings are doing in Mossflower has nothing to do with our father's wishes, rather the opposite," Vladimir explained, "Vikenti had decided that he would rather have a free life of adventure than live as a prince and a king in Syrea. He left for Mossflower and worked as mercenary and a bounty hunter. Verusha agreed with him a decided to go as well, and while I was not quite certain about my decision, I went as well."

    "It has been four years since we left Syrea, and I doubt that we will return any time soon," Vladimir finished, "does that answer your questions?"

    Vladimir suddenly looked off into the brush as he caught the noise of movement. A second albino weasel emerged from the underbrush, but this one was a bit different. First of all, it was a female. Second, it was a bit shorter in stature than Vladimir and had lighter eyes that were almost pink rather than his blood red ones. Lastly, it showed emotion.

    Upon seeing the recent carnage all about her, the new weasel clasped a paw to her mouth and took a step back in horror. Her eyes widened as she looked at the bloody scene and the beasts who sat so calmly about it. Vladimir seemed to recognize the newcomer as he stood up from his grizzly seat to face her.

    "Vladimir, did you do this?" the young weasel maid asked in a quiet tone when she had mostly recovered.

    Vladimir had seemed a bit confused by the appearance of the new weasel but he hardly showed it. "No, I had nothing to do with this slaughter," Vladimir coldly answered, "you may thank the squirrel for that. As for you Ania, what are you doing in Mossflower?" Vladimir took several quick strides over the bodies of the fallen and grabbed Ania's wrist forcefully. He pushed her paw slightly back towards her body, forcing her into an uncomfortable position.

    A look of pain flashed across Ania's face, but she did nothing to stop him. "I wanted to see you and your siblings," Ania explained, "I mean, it has been years since I last saw you. It took me weeks to travel to Mossflower and then to find you I…"

    "Do not tell me that you traveled with no other beast," Vladimir interrupted, "you know that Mossflower is no place for a weakling like you."

    "I had guards, they are only a little bit behind me," Ania said, "I just wanted to meet you alone!"

    Vladimir released Ania's paw without expression and turned away from her. "Neither of my siblings wish to see you, and neither do I," Vladimir said flatly, "now return to Syrea while you still can." Ania stood quietly and stared at the ground. She made no move to argue her case or to leave.

    Vladimir turned back to Garridor and Dvindor before speaking again. "If either of you are confused by this newcomer," he said in his emotionless tone, "know that she is another of the foul Whitedeath brood, my cousin to be precise."

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  • Dvindor smiled at the weasel's remark, "Th-" He too heard the noise and rolled into a crouch, drawing his dirk and sword, his eyes tinging crimson. He watched the two carefully, listening to their conversation. He hissed when he heard mention of guards. He fought to control his rising berserk and said, "Vladimir, unless you wish to enjoy another exhibition as earlier, I suggest you get her, and her guards to leave. Now. I may not be able to contain my self, but I will try." With that he simply sat on the ground, cross-legged, laid his weapons across his lap and closed his eyes, breathing deeply and regularly.

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    Though Ania had not been present for the carnage her cousin witnessed, but she understood that Dvindor's words were a threat. Vladimir had pointed out the squirrel as the killer of so many. Ania looked to the other albino weasel for a reply. Unfortunately for her, Vladimir's response was much less than helpful.

    "Go ahead and kill my cousin, she means nothing to me," Vladimir said to Dvindor with the slightest hint of a smirk, "and her guards even less, if such was logically possible." He folded his arms and turned his back to the little group.

    Ania looked a bit surprised at this statement. She had known her cousin was cold, but not to this extent. "My guards are not going to come here, I told them to stay behind," Ania said softly, "please Vladimir, I traveled all this way just to talk to you and your siblings."

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  • Dvindor opened his eyes and stared flatly at Ania with blood red eyes, though he was barely in control of his fury. "Vladimir." He said with clenched teeth. "I care not what ye do to her, but I've no wish to kill a maid, weasel or not." He finally regained control and his eyes faded back to azure. He sheathed his weapons and strode over to Vladimir. "She would not have traveled this far if she had not to tell ye something of importance. However, I would suggest that ye make sure that she is alone. I've known beasts like her, they are not to be trusted. Period."

  • Garridor grounded his teeth, his rage beginning to build. "Why is such a creature like your self still breathing? No beast should ever regard their kin in such a manner." The fox stood and bowed respectfully to Ania. "Parden your cousin miss. Some one such as yourself should never be addressed in that kind of manner. Your black sheep cousin just gave me something I hate even more than bloodwrath creatures."
    Sultier stood straight, the crescent blade gleaming in the moon light. "Miss, if you need any further protection, my blade will serve for you." Garridor narrowed his eyes at Vladimir.

  • Ania responded to Garridor's bow with a polite curtsy to the fox. She gave a small smile, probably the first time she had since entering the blood soaked clearing. "Thank you very much for your offer sir," Ania said hesitantly, keeping her eyes on her cousin, "please forgive Vladimir, I think he means…"

    Ania was cut off in whatever she was going to say as Vladimir turned back to her and Garridor. While his expression in itself showed no emotion, his blood red eyes extruded far more hatred and anger than any outward expression could show. "I recall you saying in our earlier conversation that all my kin deserve to be slain, and now you seek to protect one? What a hypocrite you are," Vladimir said flatly, "you should also know that I, as a prince of Syrea, have authority over my lesser born kin. I may subjugate my cousin in any way that I see fit."

    "But Vladimir, all..." Ania started to speak again.

    "Hold your tongue, Ania," Vladimir silenced her, "lest I am forced to seal your lips permanently. I am not above killing a maid like this honorable fool." Vladimir gave Dvindor a glance that showed he was the subject of the comment. Ania once again held her peace as she turned her gaze away from Vladimir's cold eyes.

  • Dvindor the Wild actually showed his true wildness in this moment, he grinned manically and said, "Vladimir, I didn't say I wasn't above it, I just said I didn't particularly want to." His grin turned on Ania. "That doesn't mean I won't." He knew how shocked they all would be at his sudden change in demeanor, but he didn't care. With the life he had to live, not many things got to him. He drew his sword and immitated Garridor in a high-pitched voice. "Miss, if you need any further protection, my blade will serve it for you." He laughed and said, "At what price? Money? A powerful position? Ha! You fool! Vermin like Ania here, take your help then get somebeast to kill you." He sobered. "However, Ania, know this. That if you're guards come over, I will not hesitate to kill them. Or you."

  • Garridor huffed at Vlad's remark. "Well look who's calling the kettle black. A beast is free to change it's mind and your not in Syrea anymore so mind your tounge as a guest in Mossflower. Blue blood spills just as easy as red." The fox's turned to Dvnidor's harsh remarks.
    He wasn't surpised at all. "If you don't calm yourself, I will. Badgers have fallen to my blade and you will too if you dare attack the miss." He had his sycthe in a defensive posture, ever ready for a fight to spill out.

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