Finding My Characters

  • I apologize in advance for what may be excessive use of my trio in RP threads. You see, I am trying to develop my own character's personalities. I like the overall feel and idea behind my trio but their personalities have never been very well developed (in my eyes.) They seem to change a bit from thread to thread with slight overarching consistency. Currently Vikenti is a sadistic beast who can't take anything seriously, Verusha is a bit spoiled and likes to be superior but wishes others liked her, and Vladimir is a cold and calculating beast who views others like objects. But, aside from these main facts (which I'm not even sure remain constant in some RP threads :P) their reactions seem to change with the wind. So, that is while I will be using the trio more often so I can better define them. If any of you see more consistency to their personalities than I do please tell me, because I'm not really seeing any.

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