Chaff Flakpaw

  • Character Form:

    Nickname: Chaff, Flakpaw

    Name: Chaff Flakpaw

    Species: Hare

    Gender: Male

    Age: 11

    Appearance: Light brown fur accompanied by sharp amber eyes and white fur on his chest and abdomen as wells as a white bobtail

    Height: Average height.

    Description: Young and still yet to go thorough any significant growth spurts like most hares of his age however his time at both Salamandastron and Redwall have modified his fighting attitude and behavior to a degree as well as his speech.

    Possessions: Chaff wears a bark cloth belt that matches the color of his brown fur and makes use of a sling that he puts over top of his belt which holds the pouches that carry the small stones he uses. His clothing is made up of either a raw umber colored tunic or abbey habit depending on the last of the two places he was at and the situation. Also during longer voyages he tends to carry a ration backpack that is a russet color.


    • More powerful legs than other hares his age
    • Better able to climb trees than other hares (though not as proficient as squirrels)
    • Knowledgeable on plant life due to an outdoors life.
    • Uses ears for directional signaling


    • Young thus not as strong as hostiles he may bump into
    • Can be rather loud with his speech at times
    • Short patience span
    • Anything bigger than a dirk is probably too much for him to handle
    • Too small for armor


    His age makes his background somewhat brief however Chaff was born a leveret at Salamandaston to a widow that had lost her husband the previous season due to an illness. At the age of two his mother was lost in an ambush by rats leaving him an orphan at the mountain generally looked after by the hare nurses who took a particular care in him. Not long after his mother’s death he was taken to Redwall for a few seasons by a ‘retiring’ officer where he was introduced to the dibbuns of the abbey and the caring brother and sisters who treated him like one of their own much like the nurses of the mountain. Since that time he has been around both locations and even spent a decent amount of time out in Mossflower with both hares and abbey beasts.

    Personality: Energetic yet able to control himself ‘for the most part’ he let his confidence shine in actions however isn’t quite so blunt when it comes to drafting ideas though he does have a bit of an imagination. He likes company his age though not necessarily hares, leaves less food for him, and also seems to take a particular liking to squirrels with their acrobatic skills.

    Character Attributes/Personality :Chaff
    Curiosity: Medium
    Imagination: High
    Ambition: High
    Education: Medium
    Prejudices: Low
    Alertness: Medium / Low
    Ability to Reason: Medium
    Generosity: Medium
    Reliability: Medium
    Excited: High
    Content: Medium
    Lonely: Low
    Nervous: Low

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