All in A Day's work

  • It was like any typical morning. Though grant it, it was a tad bit earlier then normal. The sun had just risen and the dew on the grass was glistening in the cool, but warming air.

    KayLee had just left the tavern and inn that she had spent the night. She wore her metal-coin skirt after had just finishing a little show for some food to make it through the day, and didn’t bother to change out of it.
    Every time she took a step, the coins would jingle together. She paid no mind to it, after all it was morning, and the birds were waking up and beginning to sing their song. She had no worry that she would attract unwanted attention after leaving a tavern; after all it was down time in the lives of the ruthless and the drunks not mention most were still sleeping.

    Along her travels since leaving the circus, the acrobatic squirrel-maid had learned some information about those who killed her parents when they raided the circus, and about those who lead them. But she didn’t get all fussed about it. Chances are, they were long dead by now. Though she did miss her family and her life in the circus, it was best to leave well enough alone. She’d deal with them if they crossed her path for a second time. No use wasting her life in search for them, It would just mean that not only did they kill her family, but they would also take her life if she chased them around and around. The best revenge would be to live happily and let them know they haven’t ruined her life.

    Unknown to her, she was walking in the wrong territory when she had left the tavern and inn, nor did she notice someone leave behind her, and began to follow her.

  • Veror Deatheye, a squirrel with glossy black fur, slipped from tree to tree watching the squirrel maiden walk, no, clink was more like it. "Ijjit squirrel, walking around in this area. Huh, beasts have no sense nowadays." His one sided, curved blade pressed against his back while a long dagger silently and gently swung at his side. Both weapons were dark black, like his fur. The squirrel, Kaylee? Yes, that was it, was either mad, idiotically brave, or had nothing to lose to be traveling in this area alone, she probably had weapons but he couldn't tell. Or she was lost, or she was all of the above. Vargon was a rather good-looking squirrel, but his many battles had taken it's toll. He had a long scar that ran from his left eye, which was red, across his face, under his yellow eye, and ended at the right side of his top lip. His body was criss-crossed with multiple scars and his back, which he tried to keep covered, was mared by the scars of a flogging. As he stepped directly behind her he accidentally stepped on a twig, which, even in his vigilence he hadn't detected and it snapped loudly, he cringed for even though he was an experinced beast and a warrior he was still young and though he had faced death in the face more times than he could account for, he still felt awkward around females.

  • KayLee jumped at the sudden 'snap' of the twig behind her, that she had only just past on the ground. She quickly turned around and gasped as she had seen who had stepped on the twig. Her coin skirt jingling as she took a step back from the black squirrel.
    "Who are you?" She asked, watching him intensely. "I have nothing of value for you to steal, so you better leave if you know what's good for ya." She warned, eyeing his battle scars. She know she probably couldn't beat him in battle, but he'd have to catch her first, and that is where being from a circus came in handy.

  • Veror raised his left eyebrow in surprise, forgetting his tentativeness for a second, "Steal? Can ye not see, I'm a squirrel. What's given ye that idea?" Veror's red and yellow eyes flicked around as he heard a passable, but definetly fake bird call. He looked her in the eye meaningfully and said with with an implying voice, "This isn't exactly the safest area to go about alone in, especially for a maiden." He heard a faint footstep and the stench of rats and other vermin wafted to him. There was a good size group coming, and though he would have fought them otherwise, he didn't want to get KayLee injured. Silently he motioned upwards in a vague motion, meaning to climb the trees.

    Suddenly, an arrow whistled out of the forest and slammed into Veror's shoulder. Clenching his jaw, he sprinted at KayLee, threw her across his broad shoulders and swung into a tree. Veror set her down and savagely yanked out the arrow. A small particle of flesh clung to it. He flung it away.

    Veror turned to KayLee, "Do you know how to tree-jump?"

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    Kilian Blackthorn was a very bored stoat at the moment. He was lying lazily back in the grass, flicking at a particularly tall stock of the green vegetation with an idol claw and watching it return to its former position. He was only roused by the sharp twang noise of a bow firing that came from his sister Kira's direction.

    Kilian drew himself up into a sitting position and looked over at his younger sibling. She was holding a well made yew bow that the kleptomaniac pair had taken from an unlucky rat several days before. It wasn't a very good looking peice, old and worn as it was, but over the years the bowbeast had shaped at perfected it with deadly efficiency. Kira took another arrow from the quiver which they had stolen with the bow and placed it against the string.

    "What are you shootin' at, sister?" Kilian asked her drowsily, "don't waste those arrows, you know neither of us can make 'em ourselves."

    "I see something movin' in the woods, it might be a pigeon of some sort," Kira let loose a second arrow at her target, quite unaware it was the squirrel, Veror. She wasn't a very good shot with the bow, but even the most clumsy vermin got lucky from time to time. "I hit it!" Kira called out triumphantly as her arrow hit Veror in the shoulder. Kilian leapt to his feet and looked in the direction that Kira had fired. He was just in time to catch a glimpse of a shadowy figure leaping into the trees.

    "That's no pigeon, Kira, it's some kind of a beast, a squirrel or a marten by its climbing skills," the male stoat explained as he started off into the brush in the general direction of the squirrels, "but if you wounded the beast, he isn't goin' far." Kira slung the bow over her shoulder and followed her brother eagerly.

    "We 'ave to hurry, I hear other beasts coming," Kira said with a edge of nervousness in her voice, "they'll want a share of the spoils."

    The two stoat siblings burst into the area less than half a minute after Veror had taken to the tree. "Look Kilian, there's my arrow!" Kira exclaimed as he bent over and picked the blackened shaft from the ground where it had been tossed, "ew, it's got blood an' skin on it!" She wiped off the arrow in the grass with an expression of disgust before returning it to its quiver.

    However, Kilian began to scan the treetops as soon as he and his sister reached the spot. "I think I see the squirrel! See those shadows up 'ere," Kilian called to his sibling, "there must be two of 'em!" He pointed a paw in the direction of the squirrel pair.

  • “Just because you’re a squirrel, don’t mean nothing.” KayLee said, watching the black squirrel.
    She looked to the treetops when he had motioned for them. She nodded slightly “It’s not the safest area if you get cau—“ She was cut off as an arrow flew into the shoulder of the other squirrel.
    “…Are yooou—“ She started to ask, before he lifted her up and took to the treetops. She watched him as he let her down, safe for the moment on the branch of a tree. She nodded to him. “Yes, I know how to tree-jump. But the question is will you be able to with that injured shoulder.” She said, pointing to the latest of his injuries.

    “If not the pain, then it’ll be blood loss. We should take care of it now before we start moving” She said then looked down at the ground as two stoats ran into the clearing, one picking up the used arrow. “…Or on second thought, we can go now” She said looking back at the squirrel.
    “…They know where we are. If you go tree-jumping they’ll surely follow. They can see us” She paused for a moment to look down at her coin skirt, “And hear us.” She said, slightly moving her body and sending the vibrations of her body to the skirt, making the coins jingle slightly.

  • Veror grinned savagely, for the first time letting his ferociousness show. He drew his sword and dirk and said grimly, "I hold them off for ye, as long as I can. Then I'll try and make my escape." He winced as his shoulder twinged. "Though I doubt I'll make it very far." He gave her a dry stare, "And I suggest you take off that ridiculous skirt the moment you get the chance, it'll give you away instantly." He winked impudently at her and said, "The name's Veror Deatheye, and you, my friend, are a beautiful squirrel."

    With that, Veror Deatheye leaped toward the two stoats, shouting a bloodcurdling battle-cry as he did so, "Deeeeeeeeeeatheye!!!!!" He landed neatly in front of the brother and sister stoat. He grimaced as his shoulder throbbed. Veror ignored the pain and started to taunt the stoats, trying to lure them away from KayLee. He wiggled his sword under their noses and said in a sing-song voice, "You can't catch up with me, cuz you've got bunglepaws!" He giggled manically to annoy them further and then took off hoping they would follow, being vermin as they were, and vermin usually rose to take bait. He hoped fervently that his shoulder wouldn't give out.

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    Kilian's sharp ears picked up the jingle of KayLee's coin skirt instantly. "That squirrel is wearing the noisiest clothing I've ever 'eard!" he exclaimed, "we'll be able to follow them anywhere!" Kira took the bow from her shoulder and started to reach for an arrow, but was interrupted when Veror came hurdling at them from the trees.


    Kilian staggered backwards in surprise while clumsily trying to free one of his chemical coated daggers from its sheath. Kira gave a shill and unverminly shriek as she held the bow above her head for protection.

    "You can't catch up with me, cuz you've got bunglepaws!"

    Kilian was the first of the siblings to recover from the shock as he drew his dagger and held it ready. "You won't get far wit' a wound, squirrel!" he snarled, sounding tougher than he felt, "Kira, shoot 'im, quick!" He advanced slowly towards Veror with his knife held pointed at the squirrel.

    Following her brother's command, Kira loaded the arrow she had grabbed to her bow and pointed it at Veror. Her paws were still shaking a bit so her next shot was nothing to sniff at. But, she loosed the arrow at Veror all the same. KayLee had been completely forgotten for the moment, so Veror's plan was working in that sense.

  • “It is not a ridiculous skirt…” She said looking down at her performing skirt. She then blushed a little at his comment. “And I’m Ka—“ She was cut off as he leaped off the branch to the ground where the two stoats stood. “…KayLee” She finished softly as she watched the scene below. The squirrel-maid knew that Veror didn’t stand a chance against two, especially since he was injured.

    KayLee watched Veror take off, leaving only the stoats in the clearing. She waited to see if they would follow, knowing the slightest move from her, would send them back in her direction, so she’d have to wait until they were gone after Veror.
    “He won’t stand a chance if they catch him…” She said to herself as she watched the pair of stoat siblings. “…Maybe, if” She started, then started to climb the tree, and jumped from it to an other near by tree, the coins on her skirt jingling.
    Tree-jumping came fairly easy to her. After all she was a squirrel, but being an acrobatic from her circus days gave her ever more ease.
    Her plan? Try to separate the pair so that Veror had a better chance with one-on-one.

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    Veror sheathed his sword but kept his dirk in his paw as he ran. He cursed as he heard a faint jingling. "She should have run." he thought. Veror deftly leaned down as he ran and picked up a plant that he knew had some healing properties and jammed in into his wound, gasping as he did. He then slashed off a section of his kilt and tied it off with his left paw and mouth. He shouted behind him, "Ha! You call that an arrow shot? That looked like a bat throwing a stick!" He knew that, normally, he didn't stand a chance against two beasts, vermin though they were, but, that was normally. And Veror was anything but normal when he fought. He and his line of squirrels had something extra. They were born with a terrible bloodlust akin to bloodwrath, but much, much wilder. His eyes turned crimson and he started to slow down as he reached a small clearing.....Which, unfortunately, was currently in the possession of a group of fifteen vermin. He then lost all sense of reason as he fell into the possession of Bloodlust. His only driving thought was to kill. He recieved numerous wounds in addition to his shoulder in the ensueing fight. but, within minutes, every single vermin was dead, slaughtered by the hand of a madbeast. His eyes faded back to their regular color and he eyed the carnage around him with sorrow, ashamed of his affliction. He glared at the two stoats, now that they knew what he was capable of, warning them off with his sword. He glanced up at KayLee in a tree but couldn't tell what she was thinking. "Back off, vermin. KayLee, ye may be pretty but ye are a fool. Ye should have run. However, it can't be helped now, stay in the trees though. You're safer up there." He knew she probably wouldn't though.

  • Seeing Veror running from them sent new courage into Kilian and Kira. Both of them chased him headlong, drawing their knives to ready themselves for the kill. "That's right yah cowardly squirrel! Run for your life!" Kilian called after their prey. Kira, seeing the ineffectiveness of her last shot, had shouldered her bow and switched to her poison coated daggers.

    Both stoats paused for a second as they heard KayLee's coin skirt jingle. "Wait a minute, there's the other one," Kilian exclaimed.

    "Let's leave her, she isn't injured," Kira said urgently.

    "But listen to the jingle, she must hav' lots of money!" Kilian said with gleaming eyes. But, before they could choose who to follow, the other group of vermin appeared.

    "Drat, there are others," Kira in a frustrated voice, "they'll finish him and grab his stuff before we even get the chance." However, she was proven quite wrong in the bloody spectacle that followed. Both stoats watched in surprise and horror as Veror slew all fifteen of his opponents in short order. Neither Kilian or Kira were very brave beasts to begin with and this event drained every last bit of courage they may have had.

    The stoat siblings turned pale and coward with fear as Veror turned back to them. "Please don't 'urt me sir! I didn't do anything," Kilian whimpered as he dropped his blades to the ground, "she's the one who shot you, not me!" The male stoat pointed an accusing paw at his sister.

    Kira backed away from the squirrel, holding her paws in front of her as if that would block an attack. She too had dropped her weapons. "I'm sorry sir, I didn't know what I was doing," the stoatlmaid said tearfully, "don't kill me! I promise I won't do it again!"

  • KayLee stood on a branch as she watched Veror single handily kill fifteen vermin in a matter or minutes. She was still pretty far from the fight, now where all the dead bodies lay, but from up in the trees, gave her viewpoint.
    Once she had seen that it was only the two stoat siblings and Veror, she jumped tree to tree, getting closer to them. “Run? You are the one who is injured, my friend.” She said down to him, from up in the tree. “Safer? Safer from who, may I ask? It doesn’t appear that these stoats are very dangerous.” She said, looking down at the three of them and then over at the dead bodies.

    The squirrel-maid listened to their pleas, then jumped into the air, doing a twist and a flip, she landed on the ground in a crouching position. “I should hope not. You could have killed him.” She said getting up to stand beside Veror. “As far as I see it, you are not indebted to him, for trying to kill him and for killing all those vermin. For if he did not do so, you’d be the ones dead right now.” She then turned to Veror. “Now, you need to rest, you may be strong, but even I can tell you’re injured and hurting.”

  • Veror shook his head and was about to reply when something caught his eye, he walked over and sliced the shirt of a vermin, plus three others on the chest. He cursed and whirled around to face KayLee. "We need to-, he grimaced as his shoulder throbbed along with the numerous additions given him, we need to get out of here, NOW!" he hissed. He gestured to the bare chest of the vermin, which had strange swirl tattoos on them. "That is the tattoo of a vicious vermin horde called the Hirdarian, led by a fox named Kariska." He pulled KayLee along and started running, leaving the stoats in the clearing. He flicked his red and yellow eyes around searching for any sign of the horde. Veror's vision started to dim and he realized he was fainting from loss of blood. He stumbled and fell into unconsciousness, praying that KayLee would be able to keep him from dying.

  • Kilian and Kira stayed crouch low for a little as Veror dragged KayLee away. Neither of them dared pick up their weapons after the slaughter they had witnessed. However, when Veror collapsed to the ground everything changed. And evil gleam came into Kilian's eyes as he picked up his knife and rose to his feet. "I knew he couldn't get far bleeding like that," Kilian said to Kira with a wicked grin, "now let's take the female's money and get out of here."

    Kira felt a bit sorry because the squirrel's had just spared their lives, but her kleptomaniac nature and the sound of KayLee's clicking coin belt overpowered her sense of morals. She took up her poisoned dagger and followed her brother to where Veror had fallen.

    "Now missy, me and my sister may not be the most dangerous beasts," Kilian said to KayLee as he drew close, "but we know when to retreat and when it's safe to attack."

    "Now hand over those coins and jewelry you got janglin' there and we'll let you live," Kira finished for her brother, "but resist an' it might be a different story."

  • KayLee nodded, and begin to run with Veror. She had no idea who these Hirdarian were, and had no intention on finding out. It wasn’t long before they started to slow down, due to his injuries. They both stopped running, she was still able to see the only two live beasts that were left there, but her mind was quickly drawn back to Veror as he fell to the ground.
    She knelt down beside him, turning him on his back. “That’s a lot of blood” She said to herself as she looked at his blood soaked clothes.

    Too busy trying to stop Veror’s wounds from bleeding, she hadn’t notice Kilian and Kira, until they spoke.
    The squirrel maid slowly stood up, looking at the siblings, taking a quick glance at Veror, then nodded. “…I shall give you everything I own, If you let me fix ‘em up right now. I promise I won’t try anything. But right now, that’s the most important thing to do. You’ll even get a little extra if ya help.” She said slowly kneeling back down to help her unconscious friend. “…Not like what you’ll get from me will be worth much anyway.” She said looking at him, waiting for their permission to continue to care for him, not wanting to do anything rash and end up having both of them killed.
    Once Veror was well enough, she figured it’d be easy enough to get the two siblings off their tracks.

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    BIC: Veror groaned slightly, fighting to get back consciousness. " to....get away......" He opened his eyes in brief clarity and stared down the the two vermin. "Get.Away.Now." He drew his dirk with his uninjured hand. "I"m a good knife slinger. Would you like to have an example." He drifted back into unconsciousness, hoping that that would finally scare them away, knowing that he might wake up at any moment.

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