Andrew Vydra IV

  • Nickname: Andrew

    Full Name: Andrew Leopold Vydra IV

    Species: River otter

    Description: Andrew is a normal sized, brown-furred otter with an irenic attitude towards those around him. His traveling apparel consists of a long coat over a dull grey button-down shirt and a shemagh draped about his neck and throat. Across his waist is belted his his small provisions; flint and tinder, eating utensils, and the like, and in a leather sheath is a long dagger which he uses for many  mundane tasks. His wrists and forearms are bound with leather straps so to protect them from some puncture wounds. When he travels he carries his larger goods in a pack strapped on his back and attached to this is a bow which he bought from a trader in the woodlands. This weapon has served him well for firing arrows into trees, but has yet to be used in any more violent manner. He constantly practices firing the black-fletched arrows and has become a fair shot with it, and it would be an effective instrument of war if required to do so. But he is still content to use it to send barbed shafts into targets at sixty paces.

    Possessions: Sundries, bow, arrows, a dagger, gloves, a shemagh, little else.

    Strengths: Andrew is a good shot with the bow, though he has never needed to use it to preserve his own life.

    Weaknesses: He has an unyielding fear of heights.

    Background: Family, friend, even sometimes strangers he meets, he trusts implicitly, never questioning the judgement of those in authority over him. He has a true love for his family; his father also named Andrew, his mother Lius, and his little brother Roni, these are the most important people to him in his every day life in Mossflower. Andrew does have somewhat of an independent streak though, and he left home to search for adventure in far off lands. He dream is to be a warrior of sorts, so his eventual destination is the legendary mountain of Salamandastron, where he hopes to learn the ways of war that the mountain is known for. So far his efforts have been in vain, Andrew has a very short attention span and is easily sidetracked from his main objective. For the time being he is enjoying the comforts and good company of Redwall Abbey, but there is a storm gathering, a storm which may engulf him in a torrent of chaos and madness the likes of which he has never seen before. His positive outlook and dreams of a romantic life as a fighter are soon to change. Because war, war never changes.

  • Sounds great! He sounds like a very tough otter.

  • Thanks 🙂

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