Warhammer Accusator

  • Nickname:  Warhammer

    Full Name:  Warhammer Accusator

    Species:  Badger

    Description: A tall, muscular badger. He is clothed in a tunic, with a sheet of chain mail beneath it. Warhammer is different from most badgers in that a streak of fur on his body streak is red, while most of his fur is grey. Armed with a slingshot, a broad sword, and a longbow, with huge arrows that can go clean through any vermin, Warhammer also carries a haversack around his back, carrying supplies.
    Possessions: A javelin, a longbow, a broadsword, a slingshot, a haversack, a tunic, pants, boots, and a sheet of chainmail
    Strengths: Warhammer is an excellent cook, great tactician, and fearless warrior. His skill with a longbow is unsurpassed, and many a vermin has fallen from a shaft from his bow.

    Weaknesses: Warhammer has a very bad temper, and often calms himself by releasing his stored rage on party members.
    Background: Warhammer Accusator was born to a badger family in the east, but during his teens, he strove off and met a group of adventurers. He quickly became the leader of this small band, and visited Redwall numerous times.

  • Hey Warhammer

    How long have you been RPing? Just curious.

  • Not too long, kinda a new thing for me. I've drempt of the characters but not actually put them into words.

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