The Abandoned Fort

  • OOC: I'm going to include some landmarks that aren't there (Otter's Fort, an RP board that Fishy was created on), I figure this will be my re-intro. I'm coming up with some backstory. Also, I'm thinking of helping to revive Assassin's Creed, if so, I will assume that's in Aral's younger days.

    The aging otter swam slowly down the River Moss, it had been many a season since he had been in this river. I grew up here, I lived here, am I to die here? He shook his gray streaked head and stopped swimming, floating slowly down river. Thinking about the events that had taken place in his life, of the beasts who had lived and died alongside him. Stealth, Linx, Archon, Mokwa, Terg, even his own brother, Sharkrudder, so many had died in such a short time. The peppered otter swore to himself, and all for that foolish escapade in the Northlands. His thoughts faded off into a conflicted silence.

    Sometime later that day, he finally reached the end of the River Moss, his destination, his old home. Otter's Fort, abandoned, falling into ruin, he flipped around and headed out of the water, stumbling as he hit dry ground. Attached to his waist was a simple dagger, his only weapon at the moment, he had lost everything but this dagger, and a stepped sword, which was left with the otter clan he was staying with at the moment. Both of those weapons meant the world to him. They were all that was left of his past life, those two weapons which were made by his long time companion, Linx. The otter, who's name was Fishrudder walked into his old post at Otter's Fort and slowly meandered he was nearer to the keep. The ex-military juggarnaut was gone, lost to the streams of time.

    Fishrudder, Ex-Captain of the Guard of Otter's Fort picked up the beaten wooden sword and slowly started working through forms. The ash sword felt comfortable in his paw as he parried and counterattacked, slowly picking up steam…
    OOC: Apparently the post didn't make complete sense, this is going on in the present, in the old training grounds of the fort

  • OOC: Ahh ok.

    BIC: BIC: Two eyes as dark as the moonless night gazed at Fishrudder as he attacked the false forms slowly picking up pace. Avalon had perched on a fallen stone slab having heard the wood of the fakes sword impact its targets and found herself impressed with his skill. The black vixen tilted her head and hid that she was a little nervous as to how he might react to her presence “Hello, I see you are most skilled with a blade, even if it is not balanced metal… I am Avalon good sir, what is your name?"

  • OOC: Day, late afternoon

    BIC: Fishrudder finished off a tight spin in the direction of the voice, smoothly pulling his dagger out as he heard the voice. He finished the spin, looking slightly to the left of where the fox was, "Thankee, I'm Fishrudder, what's your business in this fort?" He was surprised, suspicious and confused as to the fox being here. With a clatter, the wooden sword dropped to the floor, his dagger still hanging loosely at his side.

  • Avalon straightened her neck and blinked once before holding out a paw with palm up in a informative gesture as she spoke “Looking around to be honest, don’t know much about this land and what type of beasts live here.”
    She ducked lower for a moment as the wooden sword hit the ground but the vixen quickly regained her posture realizing the otter hadn’t made a move yet “Please don’t be so jumpy, there’s no need.”

  • An odd expression crossed his face as he said. "Sorry, I've never met a trustworthy fox before. I'm trying to rid myself of distrust of the typical vermin species. Where are you headed?" After he finished speaking his paw holding the dagger went up, back down, and then, with an effort, he sheathed the blade.

  • The black vixen kept her position on the stone as she listened to the otter Fishrudder “No need for apology, it is completely understandable. Caution is the better part of valor after all.”
    She slumped her shoulders and shrugged in regard to Fishrudder’s question “Where are we heading, no place in particular, just general exploring. Why?”

  • As he spoke, his eyebrows raised "We? Who is we?" Fishrudder kept his position, alert, but relaxed, still not trusting this black fox "Why?" "Well, if you're not from around here, then, I figured you had some place in mind. Maybe I'd be better off asking where you're from."

  • Avalon slipped into a sitting position upon the slab of stone and put her elbows on her legs so she could rest her head on her paws “Me and my partner… friend might be more accurate… Well that’s just it this entire area is a place, everything is something to discover…” She went silent on Fishrudder’s last question and chuckled a little nervously “Heh, heh, yes where I’m from… there is a mid sized land far, far east of here known as Bushido, at least that’s what we call it I don’t know what name you beasts might know it as, assuming you even knew it existed. Have to admit it’s a lot more… peaceful here.”

  • OOC: Quite annoyed, I responded to this, it musst not have posted 😕

    BIC: Fishrudder blinked as he took in what the black fox was sitting, he turned around and headed for a bench that was set up on the side. Looking at the bench, he decided it was too old and slipped up onto a stone pillar. "Hmmm, Bushido… Bushido" He let the word roll over his tongue a few times, stumbling at the beginning. "I've never heard of it, tell me of it? Also, it's about time that I headed back, have you been to Redwall yet?" He remained seated on the pillar as he asked.

  • Avalon blinked and then looked off to the side “Nothing real nice to tell honestly. The part of the land I come from is bordered to the east, south southeast and southwest by other kingdoms which constantly fight for dominance. The north border marks the edge of the Eastern Sea and the west is primarily woodland territory which is also in a constant battle with the other lands. For the most part the realm I come from is forest and flatlands however the southeast corner is part desert and the east is made up of small mountains riddled with passes… To be quite frank Mossflower is a strategically important area considering its location as any army that were to take over this land would merely have to march through the weakened woodland and straight up to our weakest point of defense, even the seaside is better defended with coastal watch…”
    The black vixen turned her head back to the otter “Redwall? I can’t say I have, mayhap you could show me this place?”

  • Fishrudder briefly chewed on his lip, wondering if it was the best idea to invite this fox to Redwall, but, it was too late to change his mind "Sure, I can, it's a bit of a walk though, but worth it in every respect" A grin broke his face as he said this.

    "So, you're in Mossflower because of it's strategic importance to your home? What do you intend to do here?" Once again, he was doubting whether or not he should bring this beast to Redwall.

  • Avalon’s dark eyes blinked as Fishrudder grinned “It is a good place is it?”

    "So, you're in Mossflower because of it's strategic importance to your home? What do you intend to do here?"

    Avalon shrugged slightly “I am only here to explorer and stall enemy advances here nothing more from what knowledge I have. If you ask as to me personally then this is my reply, I cannot observe the peacefulness of this land if I let it be destroyed now can I?”

  • "Yes, very nice…" His eyebrow rose as he listened to the vixen speak.
    I am only here to explorer and stall enemy advances here nothing more from what knowledge I have. If you ask as to me personally then this is my reply, I cannot observe the peacefulness of this land if I let it be destroyed now can I?”

    With a deep sigh, he pondered the thought of another threat to his home. After a moment of silence. He inquired "What is this threat? I was at one point influential to warriors around here, and I may be of some use to you. Though, I am getting old"

  • The black vixen blinked with discontent “I do not know what the threat is at this time or even if there is an immediate threat though right now I am doubtful that there is any significant vermin force in the area…”
    She stopped for a moment and gave a brief whine “Why rush getting prepared for war if you haven’t even seen scouts, there’s no telling how long until any of m… the realm’s enemies investigate this route.”
    Avalon sprang off the stone slab and landed on the ground in a crouch “My point is why disturb such beautiful peace when you have no knowledge on an visibly imminent threat?”
    Avalon stood up and brushed her arms, her paws sinking into the fur hinting just how lean she really was.

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