Windsor: Corbar: Red-Tailed Hawl

  • Your character's full name: Corbar
    Age: 23 years
    Species: Red-Tailed Haw
    Gender: Male
    Corbar is a large red-tailed hawk. Corbar like most of his species is extremely broad and stout. Corbar species have a dark mark along the leading edge of the underwing, between the body and the wrist (the patagium). Corbar has a dark band across the belly. Corbar’s adult's breast is pale while.  Corbar’s tail is rusty red above. Corbar has bands on his rusty colored tails as well and has varied plumage of rusty reds, oranges, and browns.  He has fierce yellow eyes and a strong hooked beak.  His talons are black while his legs are a pale yellowish color.  Corbar is very powerful and is very strong.  He is fast but not the fastest.  Corbar is agile and quick but again, he is not the quickest you will find.  He has many scars from past battles.  The most striking one is a large one coming across his left eye, going at a diagonal angle, all the way down to the bottom of his head.  Corbar has other minor scars hear and there.

    Windsor really dosen't carry anything of intrest.  He Does have a skylark feather which he will stick ebtween his own feathers occasionally.

    Job or Position:
    Corbar is a wanderer for the most part.

    Corbar is an evil bird.  He his cruel and brutal.  But, he betrays this in a calm manor.  He is completely sane and is actually relatively smart for a hawk.  He is evil down to every hollow bone in his body.  Corbar will seek revenge at any costs and he is not afraid to cheat at anything.  Corbar loves to use threats and such to scare other creature’s silly.  He is not savage or mad and is the least bit barbaric, being calculative and sometimes witty.

    History and Background Information:
    Corbar was born in the spring on May 5th.  His parent’s taught him everything about being evil and cruel.  He sometimes had to fight for food and hunt on his own when his parents wouldn’t give him any.  This may attribute to the who Corbar is now.  He lived with his parents until he was 18 years old, when he left the nest.  Once on his own, Corbar began to fight and take place in battles.  The most major and nasty one happened close to Redwall Abbey with Lance Skybreeze the squirrel and Windsor the barred owl.  Windsor and Lance had gone on a hike through the woods and were returning home to Redwall when Corbar noticed them.  He decided they were just bumbling fools and ignored the long rapier Lance carried.  He dove on Lance to attack him and Lance was begging to be lifted off the ground.  Before he was too high up Lance had pierced Corbar’s belly with his rapier causing him to drop him.  Windsor and Corbar than fought in the air.  Corbar was slashed across the face leaving his large scar, while Windsor had only very minor bruises.  Corbar flew away and has vowed to kill them both ever since.

    Strengths and Weakness:
    Corbar’s strength’s are his power, strength and overall fierceness.  He is quick, agile, and fast but is not the fastest you will find.  His large size and power adds to this.

    Corbar’s weaknesses are his evilness and lust for revenge.

    Family Tree:

    Father:  Arlar
    Mother:  Skeln
    Younger Sister:  Sherk

    Any other details:  None really.

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