The Light of Past Loves

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    Jiles and his son James were still in the infirmary when Sonnis awoke. The latter had been making small talk with the maids who assisted with the healing of the injured. When the wounded fox began to stir the squirrels went to his bedside.

    "Am I among friends?"

    "We're as close as you c'n get mate!" Jiles said cheerily, "the beasts of this Abbey saved your life!" He took a swig of October Ale he had been carrying in a canteen before continuing. "No doubt a few beasts 'ere have some questions for you, I know I do," Jiles said, "but I'll let you rest for a bit first."

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    BIC: Before Fishrudder had left the fox in the Infirmary, he had left word to send someone to come get him when the fox woke up. He was sitting on the lawn, looking out over the Abbey Pond, when a mouse walked up to him and said "Sonnis has woken up, he's still exhausted, though, you can come up if you'd like." Fishrudder nodded and thanked the mouse and slowly stood up with a grunt.

    After he arrived in the infirmary, he greeted the two squirrels and sat down at the bedside and questioned Jiles "How long have you been up here and how is he?"

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  • "I am well, thank you." Sonnis spoke up, scratching along one of the many furless lines on his muzzle. He did not feel well, of course, but complaining now wouldn't do.
    “My name is Sonnis. What do you call yourselves? It would be a shame if I couldn’t name the beasts I owe my life to.” Giving his real name was a gamble. But, then, very few living beasts knew what the madbeast was called.
    “He is in Redwall.” A large hedgehog lifted Sonnis’ mask to the light of the morning sun streaming through the leaves.
    “There is more blood at the southern edge of the clearing, and Redwall Abbey is a short walk from there. Nowhere else he could go, Lily.”
    “Good. He is desperate. We wait.” A light-furred, nearly albino vole replied, taking the iron thing from her companion.
    “Why wait?” the hedgehog asked.
    “Because, Rawlin, he is desperate! If we corner him in Redwall, many goodbeasts will die. As it is, he will try to blend in until he thinks we’ve given up…” she sat on a nearby log, her claws tracing patterns in the darkened metal of the fox’s mask.
    “Holt Vidras waited for five seasons. If they can wait, so can we.”

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  • Nova was sitting on the wall steps relaxing in the sun when she noticed the aged Fishrudder wandering off towards the abbey spiking her interest and drawing her out of her relaxed boredom. She stood up and slowly strolled to follow the otter beast. She walked up the abbey steps and poked her head around the doorway, head still beneath the hood of her habit “Awake is he, good that the abbey and it’s inhabitants were able to help.”
    “My name is Sonnis. What do you call yourselves? It would be a shame if I couldn’t name the beasts I owe my life to.”
    Nova looked at the otter and squirrels then back to Sonnis “I am called Nova, as for the others before you I think I will leave the honor of introducing themselves to them.”
    She winked at Jiles beneath the hood of her habit as she started walking over.

  • "My name is Fishrudder, since you're healthy enough to  talk, I hope you wouldn't mind answering a few questions. How'd you get your wound?" The big, peppered otter moved around the bed and pulled up a chair.

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