Scurvan Bor

  • OOC: This be my first chara. 😄 As I have yet to use him in RPs, his history is not finished. Hope it's good. I may also decide to later move this chara to my clan(MB) for clan use, but not right now.

    Nickname: Scurve

    Full Name: Scurvan Bor

    Species: Fox

    Description: Age 17. He is a bit taller than the average fox, with rough fur and a tattoo from the old JuskaBor clan on his head. While not heavily built, he is still lean and muscular after years of hard living. He has blue eyes. He sports numerous small scars especially on his arms from his past fights. Along his right arm there are black tattoo patterns that stretch from palm to shoulder. When he holds his knife in his right hand, the patterns of the knife match up with those on his arm. His clothing is simple and plain, nothing unnecessary or anything that would attract attention.

    Possessions: Scurve's only possessions are his clothes, his jagged knife and his ration sack, which is made out of wolf's-hide leather, which he took off of a dead opponent early in his travels. His knife is by him and those who know of him called Scurve, like his name. The knife is curved like a bird's claw, and has large serrated teeth on the cutting edge. On the blade and handle are carved patterns which match the tattoos on his arm.

        - Skill with his knife, Scurve. He can throw it with practiced ease and accuracy, which is hard with a curved knife. Also good in close quarter fighting.
        - He knows the value of winning without fighting. If there is a way to get around a problem without danger, he rarely risks it. But he is not at all afraid to fight.
        - Like his father, Rugan Bor, he has the uncanny ability to get another beast's attention by staring at the back of it's head.
        - He is rather swift and has taught himself the art of concealment.
        - He can easily inspire lesser beasts.

        - His memory of his past and the fate of his clan is not complete, and he seeks to regain that knowledge.
        - He finds it unusually hard to kill without a cause. He has only killed for necessity or fighting other vermin. He has not told anyone this.
        - When he is in a high place, his face and arm start twitching, having something to do with the tattoo dye in them.
        - If aroused, he will fight without caution, despite his normal good sense.

    Scurvan Bor was the only son of Rugan Bor, and was given tattoos on his head and arm to point out his special place. He was 5 seasons old when his father's clan was disbanded by Rusano the Wise. When that happened, the Juska clans completely scattered, and he was lost to his father. He wandered the flatlands, occasionally stealing from the odd vermin band. He kept to himself. One time he was poaching some food from a vermin camp, and he was caught by one of them. Finding a sharp stick on the ground,  he threw it at the rat who had seen him. That was how he discovered his skill at throwing weapons. He stole the rat's curved knife and left.

    After that he began earning a name for himself. He went by the name of Scurve, roaming throughout Mossflower territory. He had many scrapes with other vermin, thus honing his fighting and throwing skills with his knife. Beasts who knew his reputation also called his knife Scurve, like the holder. He never killed an innocent beast though, like he has seen other vermin do. He does not know what he will do if he is in that situation. Roaming alone and only occasionally meeting with large vermin bands has also caused him to not pick up their more rough speech, although he does display most of the typical habits and mannerisms of his kind.

    He doesn't speak much, and usually travels alone. On occasion he will hire himself out as a mercenary, but only if the job fits his rough code of conduct. Like his father, he has the uncanny ability to stare at the back of a beast's head to get their attention. While still young, he has learned to listen rather than speak, and has more common sense than many vermin he meets. The faint memory of his father and the JuskaBor haunts him. He knows that a Badger Lord was responsible for it, but he knows no specifics. He secretly searches for information about this. His memory of his father is not perfect, so he doesn't know what Rugan was like. Because of this, he does not even know what he will do if he ever finds the Badger Lord who broke up the Juska clans.

  • Nice one GT, I like the look of him!

  • Me and you will work on advancing your charachters back story if ya want

  • @Bowbeast:

    Me and you will work on advancing your charachters back story if ya want

    Yeah… maybe our 2 chars could join up and travel together, eventually finding Salamandastron. The 2 chars character differences would make for great development on both sides. Good idea mate. 😉

  • Hell yeah dude, i got the whole of the easter hols to kill. First, that battle thread needs to have a battle to finish it, then you just  set up a new rp in  one of the other threads you find appropriate, let me know and we'll get it goin 😉

  • K. Will do when I have time.

    Also made a few minor edits and additions to char profile.

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