• Walking into the crowded bar with grog in hand, Rallag took a long sniff of the rank air, cheap beer and ale mixed with filth. Working his way to a quiet corner, he narrowly avoided being hit by a particularly raucous otter he stumbled on someones footpaws, spilling the grog onto their lap. Muttering a silent curse he turned towards his suprised creature, and it brought itself to it feet, drawing its weapon in a particularly menacing way.

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  • (OOC: I am using my new chara, Scurve. This is my first RP, so go easy. lol)

    Scurve rose to his feet and faced the sable ferret who had upturned the foul-smelling grog onto him. He snatched the beaker of intoxicant from the offender, drank it clean, and threw it against the wall. An old, wart-covered toad took a sip from his ale and laughed.

    "Ahohoho! Looks like a fight brewin', or yer can call me a fly! That there ferret's upset Scurve, so 'e 'as!"

    The tall fox drew his curved knife from the back of his belt, licking the serrated edge. The patrons of the bar suddenly took an intent interest in their drinks. Flicking the blade from paw to paw, Scurve smiled. This was going to be fun.

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    This just wasnt his day Rallag thought to himself, eyeing the fox warily. Drawing a simpler, serrated knife from his belt he held it close to himself, self preservation clearly at the forefront of his mind. Throwing the old toad a dirty look he ridiculed the fox that was clearly squaring up for a fight with  him.

    "so this is the mighty scurve, huh? Well you dont look so tough, i warrent a scratch from one of me poisened arrew's could take ya down"

    The atmosphere changed in the bar to that of apprehension, as everybeast wondered who would make the  first move..

  • Shaun Strongrudder, a brawny if young otter strode up to the two beasts that were squaring off in the center of the room and stood between them. He harrumphed and said to them both,

    "Look you two, if you even think about sticking each other with those pointy knives I will be forced to bang your heads together." He glared into each of the animals' eyes to make sure that they knew he was not joking. "I am sure that this "good" ferret didn't mean to spill his grog on you my fine wolfy."

    He stepped out from between them upon seeing that they still hadn't tried anything, also because it wasn't such a good place to be if they decided that his interference merited that they team up on him.

  • Scurve shrugged and turned as if to walk away. The next instant his knife was pressed horizontally under the otter's chin. His heavily patterned arm tensed on the blade handle.

    "You did one thing wrong and one thing right." Scurve said. " One, you had the sense to step in before this ferret here got in over his head. But two… I dislike wolves. What do you think my satchel is made of?"

    The fox gestured at his wolf-hide ration pack. He turned to Rallag to warn him not to make any moves, when he noticed his opponent's left forearm. He lowered his knife from the otter and stared at the Juska tattoo on the ferret's limb.

    "You are Juska."

    (OOC: I really didn't expect that Juska thing in common. Just goes to show what ya can learn from reading a char's bio. lol)

  • (OOC lmao i have to have several pages open at once, my own bio, your charachter's and sparhawks to check if im doin everything right. Coinkydink that we had both based our charachters from ones in the taggerung 😄 my fave book tbh)

    Rallag had noticed the foxes clan tattoos earlier, but had decided not to make a comment on them, as it might have somehow further aggregated the fox.
    "Aye, and you are too, judging  by them fine markings on your head, such a small world, eh?"

    Turning towards young otter he said spitefully, "there wasnt any need for you to come barging in riverdog, me and scurve he were just settling out some….differences." getting gradualy quieter, embarrassed  at his earlier clumsiness.

  • Shaun pointedly did not grin at the young fox.

    "Ohh you are a fox! I must apologize for my mistake, I thought that foxes usually try to avoid fights." He faced the ferret and thumped him heartily on the back, near sending him sprawling.

    "I would say that your differences have been settled. Now, what is this, Juska, thing? I have never heard of it before."

  • Scurve's eyes looked off to some unfocused point the distance. He spoke as if trying to find something. "Juska… used to be clans of them all along the western coastlands. At least until they were disbanded by some badger and a warrior they call the Taggerung. That's all I know. I think my father was some sortof leader among them. I guess that's where my markins come from."

    He looked down at the tattoos on his arm. Then he looked up at the ferret, forcing a friendly smile. "Til now I've never met a survivor of the old clans. What's yer name... friend?"

    The old toad who had been watching the event play out, croaked and spat in disgust. "Graaaak. No fight now. No fun!"

    He had unwittingly spat on the only Pine Marten in the tavern, a big and brawny fellow. Wiping the foul fluid from his face, the Marten roared out. "I'll kill ye fer that, frog-face!"

    The toad fell over backward from a solid punch by the angry beast. Immediately, a brawl sprung up in the bar. Scurve looked at the otter and the ferret. "I hope you two know how to handle yerselves."  Drawing his curved blade, the fox hit a stray weasel hard over the head with the handle. "See you on the outsuide of this place!"

  • Reaching to draw a barbed shaft from the on his back Rallag narrowly avoided having his skull smashed in by a large stoat with a glass mug, proceeding to thrust the shaft through the stoats neck. Swiftly retrieving the arrow from the carcass he looked to make a dash for the currently open door, but then heard a shout of
    "Ey, e' killed snagtooth, gerrim mates"

    Not planning on sticking around for any longer; Rallag jumped up onto a large table, trodding on somebeasts paw before making a wild leap out of the too small for comfort square window.

    Landing in a heap on the dirt outside the bar he briefly took  breath while recovering from being winded by his awkward landing.

    Looking back at the bar; now in chaos with shouts and smashing sounds evident Rallag decided as what do next. Grinning to himself  he took out a small piece of flint and some timber from his travelling bag. After all, the beer was water and the customer service was poor. As the flames licked at the bars dry, timber roof Rallag didnt expect either of his erstwhile entertaining companions to make it out alive.

  • Shaun grabbed a bottle of cheap wine off the bar and smashed it over the head of a passing rat. The rat fell to the floor, out cold. The otter glanced up in time to see the ferret dive very ungracefully out a small square window. He dodged an ungainly blow from a nearly drunk stoat and back-handed it across the face, probably braking some of it's teeth in the process.

    He glanced back at the window and saw a small swirl of smoke float past the window. He blinked. The smoke was gone, as were his brains, nearly. He caught a chair across his back and neck that sent him to all fours. Shaun shook his head and got to his feet, glancing at the window again. This time there was a lot of smoke, and a tongue of flame!

    He looked around for thr fox and saw him fighting off two rats with a broken chair. Shaun worked his way over to him and bopped to two rats on the head.
    "Come one, that sneaky ferret set the place on fire! We gotta get out before we go up in flames."
    He turned and dashed at the door and burst out, knocking said ferret over and into a mud puddle.

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