Sulo the Vile

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    Sulo the Vile: The Puppet King

    Name: King Sulo the Vile
    Nickname: The Puppet King
    Orientation: Evil, but also completely insane
    Age: 60, human years

    Species: Rat

    Description: Old and frail, with wet, milky eyes and damp, dull grey fur. He has no tail, no ears and only one eye. At first glance he may be mistaken for a weasel or a ferret.
        He wears rags and constantly stitches together whatever pieces of cloth he can find into a make-shift robe, one that would otherwise look as though it belonged to a great lord, or a king. He never smiles unless he's laughing or acting, and he speaks in a slow, deep voice.

    Occupation: Claims to have once been a King named Sulo. He is now a puppeteer, hypnotist and an assassin.


    • Ventriloquist (Can change his voice completely or make it sound as though it came from inches away, or from a great distance if he wishes)
    • Hypnotist (Uses contact and/or verbal hypnotism: by caressing paws and face, he can can induce a deep trance and even give simple commands. This is one reason he was titled "The Puppet King." He can also use speech to fluster, entrance or fool)
    • Actor (He may feign blindness, in order to touch your face and paws. Otherwise, he can cloak all of his insanity or pretend to be helpless, kindly or possibly a seer or mage, in order to get close to one of his targets)


    • He is too frail to wield a weapon
    • Cannot climb or swim
    • He will occasionally break down sobbing and refuse to get up
    • He is insane
    • He cannot see hardly anything in the dark
    • He is truly hideous, a thin frail creature without a tail or ears

        Early in childhood, his father died and Sulo was given the crown. King Sulo was a cruel, tyrannical lord, ruling with an iron fist, slaying, enslaving and directing to his stony heart's content for many long years. He looked down from a high throne and grinned in condescension at those beneath him.
        But Sulo had a secret; he began to grow old in heart and bored in spirit, and often, late at night, he would sneak out into the world and live his own secret life.
        He visited villages as a young beggar-beast and spent time with the slaves and vagabonds. It was life on the high road, a life filled with times of adventure, but moments of rare peace, too.
        And then he fell in love, and his life changed. It was a young mousemaid, one who was gentle and kind, and carried the peaceful village life with her wherever she went.
        Sulo wanted her desperately, but needed her to love him back. He knew she loved Sulo the slave, but he knew also how he felt about Sulo the King. He took extraordinary measures to give up his old, boring, evil life as a tyrant in order to be worthy of the young wonder he had fallen so completely for.
        It took many years and great effort, but he finally presented himself to her as a changed beast and she eventually accepted him. She became queen, the slaves of their country were freed and they had two beautiful sons.
        … but they did not live happily ever after.

    What then took place in the long years after would torture Sulo slowly into insanity. He guards the events of his past like a terrible sore, one never to be touched.
        He skulks through countrysides, whispering to his puppet-child like a long-time friend. He whispers wonderful secrets, terrible memories and never-ceasingly chatters about his loved son, the hero that would someday come to save him, the same son from whom he is always running. He speaks often of how this "little game" keeps him moving, living, and the irony of how it mocks the forever-warring forces of good an evil.
        As he runs, he finds ample opportunity to hone his skills and put them to use, hypnotizing, plundering, acting, assassinating...
        He speaks, also, of the his search for "the one called Death." He says they would meet, meet the same day his son found him, the day that his other son would return, the day that he would strike his final bargain.

  • I've finished the Bio for now, I guess. I'ts impossible to show the complete and utter beauty of this chara without giving away everything about him. I want to show, not tell. I want to do him justice 😄

  • I find this character to be rather intriguing, but then again I tend to gravitate towards the psychologically unsound. Another job well-done, Seth! I look forward to reading about this fellow.

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