Nickname: Rhor, Rye

Full Name: King Rhory Windspire (The meaning of the name Rhory is Red King)

Species: Squirrel

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Description: Rhory is 6' 1" and has red-bown fur. He is kind and brave and speaks with a light Irish accent. He strong and great and sword fighting. He has green eyes and white paws. His belly is a lighter red color. He has a large, red, bushy tail that is extremley strong. Rhor wears a brown leather jerkin and dark-green pants. He sometimes wears a red cape with gold trim as a sighn of his Kingship. His armor is silver colored steel, with gold trimming. He has a helmet but frequently does not use it. He uses a gold handled broadsword and a large steel shield.




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