The Blackpaws(WIP)

  • Species: Red fox

    Ages: Tartoo 29, Baiben 26, Ruby and Hugo 16

    Heights: Tartoo 5'9, Baiben 6'0, Ruby and Hugo 5'5

    Sex: Tartoo, Baiben, and Hugo male. Ruby Female.

    Eyes: All Hazel green.

    Descriptions: The Blackpaws are certanly a hodgepodge of different personalities. Baiben is extremely arrogant and thinks he's the most beautiful thing ever to roam the Earth, Hugo is very naive, timid, and is scared easily while his fraternal twin, Ruby is, very brass, strong headed, and brave. Tartoo is the leader of his siblings and often gets frustrated with them. They often squabble but stay tight knit family.

    Appearances: They all look identical with little diffrencesl other than their height. Baiben's coat is slightly shinier than the rest and has a longer dignified muzzle. Tartoo looks more like a typical vermin. His coat is rather dull and is often dusty, he often has a musky oder. Ruby is the reddest of the bunch while Hugo has white hairs mixed with his red coat.

    Possessions: They have little to nothing other than their clothes, swords, and shields. Hugo really never uses his weapons, he just likes having one. Tartoo, Ruby, and Baiben do much of the fighting. They each also own a necklaces with their family crest, a wooden claw.

    Strengths: Tartoo and Ruby are very good fighters, Baiben is actually a top notch stone slinger, and Hugo usually stays out of their way.

    Weaknesses: Tartoo gets often frustrated with his fellow kits and will cancel a whole plan if they can't coordinate with each other well enough, Baiben often gets himself in trouble with his smart mouth, Ruby often rushes into things, and Hugo is just weak.

    History:The Blackpaws are a tightly bonded skulk of foxes. Their parents were part of a nomadic troup of various vermin.(((WIP)))

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