Freak Show (Open)

  • It was a cold wet night. The stones were so slick the faintest sneeze could cause you to slip. The wall guards monitored the sides of the monolith of a prison, this was no ordinary prison though. Beasts could pay little to nothing to look at the prisoners as if they were entertainment just for them. There was a sign bolted to the door which said, "DO NOT FEED THE BEASTS" in faded red letters. Arrows pointed at the creatures in the cells and small plaques told what they did and for how long they were to stay.
    In the biggest cell with the biggest plaque, was the scourge of the whole region; Kazack Griplar.

    OOC: You can join in as a guard or passing beast or inmate.

  • "I'm not mad! Let me go!" a voice called desperately from the hall entrance. A moment later several guards appeared dragging a single ferret who was flailing wildly. Luckily for for the guards his hind and fore paws where chained with iron.

    "Your not mad? Try telling that to the innocent beasts you killed!" the leader of the guards growled as he threw open the cell next to Kazack and directed the others to throw the ferret in.

    "But sir, that's next to Kazack, don't you think thats a bit much," one of the guards said in a nervous tone. He really didn't want to go anywhere near the rat's cell himself.

    "This ferret is about as crazy as they come," the captain snapped, "thow 'im in there!" The guards reluctant got near and tossed their prisoner in, though they were careful to stay as far away from Kazack as they could.

    "Please, I'm not crazy. I didn't kill those beasts," the new prisoner said in a calmer tone, "he killed them!"

    The head guard took a plaque with the name "Kenji Haruki" across the top and put it up near the ferret's cell. "What do you mean?" asked on of the guards, "who is he? All witnesses say you kill them!"

    "You don't understand, he's followed me from the north," Kenji said desperately, "he's in my head! He is trying to take my body!" He gripped the bars of his cell in what seemed to be fear and terror.

    "Leave 'im be. He's as crazy as they come," the captain muttered again as he led his guards away.

    "He is going to come back," Kenji whispered to himself, "then you'll be sorry…"

  • "All of us aren’t mad, didn't you know? Hmm hm haha." Kazack said in a low quiet tone. "Just about all the creechas here say som'n else did it, not may… I know what I did, hahaha." He was a little louder. "I've killed so many I'd stop counting, I think it was around fidytwo I stopped."
    The rat walked to the end of his cell, the chains that held him to the wall ratteling along the way. He stuck his head out and looked over to the ferret. "Kenjay aye? Ha! Ohhhh, yur gonna have one dandy of a time 'ere!"
    He started to squeeze his body through the bars, then the chain started to draw him back. "Ya better get use to things ya didn't do Kenjay, it's the many constents here."

  • "I guess I have to except this. I'm a dangerous beast, or at least he is," Kenji muttered, "he shares my body, but his mind is his own. I don't want to kill anybeast." The ferret buried his face in his paws. He was quite a few moments before speaking again.

    Kenji stood up with his teeth clenched in rage and a strange look in his eyes. "I don't care how long it takes me," he said with determination, "I'll find out how to get rid of him… and find peace." The ferret slumped to the ground as if exhausted by his speech. "So, why do you kill? For fun?" Kenji asked Kazack.

  • ooc- I know that I'm technically leaving, but I thought I'd join because I can't help myself. I had a compelling idea XD

        The sweet, innocent giggle of a babe sounded from beside Kenji's ear, "Oh, Kazak tells us storiez?"
        The voice seemingly came from empty air, but on the far side of the cell on the other side of Kenji's, somebeast moved in the depths of the darkest corner.
        The child-voice giggled eerily. "Ooooh, Kazak tell story of the orderly you's killt. I likes scary storiez."
        A deep, slow voice replied to the babe's voice, "Oh, the little hero-child is decidedly naughty today. He wants storiez, Kazak. And how did you escape the house of the insane? A gruesome tale, indeed; one to give nightmares to naughty, overly-curious creatures."

  • Kazack answered Kenji first. "Not for fun, but for the reputation. I want to be the most feared killer in all the lands." He simply stated. Then to the other creature, "No, how 'bout I BITE YA HEAD OFF AND USE YA SPINE AS A WALKING STICK!?!" All of the inmates whooped and laughed at Kazack's, possibly real threat. "NEVA INNERUPT ME AGAIN YA LITTLE GNAT!!!" The rat kicked the wall he shared with Kenji as hard as he could, making a loud pound.

  • The slow, moaning voice replied in a hushed voice, warning Kazak earnestly, "Ooooooh, not so loud. The little one, he has quite a nasty little temper." The mumbling voice mingled with the soft clacking of bones. "Best not to wake him, or he might shout back at you. He be's dangerous an' maybe bite your head off."
        The voice laughed. It was a sort of gravely, wheezing sound, like something ancient, laboring to breathe. The frail beast crawled slowly out of his dark corner, dragging something twisted and broken beside him. He was barely visible in his collection of rags and dull grey fur, but his one angry eye glinted with intelligence, age and insanity.
        Then his voice changed again as he turned to face Kenji. "Ah, a newcomer. You be ferret-kind, boy? I hear your pleading of innocence. Tell old Sulo your story. He will listen."
        As hideous as he looked, and as gravely as his voice was, there was something oddly compelling and friendly in the way he spoke.

  • "Not for fun, but for the reputation. I want to be the most feared killer in all the lands."

    "Just look where your reputation got you…" Kenji muttered in a low voice so Kazak could not hear him, "in this rotten prison."

    Kenji listened with interest to the strange voices of child and an older beast that came from the cell on the other side of him. They put a baby in jail? he thought, why? Kenji jumped in surprise as Kazak's yells and thumps shook his cell and stirred him from his thoughts.

    Kenji was intruded by Sulo as the old creature came to the light. In some ways he was a frighting sight, but he seemed much friendlier than the other inmates. "Well you see Sulo, I used to be soldier in an army up north. They say I was a real fierce fighter, a terrifying beast in battle," Kenji explained, "well one day I put it all behind me and went out int the world. But whatever is left of that rage seems to have a mind its own now. When in great stress it takes over my body and I black out." He paused a little bit as he thought back to his past.

    "I have no idea what my other mind does, but I always wake up covered in blood and surrounded by dead," Kenji spoke with disgust and horror, "it happened to me again a few days ago in a small town, an now I'm here."

  • Sulo's lips curled in a slow, innocent smile, his yellow and black teeth rotten in dark gums. "Oh, I bet you'd love to free yourself, yes?" He stretched out both arms and spread his gnarled claws as though preparing to cast some magic spell.
        The pile on rags beside him stood up. At first it looked like some frail creature clinging to Sulo's side, but then it became obvious that it was nothing more than a marionette of a small mouse, built from old bones and scraps of cloth. The bones clacked together as the marionette's little paws wrapped around the bars and the grizzly, grinning skeleton leaned through to stared at Kenji through empty sockets.
        Sulo's voice changed again to a dibbun's whisper, and the skeleton's jaw wagged lethargically as Sulo waved his paws. "Does the ferret-beasty wants to be free?" The thing mimed. "I wants so very badly to be free. I want my mommy. Help me find my mommy." The marionette's paw reached through to touch the ferret's face, giggling madly. "Help us find our mommy."

  • Kazack sat down, his back against the wall. "I'd be able escape easily. If wadn't for these chains." The rat's ear's pricked up, faintly hearing Sulo's voice. The soft raspy sound irritated him greatly.
    "Yew old nut job, SHUT UP! I swear, if I eva get loose, YEW ARE FIRST!!!" This time no whooping was followed. Kazack getting loose was everyone's, including the guards, worst fear. They know how hard it would be to catch him and the damage he'd do before escaping.
    "You'd be first old man, you'd be first." Kazack began to quiet down. He began to scratch the ground with his claws.

  • Kenji drew back in horror from the touch of the skeletal paw. He now realized that it was a single beast who had been all the voices. The strange beast was a puppeteer and a ventriloquist. Though quite obviously a mad one if he was willing to use a corpse in his trade.

    Before the ferret could think of anything to say in return, Kazack began to rage again. Kenji did not doubt that getting loose was a possibility for the mad rat. "Trapped between a raging murder and strange puppet master," the ferret thought to himself, "how much worse could it get?" At least he wasn't being painfully killed for deserting the Syrean army… yet.

    Kenji stood up slowly and starting look more closely around his cell. He was surprised as a wave of pain went through his legs and nearly caused him to fall. The guards must have kicked his legs a lot harder than it had felt. At least nothing was broken. Kenji's mind suddenly went back to Sulo's puppet. It had been made out of bones at some point, perhaps there were still bones lying around? "A small bone may be able to pick this stupid lock," the ferret thought as he tested the door.

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