Admin Poll (Voting Open)

  • Voting is closed for now, But I'll let you know when it opens. Sorry I took so long getting this up. Life again.

    Rules as usual: You may nominate yourself or a friend to be the next admin. However, your friend has to accept the nomination before he/she is posted as a candidate. As soon as it looks like everyone has posted their opinions/nominations/thoughts, I'll start the voting. (1-2 days)

    If anyone wants to cast their hat in the ring and say "I think it's time for a new mod/clan leader" you are welcome to do so (as scary as the thought is, lol).

    ONE FINAL NOTE: There has been more than one Admins at one time. Cyberstorm Was my assistant Admin before Sparhawk and the Clan Lords came along. If there is a tie (or nearly a tie) or if the admin wants help, he/she can feel free to ask for it. I will maintain admin privileges for now in case of emergencies.

  • I like the idea of two admins.  If one had to leave suddenly, then [hopefully] the other would be able to cover for his/her partner until their return.

  • Personally I think I want to nominate…. everybody. But, of course, that would be biased.

  • (In Michael Palin's Gumby voice) I nominate Shadow Flame and Jared Jared Sandeye, because they are both comitted roleplayers and are good posters!…...I like to bash bricks together!(Bashes bricks together)

  • I think it is a good idea to have at least 2 Admins. Just incase something happens, there's always someone else to do the job. Along with a few Mods.
    Maybe even have a backup Admin in which case, both Admins have to be good for a little while, they envoke the powers of a Temp Admin to contol things while both are gone.

    I nominate danker. 🙂
    I also wouldn't mind moving on up the ladder of positions. I'm one of the oldest members and I think it's time for me to help out anyway I can.

  • Definitely. I think Kiara would make an excellent Admin. She's tactful, active, loyal and makes people smile. Besides, we need womanly sense up top. As shown in recent politics.

    Ahem, so Tanker… er, I mean, uh, Danker; I agree wholeheartedly.

  • This is cool that everyone wants to help out, but let's not get carried away, after all, this isn't a MoM. Three nominees make's sense however, because two will be admins and the other can be a global mod. After this, I think that the new admins should get together and put up say, three or four names for promotion to mod-hood, that way, we can have a full staff of active members. That is what I'm thinking anyway, if Seth says that it's a bad idea I don't mind, I'm just throwing ideas out there.

    As to the nominations, I'd say that I go with Kiara. Partly because she has her own forum and does a great job at running it, and mostly because she is great, fun loving person and good RPer!

  • I'll vote for Vikenti first because he logs in often. If two admins are chosen… Either Spar or Kiara.  😕

  • Abstein from voting :3

    All the people i would nominate are no longer available, and im not gonna nominate myself ^,~

    im still active, just not anywhere to rp as my rp-partner in crime Frost is afk

  • Don't abstain Shade! I'm just sayin' that three candidates for admin seems like enough to start with. I'm not trying to put a damper on things at all! Just to keep within the bounds of realism.

    😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😉 😎 (No bunnies!)

  • That's fine, Shadetail. 🙂 I can understand completely.

    Somone suggested to me that the clan Lords and Clan members be moved around, as well. I was wondering what you all thought:

    A. Should I find a replacement for just me?
    B. Or should we re-elect Clan Lords?
    C. Both?
    D. DO we re-organize the members within the clans?

    E. If we re-elect clan lords, do we use the results for this poll to select them?

  • New management…new clans?
    There are a few members looking for leadership in other clans. So if we do that, we'll have to re-organize them anyway. Plus add in some of the newer members who do not have a clan.

  • I don't think that we should mess with the clans right now. It would be even more upset than it is right now. If members want to later then we can, but right now I think we just need a replacement for you.

  • I second the nomination of Kiara, for all of the above.  ^^

    (Hate to disagree with you, Sparknotes, but hey, a little dissension is good every now and then haha…)  As far as the clans, I would say that if it has been requested by more than one member it would be worth considering, seeing that my clan only has like...  Two active members?  xD  (Although I imagine that Kaden will be back when he gets his book self published.)

    Additionally, I would be willing to step down as the clan lord, seeing that I will be gone for a good bit of the next 7 months (starting April 12).  Would anybody be interested in taking my position?  If not, I'll just hold it for now and resume leadership in a few months when I return to activeness.

  • You know, I want to nominate ShadowFlame. Active, very old and experienced member who's never actually had a position, as far as I know.

  • I second that ^-^

  • I third that

  • We need more options! Come on people! Who feels the inklings of potential Adminhood? There are people on here who I think would do great who haven't yet said a word.

  • …JaredSandeye, Danker and ShadowFlame are nominated, but haven't accepted (yet)
    ...I'd like to nominate Marshall Vondelini, but as he said, he would be here for the next several months, though perhaps when he gets back 🙂

  • Tough call. Hm. I don't need to nominate anyone since the people I would have nominated already were nominated. Hahaha! xD

    I think all the choices up there are great.

    I also think Marshall and Shadow would do well too if they'd accept nominations.

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