Windsor: Windsor: Barred Owl

  • Your character's full name: Windsor
    Age: 14 years
    Species: Barred Owl
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Windsor is a tall, lean barred owl. He is a barred owl that is a medium-sized gray-brown owl streaked with white horizontal brown barring on his white chest and vertical brown barring on his white belly. Windsor is round-headed with a whitish/brown facial disk with dark brown trim. His eyes are brown, and the beak is yellow and almost covered by feathers. He has a typical barred owl long tail.  Windsor, like most barred owls, has a brown back molted with pale spots and brown streaks.  His talons are yellow with black claws.  Windsor is an extremely fast flier.  He has very strong wings and is one of the best fliers in the whole forest.  Windsor is also very quick and agile, with good turning abilities.  Windsor files with very heavy and direct wing beats.  His main hunting strategy is to sit on a perch and dive down on prey when the opportunity presents itself.  Windsor’s camouflage and with the special ability that only owls have makes him a great scout.  This is the ability to fly silent, due to ruffled plumes or flight feathers.   

    Belongings: Windsor really dosen't carry anything of intrest.  Though he does have a small, blue uncut saphire stone he found in the River Moss.

    Job or Position: Windsor is the Gatekeeper at Redwall Abbey.

    Personality: Windsor is a casual owl who has good leader ship.  He is fun, nice, caring, and compassionate.  Windsor also loves a good challenge and is always up for any kind of game.  Windsor loves flying competition and is very good at them.  He is very competitive and will never back down from any challenge; Windsor hates bulling, injustice, and wrong doing.  This is probably what drives him in wars.  Windsor is good with owlets (owl young ones) and will play with them when they ask.  Windsor tries not to be mean but sometimes can be if you catch him in a very bad mood.  Most of the time he is a good friend to all who he knows.  Windsor is a motivated owl and extremely competitive in competition,   though outside of that it al depends on what he is doing.  He tends to be a procrastinator in things he doesn’t like.  This can be bad thing, but is mainly related to stuff like learning about things he doesn’t care about.  But don’t let this fool you, when he likes to learn about something, he will learn it very quickly.  In battle Windsor is brave.  He shows a strong sense of leadership.

    History and Background Information: Windsor was born into Redwall Abbey in the spring on April 22.  He was born into a gamily of barred owls living at Redwall.  He always loved to fly from an early age and showed that he was very good at it.  Windsor is an excellent scout, and if needed in times of war could be a great help to Redwall.  But he always loved the gates and walls of Redwall and one day hoped to be Gatekeeper.  His wish came true when the old Gatekeeper retired.  The Gatekeeper of late appointed Windsor as the new Gatekeeper, due to his love of Redwall’s gates and how they work.  Windsor is extremely proud of his new role and try’s his best at it.  Today, he is still Gatekeeper, doing the normal Gatekeeper jobs.

    Strengths and Weakness:
    Windsor’s strengths is his great flying abilities.  Their aren’t many faster than him when it comes to flying.  He also is very quick and agile while flying, being able to make quick turns.  The ability to fly silent, which all owls have, and is excellent camouflage plumage makes him a great scout.

    Windsor’s weaknesses are that he has a soft spot for young ones.  He is very competitive, which can be a strength and a weakness.  He is also very determined to win, which is also a strength and a weakness.

    Family Tree:

    Father:  Greg
    Mother:  Dana
    Younger Sister:  Elizabeth

    Any other details:   He is based off me.

  • Wow. This must be one of the most detailed profiles I've seen yet. Good job.

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