Goodbye for now, Seth

  • Hey guys, I wondering if you could help me out. I need advice;

    I love this site to death and I've been here a very long time, but it's given what I hoped to get out of it, on the writing side, and I don't feel like I have to time to run it anymore. It really stings to say this, especially because I've made so many awesome friends on here, but I'm not sure I can keep up with the site anymore. I need to dedicate more time to writing my novels, or it'll be a great number of years before I'm published, and that just won't work with the future I had in mind.

    I know some of you guys might be upset and maybe even angry with me. I ask you to please understand; I've dedicated most of my time and energy to writing for nearly three years, but I've wanted to be a writer since I was eight years old and feel like I've already wasted most of the time between then and now.

    Robert McKee said that as experienced or as determined as a writer may be, all writers had to admit that at least 90% or their work is less than their best. It hurt when I read that, but it occurred to me that it only hurt because it applied to me. It then occurred to me, also, why there are no Shakespeares and Virgils today:
    It's because he's right.

    I want to change that.

    Now understand that I'm not asking permission to leave the site: I am merely asking permission to lay off on RP'ing and Modding. I think a new Admin should be elected or volunteer, if anyone feels they may be suitable or ready to take on that responsibility.

    I would not be leaving; learning to write would merit me very little if I would be so remiss as not to teach and give back. I will be posting articles on writing on a regular basis (perhaps monthly or weekly). I want to help people here in the same ways that people elsewhere have helped me in my writing.

    Dar Shan'el,
        Sethorion, tye vu Aj Harrad

    Until me meet again,
    At the end of the road,
        Sethorion, alias Ryan Fletcher

  • Hmmm, I would like to see some of these writings even though I'm not much of a reader, the only full series I have actually read IS Redwall. Heh, sorry I'm not much for words but good luck with ye writing.

    I apologize for seeming blunt in bringing up this question but what shall we do with your withdrawl from the rps?

  • Really? I'd like to say can't believe it, but life takes over so many times it is inevitable. I would be willing to be a mod or admin if given the chance, but I'm not good with coding, so I couldn't do anything with that.

  • Salutes Farewell, friend. ^^ I wish you luck in your ventures.

  • Global Moderator

    Seth, it really pains me to see you go from Redwall's Legacy. You are one of the best admins on this site, besides Namaste, CyberStormAlpha, and Tessa/Jessie the Warriors. This site has gone through some tough times, but you and the other mods were always there to bring it back on its feet and get it running again. I will never forget all that you've done for me and this site and if you ever come back, you will be welcomed home with open arms.

    Oh, I would also like to read some of your books someday. I'm a writer myself and practically doing the same thing.

    Goodbye, Sethorion.

  • Thanks guys, it really means a lot. 🙂

    Bel, I will work on the threads when I can, but I can't make any promises. If anyone want to take my charas in order to save the threads, I would be more than happy to answer any questions regarding motives, histories or futures that aren't answered within their profiles. (Of course, typically, all charas and stories and premises get better when they are filtered through another author)

    As for posting my writing, I'd love to. I won't be putting up anything that I'm not quite yet comfortable with, but I'd love all the feedback you guys can give me.

  • Having taken a course in writing, i can wholeheartedly say dont stop chasing your dreams.

    good luck to you!

  • Warrior Member

    Well Seth, my long time friend and RP buddy, we been through some great times over at Legends of Redwall Abbey (cometoredwall) and even when this site first started up back in April 2007. As one of the first couple of members to first join this site when it was new, it pains me to see you leave, but I know it's for a good thing and I know you'll eventually return to us once more in the many great threads the members here will make.

    It's good that you will be checking back from time to time though, keep us updated with everything and how your dreams go. If you eventually return to RP, that would be fantastic. Good luck buddy.

  • Well this was unexpected, but not all too surprising seeing how hard you have been working on your real-life dream.  🙂

    Good luck in all your undertakings, I say, and hopefully the bumps in the road which you will inevitably hit will not be too rough.    I'll look forward to eventually seeing your work out in the Big Wide World, and anticipate updates from you here occasionally.

    P.S.:  I think I finally got the binary coding down.  😉

    As far as the modding/admin situation, and what with my schedule over the next year, I feel that I could not with a clean conscience volunteer, although I will be extremely happy to vote for other members.

  • Every time I see a thread like this I dread reading it. I was afraid yours might come sometime. But alas, we all have our time. I wish you luck fulfilling your dream Seth, you helped me alot to improve my writing and I appreciate that. I'm gonna miss you buddy!

    Good Luck,

  • Be sure to keep in touch, Seth. I wish you well in your writing endeavors and I look forward to seeing your published and non-published work. I am not the best writer nor am I experienced with critique, but I'm always happy to read the writings of others and give them feedback as I can.

    Take care!

  • 😞 ….  🙂

    You were are a great Admin, Seth and you have done wonders for the site.
    I bid you the greatest of luck with your writing and where ever life takes you.

    But know this … You better come back every now and again to say hi, and let everyone know how you are doing. 😛
    You will be missed.

    hugglez ^-^

    I wouldn't mind being a Mod or Admin...or something 🙂 lol (though, not that good with coding)

  • Well dang, this is what I get for disappearing for a few days.

    Kidding Seth, kidding ❤

    Personally I'm not angry with you, you gotta do what you gotta do.  I think we will all get to this stage eventually, it'll just happen a little later for some of us.  Rping is great fun, but when you're trying to juggle between your everyday life/job/family/school/etc, and keeping active on a forums, it's hard.  Real life comes first, always has always will.  So what you're doing is the most responsible thing I've ever heard.  You want to become a successful writer, and that's awesome.  You're setting aside the things you want to do in order to attain your goal.  I myself haven't been around much, due to the fact that helping my folks out around the house is more important to me.

    That and my art muse totally took over.  That's besides the point though.

    And I totally respect that.

    It's been awesome getting to know you, Seth.  I know you said that you're not leaving entirely, but I still feel it's important to say all this.  Even though it's not going to be the last time I talk to you coughtextingcough 🙂  It's been fun, it really has.

    ANYWAYS, good luck with your novels!  I know how hard it is to try and keep up with, especially when there are other things you have to do too.  Of course that could be just me, since my muse likes to up and leave me…hmm.

    Keep us posted on how you're doing, and I know I would LOVE to read one of your books when you're done!

    See ya Seth, we're gonna miss you!

  • Hey Seth dude, sorry you're going to resign! 😞 You're one of the best admins I've ever met and the site is going to take a while to get over you're "leaving". We will do the best we can though, and as the head moderator, I will try to keep it up and be active.
    The reason I haven't been is that I've been into a new game lately, (lame excuse I know) but I'm going to be more active and try to catch up on threads and start posting again.

    I am willing to take on adminhood if it comes to that though.
    There would be changes if I was, like new mods around. Anyway, how do we select one? (Admin I mean)


  • Thanks guys, you really made my day. I logged on feeling glum, then found this 🙂

    I'll do my absolute level best in my writing and more. Thanks for inspiring me with all your encouragement. You're awesome and I love all of you.

    Hugglz Kiara back You're amazing. And you have an incredible talent for making people smile XD
        High-fives Rorgus/Denya You're loyal and have the spirit of a rising leader.
        Hugglz Temp You too are extremely talented in making people smile and are very loyal. As for your talent, Robert Mckee (a write I wholly trust and respect for his very simple and sensible advice) says that muse never leaves. Muse 'disappears' until someone picks up a book or researches, because that's were they get their inspiration. She's fickle, but your muse will be back 😉
        Shadetail, I never really got to know you, but your writing shows fantastic promise 🙂 Don't give that up.
        Marsh-toad, you rock. 'Nuff said. high-fives 🙂 That, And I'm really grateful for all your help. You've been awesome.
        Shadow, I have to say that you're one of them that I'll miss most. You've been around here almost as long as I have and I like to think I've gotten to know you quite well: You like uzis, wrestling, bombs and ganstas. lol man-hugs Gonna miss ya bro. Ice dem bunnies for me, so to speak.
        Sparhawk, you're an excellent mod and a great friend. I'll be in touch.
        Kyro, I've never had so much fun RPing with anybody (Except maybe in "The" Winter's Feast, for those of you old enough to remember it). I'll keep up with that as time permits me.
        Bel, I never really got to know you that well, but I'll say certainly that you have a talent for starting enthralling threads and are an excellent leaded. I sincerely hope you consider being a mod and hope that the new admin looks favorably on that idea.
        Jared, I don't think I ever got to post with you. That's crying shame, honestly, because from what I read you looked like an amazing writer and are one of the most active members on here. I'm sorry I didn't get to know you better 😕 Stay cool High-fives
        Last, but not least… Vikenti, Vikenti... As I said, I like your title and and glad to see that your humility hasn't gotten the better of your self-esteem, lol. I appreciated your posting and your charas, who were very well developed and taught me interesting things as I studied them. Thank you, also, for being yet another amazing member. 🙂
        Also, to TJ, who never came back 😢 You were awesome. Sorry I never actually got to say bye.

    Well, that was a very long post. Sigh I'm gonna miss you guys.
        I'll be active for a about a week here, but then I'll only be getting on approximately every two-to-four weeks to post updates and articles on writing.

    Group Hug!

  • Warrior Member

    -Man hugs back- It was a good run man, met you when I was in only 10th grade in highschool, now I'm a second year college student, time flies when ya have fun. -cocks uzi- Those Bunnies won't be running a muck while I'm still here, you can count on that. Though it'll be tough without my partners in crime, you and Snagtooth, plus Creigon and Orion. I'll cap some bunnies in your guys honor  😉

    Guess I can start by changing my name back to when I first joined.

  • I'm glad you enjoyed yourself Seth 🙂 May your writing continue to shine with brilliance.

  • Thanks so much Seth! We will all miss you! And if anybody doesn't… brandishes large bladed weapon I'll make them! Mwahahahahahaha! Though, in all seriousness, they better. 😄

  • Cheers, Seth. I appreciated your kind words, and I hope we'll get a chance to write alongside each other soon. Best of fortune in your writing endeavors.

  • I won't be gone forever. You guys won't get rid of me THAT easy XD

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