Yeah so I'm going to put some of my WIP's up here so you guys can tell me if it looks ok or not.  I trust ya'lls judgement and would love to get your guys's feedback ❤

This is page #1 to a comic that a friend requested.  Originally he just wanted panels 1, 2, 4.  I was gonna comply to it and just go with the flow, buuuuuut I had a brainwave and decided to add my own humor to it (which he ok'd by the way lol)

Iiiiiii've never drawn pokemon before, this is a first for me.  So I'm pretty sure I got them wrong, but hey I tried.

I'm not much of an artist but I think this looks pretty darn good. 😜  I like the coloring especially. Very neat and purdy.  Shiny eyes on the er….brown dog (I don't play/watch Pokemon so I don't know what it is...haha!) are a rather nice touch.

XD  The brown thing is a ferret (I fail at those) and he's not part of the Pokemon chain, he's the character of the friend I'm making the comic for lol.

Thanks Night!

Haha, I think that it looks snazzy as well.  😄


Ohhhhh! I see now! Sorry! -.-

Dur! Should have known from the lil mask around his eyes. ^^; head desk

Anyway, you are most welcome!


Looks great so far. Keep it up!

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