Lilly Marigold

  • Nickname: Lilly

    Full Name: Lilly Marigold

    Age: 17

    Species: Mouse

    Description: She is a really good healer and is a powerful speaker. She is brown with a lighter colored belly. She has a green leather shirt,  brown pants, and a red cloak with a hood. She has a pouch to keep her herbs and throwing daggers in. She is five and eight-tenths feet tall. She owns also has a walking staff and twin dirks.

    Possessions: She has a walking staff, two dirks, and a pouch full of throwing knifes. She has her clothes, cloak, and her herb pouch. In it she keeps herbs, bottles, and many different potions. She also keeps perfumes with her.

        - Good at making speeches.
        - Great at healing and anything to do with herbs.
        - Good at ranged combat.

        - Bad at climbing.
        - Bad at staying out of trouble.

        Lilly was born to a large family in Mossflower. Shortly after her parents were killed and they were enslaved by a band of slave traders. She escaped with a group of others and then built up troops and ammunition. She and her older brother Stan Marigold created the F.A.S.T.(Fighters Against Slave Trade). She ever since has been helping to free slaves and save those who cannot save themselves.

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