Nickname: Satch

Full Name: Satchel Firestripe

Age: 19

Species: Badger

Description: Satchel is a kind and helpful nine foot badger. He has a leather tunic, green pants, and a dark-red cape. He carries a black-bladed broad sword and a leather backpack. Inside he has a set of flint and steel to make fire, a frying pan, a sleeping pack, a tent, and other cook-able foods. He is strong and values loyalty to friends.

Possessions: He has his clothes, his cape, his backpack, and sword. He has enough supplies for camping and traveling. He also has a six throwing knifes.

    - Good at close combat.
    - Good at running.
    - Good at cooking.

    - Bad at strategies and following orders.
    - Bad at swimming.

    Satch was born in redwall and grew up learning to love. He later went out camping with some other redwallers and learned of the evil in the world(the hard way). He ever since has devoted himself to helping travelers and destroying evil once and for all!