Tortured Eyes

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    Two misty amber eyes glinted in the afternoon light of the abbey grounds as they gazed at the gold ring held between the tips of two clawed toes. A third toe slowly spun the ring around occasionally bringing the emerald stone on the top of the ring into view. The gem was held in the center of a silver Iris ensata and shined almost blindingly in the sun only to have the sight enhanced by the surrounding silver. The creature holding the ring mumbled silently as it sat at the base of the steps leading up to the abbey wall tops. Belarus clasped the ring between his claws tightly and squeezed his eyes shut as tears started to form. The Long Patrol was a thing of the past for the old white fox but the memories made everything seem like it was yesterday, both good and bad things.
    Still clutching the ring he tilted his head forward and put his clasped claws to his forehead and muttered softly to himself.
    ‘Plip’ a small teardrop hit the sandstone of the wall steps.

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  • A large figure came out of the Abbey building; tall, compact with thick overlaying muscle, from his thick neck, barrel chest, broad shoulders, large arms and small waist. His powerful tail swished from side to side, a big grin on his face, but at the same time, sadness hovered above him from having to leave his old home of Redwall. Still, it was nice to be able to visit his parents, Oliver, and Brad, also enjoy one of the very delicious feasts the Abbey had to offer. Dallas Irontail, the abnormally giant of a River Otter who loved to build, repair, and design for all. He rolled up the long sleeves passed his forearms and unbuttoned the first two buttons on his shirt top, not having to be formal, but more comfortable and casual now. "Wow.. this place 'asn' changed one bit since I left all those seasons ago.."

    The River Otter remembered that he left his middle sword with the gatekeeper, which made him feel better that it was in a safe spot. It wasn't til only a second before he reached the gate that he noticed something. A poor old beast.. Belarus! "Hmm? Is that who I think it is?" Dallas backed away from the gate and scratched his headfur for a second before climbing up the steps. "'Ello..? Is everythin' alright up 'ere?" He said with a deeply soothing tone. Dallas noticed some tears before frowning; it wasn't everyday that you spot your elders crying for some reason.

  • Belarus opened his eyes and blinked a few times as his still clasped claws lowered down from his head. The old fox looked down at Dallas and unclasped his claws leaving the ring in one so he could wipe at his eyes with the other “Everything is fine now but it hasn’t always been friend. I’ve never had a wife, kits, any type of blood family, here the abbey beasts are my family and at one time it was the Long Patrol that was so not saying that they aren’t any more…”
    He held his claw and opened it to show the ring “Unfortunately there’s another with a similar experience though not voluntarily.”
    He squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head around “And to think that he’s still waiting for it to change.”

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  • Dallas tilted his head with a frown as he listened to Belarus. Even with Dallas being considerably younger, he approached being of middle age. For some reason, this helped him understand how Belarus was feeling, even if he didn't understand what he was really talking about. The thirty year old giant of a River Dog stepped up, standing next to the sitting fox.

    He couldn't stand to see him so upset, so maybe why not help! Dallas stuck his large calloused paw out to the sobbing beast and smiled. His voice, deep and rich, "Well, if'n ya wanna give me a chance, I can lend ya a paw with anythin' ya need." He waved his stuck out paw, a gesture for Belarus to accept the offering and to be helped up from his sitting position.

  • Belarus blinked and looked up at Dallas “Thank you for being so willing to help friend, but where to start? This, this…”
    The old fox took Dallas’s paw with one claw and held the ring with the other as he stood up “This, belongs to some beast other than me, I am it’s carrier but not its intended owner… I can’t take it back to the one that gave it to me, I can’t do that to a friend. I have to give it to her but how can she accept something when…”
    He shook his head “Friend I’m afraid I allowed this situation to come upon me, if I hadn’t, if I had… I won’t turn my back again, never.”

  • Dallas patted Belarus' shoulder and smiled. "Well, now you 'ave me to 'elp out. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it." The large River Otter relaxed his boulder shaped shoulders, looking down to the steps. "What do we 'ave to do first? Maybe if you give me the full story, I can understand all this a bit better. If'n yer not up to that, I can just figure it out as we go along."

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    Belarus sighed heavily and gazed at the ring “It is a very long story however to put it in basic terms during my time at Salamandastron one of the hares gave this to me so that I may deliver it to one of the other hares that he had fallen for. He was a shy beast and before he had a chance she left the mountain to go with a forward force to seek out vermin that were in the north. I was to propose for him when the main force caught up with them but… it didn’t turn out so…”
    He snorted to himself in anger “We never caught up with them.”
    The old fox looked at Dallas and was about to speak heatedly but shook his head and calmed down before continuing “I tried to tell him she was gone but he wouldn’t listen, he wouldn’t accept anything until she was back at the mountain, he decided to wait until she returned but I know that won’t happen by itself… I’ve come to Redwall and spent my remaining seasons here at the abbey but this… I’ve feel as though this has been rotting me away the entire time, I can’t forget… I don’t want to, it isn’t right. I need to find her and take her back to the mountain so that both of them can finally rest in peace as painful as it may be I don’t want him to waste away waiting on someone who’ll never come home. Friend I have no clue where she or the rest of the patrol is but I do know I can’t find them alone, the north still holds dangers and I don’t even know if I can make the journey anymore.”

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    Dallas' ears drooped downwards as he listened with great intensity at the sad tale. It touched him, and as a River Otter, he knew that code of honor to keeping promises was something that can't be undone until death. He turned his back to Belarus, clenching a paw into a balled up fist. He looked up to the sky for a second and relaxed.

    "Well.. what are we waiting fer..?" He turned his head, smiling widely, ears perked up. He gave the old beast a thumbs up, a bright fire burning into his eyes. "Lets git this show on th' road, we 'ave a journey a'ead of us!" Dallas thought to himself about all the unfinished projects and chuckled. "The team can take care of business while I'm gone."

  • Belarus gazed at the ring in his claw and spoke almost plainly “It doesn’t help having known them since they were leverets, never having had a family… I kind grew to think them as my own… along with so many others.”
    He looked up and listened to Dallas, nodding slightly as the otter spoke until he had finished “Easier said than done, I might have remembered the general location back when I still stayed at the mountain but now… we’d need to find another that could takes us to the general location where things… broke down… Even if we find that place, we’d still have to search for her… them, all of them…”
    The old fox looked at his claws and the white fur on his arms “That’s assuming that nothing like me…. No, I think I’ll refrain from thinking about that.”
    He looked back to Dallas “Long journey is quite accurate all things considered… and I don’t advise going unarmed based on what happened… previously.”

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    Rorgus bounded along the wall top at a tremendous speed. His paws pounding under him he ran as fast as he could. He was breathing hard and he quite enjoyed the exercise too, it made him feel good. The wind whipping past his fur and getting his muscles stretched. He happened to glance down at the ground as he neared the gatehouse. Upon seeing his friend Dallas and Belarus he decided to go see what they were up too. He turned abruptly and sailing through the air he flipped over and landed with a mighty thump in front of the two beasts.
    "Hey there! Did I hear something about and adventure?" Then he looked at Belarus, " Whats the matter mate? Somethin' wrong?" He looked inquisitively at Dallas. He grinned at Dallas. "Want to race matey?" He gestured up at the walls. " I was just makin' mah mornin' rounds. Gettin' the kinks out."

  • He listened to Belarus once more and nodded. He then agreed to the "being armed" comment. "Aye, I never leave without my sword. I think we can git through this journey, all we need is th' will an' motivation, an' I think we 'ave plenty of it." He patted his older friends shoulder and smiled.

    Dallas jumped slightly from the thud he heard. He looked down slightly, seeing Rorgus standing there with that big silly grin of his. "Aye, oh Rorgus.." he sighed and chuckled before listening to the beast speak. Dallas was probably a head taller than his younger friend, and much heavier and wider, causing him to look down to the other Otter slightly. He answered Rorgus before Belarus. He put his large calloused paw onto the Otter's shoulder. "Ah matey, yer ten seasons younger than I. Plus I'm too big t' be runnin' all crazy like that. It wouldn' be too fair t' me, eh?" He said, playfully poking the smaller otter, before giving him a hard pat on the back.

    Dallas was right though, his massive muscular size made him much slower than most. All his speed was sacrificed for his strength and power. He was very fast in the water at least; his big powerful muscles and his large tail made certain that he is a speed swimmer. Plus all the giant Otter did was build and lift things, not much time for running when you have to move heavy objects at a slow pace.

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    BIC: Belarus didn’t even flinch as Rorgus appeared beside them, not because he wasn’t surprised but because at this particular time his reactions were slow, so slow he didn’t even bother reacting. The old fox wrinkled his snout then stuck the ring in his pocket as he turned his eyes to Rorgus “I have a friend that needs to be put to rest and…” he sighed slightly “And lost ones that need to be returned home.”
    He looked towards the gates then the gatehouse “I suppose it is best to start now, I shall… dawn my warrior side once more.”
    Belarus mumbled to himself silently and started walking towards the gatehouse but stopped and snorted just outside the door “Ta ‘ellsgates I’d go to bring you all back… I won’t be stopped again, never again.”
    He looked back at Dallas “They were young, I watched them grow up and I had to let them die, now I’ve watched the dibbuns here start to grow up and I’ll turn into the dark lord himself before I let it happen again… The love between them is only the breaking point.”

  • Rorgus looked curiously at Belarus.
    " Whats all this talk about a journey? Mind if I come along?" Just then the bell tolled out in it's deep brazen voice. It was time for dinner. Rorgus was just about to set off running again when he remembered his manners he stopped himself and walked slowley with the two older beasts.

    He was exited at the thought of an adventure, it was about time he left the abbey for a while, he was getting restless and ready for an adventure. He was curious about what this was all about though.

  • The large Otter scratched at the beard stubble on his face and then smiled to Belarus. "We can make th' difference, an' we can do somethin' 'bout this. We jus' need to act. We can figure everythin' out once we git this journey on th' road." He also followed Belarus to the gatehouse while looking over to Rorgus. "Well matey, if'n yer comin' yer gonna 'ave to skip dinner fer now. Back to ruffin' it out 'ere. Fish, berries, vegetables, an' birds if we 'ave to, if we can find any grains in th' fields, that would make fer some good eats too. I never leaves without my Hotroot though." Dallas chuckled, lifted up his long sleeved button up shirt a little bit. and pulled some out of a pouch on his belt.

    All he needed was to grab his sword from the gatekeeper and everything would be ready on his end

  • Belarus looked at Rorgus for a moment “You’re about as old as some of them were…. A little younger perhaps. If you want to come I won’t deny your assistance…”
    He mumbled to himself as he opened the gatehouse, as he started to step inside he spoke to the two otters “Mayhap you want to pack some food for the journey, I’d rather supplement with what can be scavenged from the land than rely on it.”
    He trotted into the gatehouse and over to a chest which he opened, before he started to rummage through the contents he looked up at two long swords resting on pegs put in the wall “History leaves its mark on us all doesn’t it?”

  • Rorgus' eyes shown with excitement, even before the words were out of his mouth he was off, towards the kitchens.

    "But Friar!  We need the food!"
    " I told you no! You can't take three haversacks of food! We still have to eat here don't we?" Rorgus sighed,
    " You can just make more." He tried to point out to the stubborn friar.
    " I know this is just another of your tricks to get extra food Rorgus, well it won't work!" Rorgus looked determined, but he turned and went out in search of Oliver.

    "The friar won't let me take any food for our journey! He thinks I'm up to my tricks again, you go try. Maybe he'll let you take it."

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    Oliver looked at Rorgus with a smile and nodded in agreement, "I will 'elp you get yer food. I dunno what you need haversacks of food fer, but I can do just that." Oliver dashed off to the kitchens. forward ten minutes..

    He returned! Coming back with food like Rorgus asked; Oliver chuckled. "Oh that Friar is a stubborn old beast, thats fer sure. Well, I must be off, bye Rorgus!"


    “History leaves its mark on us all doesn’t it?”

    Dallas nodded firmly, a serious look to the features of his face. "Aye.." He reached for his Middle Sword which was leaning against the dusty wall of the gatehouse, sheathed in it's jeweled scabbard. It was sharpened and ready to go. Dallas flicked his paw, grabbing the hilt and speedily twirling the blade sheathed in scabbard, setting it on the knotted area on the side of his belt, where it tightly grabbed hold of the blade.

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    BIC: Belarus shivered, partially from shock and partially to keep his cry inside his head. The old fox turned his attention back to the chest and pulled out two lower quality long swords then a set of medium armor. As he set to fastening the heavy metal around his body he looked at Rorgus, Dallas, and Oliver “How soon do you think you can be ready? I think I know just the beast that could remind me where to take us… he’s at Salamandastron.”
    Belarus rotated his torso resulting in a series of cracking sounds as he cringed until he stopped allowing him an opportunity to give a small, fake smile “Heh, hope I don’t have to sneak up on anybeast.”
    He took his short sword out of the chest and snapped the scabbard to his belt as he looked at the two swords on the wall one with an amethyst pommel stone and the other with a jade pommel stone both carved into the shape of a hare “Never lost any of my own… never had any to lose, but it was all just as bad… worse.”
    The old fox grunted with distaste and looked at Dallas “Tree rats took them, killed them… no slaughtered them. I’ll burn down the forest if I have to this time, and when they run screaming I’ll, I’ll…”
    He snapped his jaw at air with a growl letting a bit of fang protrude from under his lips “Don’t watch me.”

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    Oliver dropped the sacks full of provisions next to Dallas and started to walk off. "I'll be sittin' this adventure out my friends, I 'ave too much to do. The Abbey needs me," and with that, he melted off into the shadows.

    Dallas waved before looking back to the older and seasoned veteran fighter.

    “Tree rats took them, killed them… no slaughtered them. I’ll burn down the forest if I have to this time, and when they run screaming I’ll, I’ll…” He snapped his jaw at air with a growl letting a bit of fang protrude from under his lips “Don’t watch me.”

    Dallas was a middle aged beast who had his moments, his deadly fights, gruesome findings and terrible memories. The battle hardened warrior who had much experience and many travelings in this vast world felt a cold shiver up his spine. Even for being large and very burly for a River Otter, those words made him cringe. He never felt such a cold darkness come from a beast, especially for one who was about twice his own age.

    Dallas shook it off and flexed his giant muscles throughout his body to help him return to his original composure. "Bel.. I'm ready when ever yer ready. Lets git this journey started."

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    BIC: The old fox look back at Dallas as he closed the chest “Ready when I am? I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready but that isn’t going to stop me from going; it never has yet anyway. That’s probably why they called me stubborn.”
    He took another look at the swords on the wall and touched the pommel stones of each hilt feeling the thin layer of dried blood on each one, his blood. In this way some part of him was already with the swords and those that helped make them. Of course since he wasn’t taking the swords this also meant part of him wouldn’t be leaving the abbey either, perhaps that was a mistake…
    He brought his claw back away from the hilts and scowled “Briggs knows the spot, of that I’m sure. He was a Sergeant when I left but who knows what his status is now. Of course if that stripe… hmph, lord of the mountain is still there I might not be able to enter. I never thought badgers could be so pacifistic…” Belarus’s voice began turning to a mumble as he headed for the door.
    He flinched slightly as he opened the door “If someone bloodied your nose then ran and hid would you chase him?”

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