Nickname: Jeckle

Full Name: Joseph Jeckle

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Species: Stoat

Description: Quite friendly. Has gray fur, much like Badrang. Has no desire to kill or hurt anyone, unless the situation calls for it. Optimistic. Has a sarcastic sense of humor. Quick-thinking and witty, even when under pressure. Keeps his cool in dangerous situations. Has dark blue eyes. Wears an elegant, purple robe. Joseph is a foreigner to Redwall Abbey, being from another country. Talented artist.

Possessions: Drawing equipment. A longsword that is made out of a distinctly green, shatterproof glass. A diary to record his adventures in.

Strengths: Clever, witty, and smart. Not afraid to speak his mind. Quick with his sword.

Weaknesses: Sometimes a bit too honest. Sarcastic remarks may come across as rude or insensitive sometimes. Naive in romance.

Background: Comes from another country, making him a foreigner. Has a lifelong friend called Jeremy. He and Jeremy travel together. They're pretty much a dynamic duo. Had to leave their homes after a natural calamity struck.