Wraith Knight: This really has nothing to do with Redwall, I was just practicing with Gimp and Paint.net.

I like it, too.  Keep it up, and you'll soon find that your are will be getting more complex and visually pleasing, and yet easier to do.  BD

Cool beans! It looks like its stareing out at me.

Thanks guys and girl! XD

Here is a redone version of Kia's drawing that I colored with art programs.

I feel like I must recommend "drawfurry.com".  I know, the name will probably put off half the people on this site, but worry not!  As far as I can tell it is all harmless anthro type tutorials, and a veritable treasure trove at that.

I've found tons of excellent and easy to follow tutorials and tips on subjects ranging from how to draw paws and heads to how to detail fur.  In particular, I like this one on how to manipulate a character's expressions:


Hope you guys like the site, I know it's going in my favorites bar.  BD

Is it a site like FurAffinity Marsh?  Or is it strictly tutorials?

Strictly tutorials, as far as I can tell.

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