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  • Hey guys,
      I was thinking about starting a thread were you can ask for art(drawn by me) of you characters. You can ask for either pretty detailed yet not always accurate drawing or cheesy looking fast paced animations. I will not be able to work on more than one artwork at a time. Hope I can help you guys!

    PS. Here's a little example of my drawing. This is my character Kai Soya:

    Pss. I'm only twelve so you've got to admit it looks pretty good for my age. It looks much cooler in real life!

    Psss. Kai is wearing a mask on his chin in the picture!

  • Here is my updated, hand drawn picture of Kai:

    If anyone's got good art… post it here!

  • Kewl beans.. I like the stance and expression in this one. ^^

  • Thanks sis! Yeah, that pic was better. I'll post a better pic soon. It looks truer to a weasel than these.

  • Okay!… Here's my latest pic of Kai!  😉

    Oh and yeah… I didn't try to make it perfect(Clothes are wrong, sword is wrong, no stripes). And yes, he is blind in the left eye due to unknown background histories. LOL  😄

  • Lookin better and better, this is nice, just wait until you learn how to digitalize everything

  • Thanks Shadow! Yeah… I'm just about to bid on a Wacom Bamboo Tablet Pen and Touch. Then I can do a lot more. 😎

  • Here's a weird pic I did with Paint.net. Cool hu?

    Here's version two.

    And this is a background pic for a title of something. Just add the title and it would look sweet!

  • That is cool Kai, I think I'l use it as my background. 🙂

  • Thanks!  😉 I always like positive suport! I'll try to get some more pictures in later.

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