Kai Soya

  • Nickname: Griffin or Griff

    Full Name: Kai [k-eye] Soya [so-Yeah]

    Age: 20

    Species: Weasel

    Description: Kai is kind, caring, talkative, brave and not to mention good looking too.  He wears a black T-shirt with to light shoulder plates. He has a belt with ninja gadgets and such supplies and a sword case horizontally placed on his back-waist. He has light-weight black training pants. He is cool and knows how to make friends due to his great charismatic skills. He also has a scar over his left eye but there is nothing covering it. His fur is naturally colored black-brown but he died red tiger stripes into it. He is the cousin of the Whitedeath trio. He was the son of their Aunt thus the different last name. (See and save my avatar image to enlarge it. Then you can see how I drew him. I draw bad…  :-[)

    Possessions: He has his training clothes, equipment( Shuriken, knifes, towels, rations, and other utensils for everyday use…) and twin katanas. He has a silver chain necklace with a Yin Yang shaped brooch on it.

    Good at socialization,
    Great at Martial Arts.

    Over confidence,

        He was born to Vasha Whitedeath, the sister of Vadim Whitedeath, and Murdock Soya. He was trained for a while by his father to fight then by a personal tutor. He learned to be agile and has since followed in his cousins footsteps (literally followed). He stays close to others and likes being with company. He is always teasing his cousins and sometimes gets beaten up for it, but likes a good challenge!

    Here is a drawing I made of Kai:


  • (Do note that I gave Kai permission to use my characters in his relationship. :D)

  • Saonds good. 😄

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