Strange Non-Traditional RPG Idea

I had an idea for a non-traditional RPG idea that is really just weird. I'm not going to start a thread for it yet unless people think it is actually doable. So, my idea was to have a high school or middle school with younger versions of our normal RP characters. I thought it would kind of funny to have young versions of all these heroes and villains and see how they would act in that kind of situation and how they would interact with each other. It would be something different for a change, with no weapons and big battles. But it might be just too different to work. So, what do you think, interesting, or just plain weird?

That sounds amazingly epic…  What would be the setting?  Redwall?  Noonvale?  Sally?  Nondescript location?

I was thinking non descript so we could explain all the characters being there, but it could change!

I didn't know anybody would like this kind of idea! Woots! 😄

Cha, it might coax my muse back into existance!

We just have a few things to work out, like time period, name of school, school level (middle, high, ect.), and how the people like are living near the school or something. I'm open to any adjustments.

I think I'll use the trio for the thread, they should be interesting!

Temp is gonna live out in the country, at least ten miles away from the school.  I vote for middle school, like 7/8th grade time period :3

I'm guessing modern day XD um, I guess I'll join to, lol

In that case, “King” Vadim would rule a business empire instead, and the family would live in a fancy house in the city. I'm fine with pretty much any age group (except kindergarten or something like that), how about you Kyrodo?

Oooooh modern twist to pretty much medieval charries….I APPROVE OF THIS!

King Vadim ruling a modern business empire?  Donald Trump springs to mind hahaha…

"Weasel Trump"

Lol XD It fits perfectly! It would also be funny to have some other characters as teachers. Bartholomew could be a English teacher and Vinch could be a coach (though a large, stupid, and violent one.)

I'd say we stick with middle or high school XD this promises be amusing

Haha, methinks that I like the faculty idea, Vik.  And I thought hockey coaches were bad.  xD

OK, unless we have any further discussion, I think I will start it. But, I'm still thinking of a city/school name. 😛

(Sorry for the double post, but I wanted it to get bumped.)

I used a random city name generator and came up with the name Ashton. So, I'll have Ashton Middle School and make my post pretty soon in a new thread.

Huzzah! So we could use this as our little OOC topic for the RP.

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