Voices that fit your Character

Pretty simple idea. Post Voices or Voice actors that play characters in shows or cartoons that fit with your character.

Then we can all hear what each others characters sound like when they speak in RP!

I'll start


He speaks exactly like Dr. Viper From Swat Kats (for those who watched it back in 1995, you'll know what up with swat Kats xD)


LOL BBC Talkin animals, skip to 1:03, that's how Dallas sounds like.

I'll find more for the rest later

Alot of my characters have the voices of the Monty Python crew. Danker and Prattel sound like chapman. Dester actualy sounds like John Cleese. Hey vik, consider Vinch to have the guy who plays Gumby on Flying Circus.

That would be Michael Palin. I think that voice would work, or at least the one he used in that particular skit!

Man that would be so hard to choose one for Kai since she's technically me in a dog costume but since I've just sorta made a new character I think I'll use her!
Anne Mariella the (former because she's pregnant) Slicer's voice would be whoever plays Gloria from Modern Family http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6OhjpyveNw except with a more pirate-y accent.

Voices voices voices… Um... curses, I'm a bit more adept with songs than voices XD

Temperance = Morrigan from Dragon Ages: Origins, only minus the attitude of a b with an itch.

Okay now…


Sounds very much like Hugh Laurie playing Bertiew Wooster in BBC/A&E's Jeeve's and wooster:



Pippin in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmFnv-TZzRs    It comes in pints?  xD

Braid Kemphelm

Jasper Carrot:


Gotta find more…

Ya know the hippy guy from Family Guy who goes 'Oh Nooo!'? O'Malley has that voice with a literate southern gentalmen sond in it.

I always have this thread open with youtube links when I RP with any of your guys' characters xD

I need to find voice for Cecil, Oli, and Brad still. 😧

I'm moving this part of the post from the music one Oliver put up… still haven't determined any voices that match Belarus or Kyra… Or Airy for that matter.

Its the Fear-Within Temptation (Lyrics)

Loreena McKennitt- The Mystic's Dream

Delain - On the other side (HQ)

Perhaps this (the old man's voice)
Civilization 5 Intro - Opening Movie HD

Okay so.. I Love John Cleese so that's Awesome Danker.

And Marsh, I <3333 Pippin (esspecially in that scene)!! (Pippin also sings awesome later on in the movie.)

I'm having a hard time finding a voice for my character.. xD

Pippin is quite the man.  (Or hobbit, I should say.)  And his singing for Denethor was a most excellent bit of voice-work.  BD

… I still haven't found voices for the rest of my characters...  Osgod is proving himself to be a tough customer haha...

Ok. This is the voice of my chara, Kai:


Wolf's voice not fox.

NOTE: Wolfs the gray guy in the plane!

That his voice alright! Oh and yeah… PIPPIN AND MERRY ROCK!!!

I can't let you do that, starfox…!

Andross has ordered us to take you down..

Peppy! Long time no see!

Andross' enemy, is my enemy!


I'm one of the biggest starfox64 fans you'll ever meet, kai. xD

I beat it a good 10+ times, and played multiplayer mode with family and friends a good 40+ times when I was a little kid, when the game first came out for n64 xD

haha xD then my profile img. works nicely-

And the two female voices stuck in my head right now are Krystal from Starfox and, odd as it may be, Misty from Pokemon. Gosh..
maybe my character sounds like Misty, now That would be scary


MISTY?!?!?  😮
I can just imagine! 😉

Sorryyy… 😞

What ever... It's just that she has a squeaky voice.  😉

What ever...

Rallags voice= ricky gervais
the formula for awesomeness
in case you donnt know who this incredibly funny man is then….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvHXzP2SpLA

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