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  • Hello everyone. I have this idea for a post, but I need some help for it. I got the idea when I saw the teaser trailer for 'The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim' Anyway, my idea is like this, its based on the Oblivion game. Some mages that read a provicy from the Elder Scrolls about the end of Tamriel and eventully the world. After a few years after the Oblivion gates were opened and clossed they have the means to, as they think, stop this destruction. When they cast their spell, instead of stopping it they open a portal into a shadow realm. Soon they are possesed by some shadow demons, the ones they tried to stop. The demons start to poison the other readers of the scrolls and try to open an even larger portal so they could bring their shadow demon army into our world. So these light preist people surch for some hearos that were also fortold in the provicy. Those people are me and anyone else who want to post in this too. I have this and how I'm going to get my character in there. The worldhas advanced a bit so Kavatch is rebuilt and there are a few more cities/towns out there. I need help with a bit of the details(like what the other heros will be) and getting this thing off the ground. Im also open to suggestions on how to make it better. Please help 🙂 for a map of the game world. All the little blips don't matter. I can explain the cambat and other stuff for anyone who asks.

  • I haven't actually played Oblivion so I don't know if I can help you. But, the plot idea looks kind of interesting.

  • Same here. Played it once, but only got the feel for the game play. I know nothing about the storyline.

    I suggest perhaps a magic RP with a similar plot but in an original world that's similar but not exactly the same as Oblivion's. This way role-players who haven't played the game might still be comfortable enough to join in.

  • Ok, I think ill keep the same map and old cities, but add some new cities and focus on them.

  • I bought Oblivion a while back, but I cannot for the life of me really get into it XP

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